YEV-104 Series Electric Violin Product Review

Among the Yamaha electric violin lineup is YEV-104 Series Electric Violin. It is a one-of-a-kind musical instrument as it has all the criteria to be hailed as one of the best professional violins today. From its design up to its sound, it is definitely praiseworthy.

This electric violin redefines what “stylish” means with its simple look that combines the best of the traditional and modern design. It is above other entry-level violins with regard to different factors, including price point and overall quality.


The YEV-104 Series Electric Violin is part of the Yamaha YEV lineup that is known for its simple yet stunning look.For the YEV series, Yamaha bids goodbye to its traditional plastic violin silhouette of the models in the SILENT violin lineup.

All the models in the YEV lineup boasts its simplicity. While it does not have a lot of details compared to other Yamaha models, its overall appearance is still an all-kill.Its mobius strip design gives continuity between front and back. It is one of the main design details that gives the YEV-104 an elegant look.


Yamaha is well-known for producing durable musical instruments. It cannot be argued that the YEV-104 Series Electric Violin has the sturdiness that every musician – both beginners and experts – want to have in their instruments.

With this product, you won’t have to purchase another violin for a long period of time as this one is built for the long haul. You can use it during your learning stage and even until during your on-stage performance. Its exceptional build quality is something to look forward to in this item.


If you want an instrument that gives you the freedom to explore and showcase your own musical color and expression, the YEV-104 Series Electric Violin is a great choice.

The materials used for making this YEV-104 violin is carefully selected in order to have a great response and sound result. The mahogany and spruce used for its body gives it a natural overall sound and excellent response result. On the other hand, the 5-layer oil walnut frame is what mainly contributes to natural musical resonance.

Reasonable Price

While it is not the cheapest violin that you can get from the market, it still has a reasonable price tag. In fact, you will be getting a truly great deal for the price that you will be paying to purchase the YEV-104 Series Electric Violin.

Buying the cheapest violin does not mean saving a lot of cash. You might even shell out more money if you choose an instrument just by looking at nothing else but its price tag. You have to make sure that it has the quality and durability of a top-tier violin. Fortunately, the YEV-104 electric violin offers both quality and durability at a reasonable price that almost anyone can afford.

Features and Specs

  • Side / Frame Material: Walnut
  • Finger Board Material: Rosewood
  • Neck Material: Maple
  • Tailpiece: Synthetic Resin that is equipped with fine tuners
  • Tuning Pegs: Ebony
  • Strings: D’AddarioZyex
  • Bridge: Maple (w/ built-in Piezo-electric Pickup)
  • Chin rest: Ebony
  • Controls: Selector Switch and Volume Control


The YEV-104 Series Electric Violin got a score of 9 out of 10. Its high rating is due to its users’ high satisfaction. Many users commended its look and fancy its style. They love how its design is inspired by the organic beauty of wood.

They also love the fact that it is not overloaded with unnecessary details. Moreover, customers like the simplicity of its clean lines as it makes the instrument look more elegant for sophisticated events.

Many users also love the fact that it is a Yamaha product as Yamaha has never disappointed them when it comes to durability, playability, and quality. With its brand, it has already won the battle of inherent reliability.

Last but not the least, majority of the users love how this violin can be used by new users and professional musicians.

Things to Improve

The reason why the YEV-104 Series Violin is referred to as a violin that is “close to perfection” is because users can’t find any downside of this product. For a product at this price level, it is undeniably an awesome option.

However, some customers question the durability of the product as it is made entirely of wooden materials. Despite this, most customers attest to its strength and long-lasting qualities.


Whether you are looking for a violin to be used for learning or for stage performance, the Yamaha YEV-104 Electric Violinis recommended. It is great for those who are still starting to learn how to play the violin and for those who are already into serious music-making.

Beginners will love how it is very easy to learn with this electric violin that produces warm and natural sounds. On the other hand, seasoned and expert players will also find the YEV-104 Series Electric Violin as a reliable partner for all kinds of performances – studio and stage.

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