Yamaha YEV105BL Electric Violin Product Review

The Yamaha YEV105BL Electric Violin is a well-designed instrument made for professional musicians and aspirant. Yes, you can use this all-wood violin for stage performances or for basic lessons!

Setting it up is a breeze. You don’t have to struggle through wires and cords. You can play it with or without the amplifiers, no batteries required. The violin’s pickup is dual piezo which allows it to sound natural.

The YEV105BL Electric Violin from Yamaha is a new model introduced in 2016. It is well-crafted by Yamaha, the pioneer in music engineering. Unlike the previous models, the YEV electric violin catches us with its simple yet elegant design.

The Yamaha’s YEV105BL Electric Violin has five strong and precise strings. It takes its inspiration from the acoustic guitars Yamaha created.

Yamaha YEV105BL Electric Violin, Black, 5 String
  • This is an all-access electric violin: beautiful, light, easy and fun...
  • Designers wanted to make a visually appealing instrument with simple,...
  • Made from 6 different woods that add to the overall organic, natural &...

Organic and Beautiful

Yamaha YEV105BL Electric Violin takes you further into music with its edgy design made of organic materials. It is simply breathtaking!

The manufacturers’ innovation makes their creation one of the most beautiful instruments in the industry. The YEV electric violin’s unique conception is based on the company’s goal of expanding all possibilities.

The three-dimensional work of art is made of six kinds of wood. Each part is designed for a common goal: to convey freedom in every performance it is used.

Elegant yet Affordable

Believe it or not, this one-of-a-kind electric violin is very affordable. Some products offer add-ons on top of the violin, but they lack the quality of resonance and precision on the instrument itself. The YEV105BL is top of the line, and you surely get your money’s worth.

The violin is an eye-candy, a perfect tool for showmanship. Its impressive design also aims for the player’s fluid motion. Truly, this Yamaha’selectric violin is both an economic and ergonomic beauty.

Easy to Maintain

It may look complicated, but the Yamaha’s YEV105BL does not need high maintenance. It is still advisable to keep it on a gig bag, but cleaning it does not need extra polishes. A clean chamois is enough to remove dirt; its paint does not wear out for a long period of time.

The YEV electric violin’s strings are also easy to maintain. Just like other violins, you can change the strings every three to six months depending on how frequent you use it. If you are a beginner, you can even extend the strings’ life to more than one year!

Features and Specifications

  • Body is made of a combination of spruce, mahogany, and maple woods.
  • Side Frame is made of walnut wood.
  • Neck is made of maple wood.
  • Finger Board is made of rosewood.
  • Bridge is made of maple wood with dual-piezo pickup.
  • Electric pickup system is built in.
  • Output is passive. Batteries are not needed.
  • Adaptable to any amplifiers with switches hidden on the bridge.


The reviewers find the Yamaha YEV105BL Electric Violin to be the best in its price category. Yamaha has given more emphasis on the quality of the product, without overdoing it. Its three-dimensional feature gives impact to onstage performances, yet it did not compromise the sound it resonates.

The YEV electric violin also gives the player the chance to explore musical genres other than the usual classical sound. It also blends well when accompanied by other instruments in a band or an orchestra.

What is good about this electric violin is that it can be used by beginners with no complications. It is easy to tune with its no-slip pegs properly installed. The YEV electric violin is sturdier than what it looks like because of its all-wood make.

The Yamaha YEV105BL Electric Violin is not a heavy load, though. Compared to regular designs, it is easy to carry for gigs and concerts.

The reviewers gave it a 9.7 out of 10 score for its value for money, aesthetic elegance, and powerful resonance. No doubt, the Yamaha YEV105BL Electric Violin deserves its Best Design Award in 2016.

Things to Improve On

There is one minor thing that the YEV electric violin needs to improve on, and that is its pegs. Some players chose to customize their pegs to make it sturdier. Though the original ebony pegs are properly installed, there are professional players that opt a stronger set of pegs for their instrument.


The Yamaha YEV105BL Electric Violin boasts a natural touch on its lightweight body design. Its curves help the violinist move freely on stage, compared to the much heavier regular violin. Its shoulder and chin rests are made of ebony wood and are chiseled to give you comfort and ease while you are playing.

Its features are top of the line, considering that it is surprisingly cheap. Yamaha extends its target market with their new product line that is of high quality yet cost effective. Its excellent features encourage everyone to learn how to play the violin.

Certainly, Yamaha YEV105BL Electric Violin deserves an encore.

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