Yamaha YDP103R Digital Console Piano Product Review

The Yamaha YDP103R Digital Console Piano does an exemplary job of emulating the sound and feel of an upright acoustic piano. All its features from the variable weighted action in the keys to the Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) Stereo Sampling technology provide a great degree of authenticity to the user. It also comes with a variety of different effects and functions for an experience that is completely different from playing a simple acoustic piano.

This YDP103R Digital Console Piano from Yamaha is one of the most affordable models in Yamaha’s Digital Console Piano line-up making it perfect for entry-level pianists looking for rich, authentic sound without shelling out too large of a sum. The included bench and stylish frame complete the package.

Yamaha YDP103R Arius Series Digital Console Piano with...
  • GHS weighted action is heavier in the low keys and lighter in the high...
  • The special matte black key tops are designed to absorb moisture and...
  • Advanced Wave Memory Stereo Sampling recreates natural instrument...

Perfect for Beginners

The Yamaha YDP103R is rife with features to accommodate users of every skill level, but it caters to entry-level pianists really well, too; especially if the user is training to play on a grand piano in the future. It is a full-sized keyboard, with 88 variable weighted keys and a three-pedal system designed to give the user a semi-realistic acoustic piano playing experience.This gives users who are new to playing the piano some idea of how it feels to play an actual acoustic piano.

It is Versatile

Aside from the default Grand Piano instrument patch, the Yamaha YDP103R also boasts 9 other high-quality instrument voices. There are also included demos for each of these patches to introduce them to the user. All the patches were sampled using AWM Stereo Sampling, making them highly accurate to their real-world counterparts. It also comes with USB-B connectivity capabilities, giving users the ability to send and receive MIDI data from some form of sequencing device.  This is especially beneficial for music producers.

Although without its own graphical user interface, the Yamaha YDP103R can connect to its own Controller App available for iOS platforms, allowing for more convenient accessing of functions and configuration settings; functions such as dual layering, split voicing, metronome, and reverb add more depth to the standard piano sound delivered by the model.

Good Design

Compared to other digital piano models of its kind, the Yamaha YDP103R is a trifle lighter in weight and smaller in size. That being said, it is far from being feather-light and small; but with an additional pair of hands, one would have a much easier time moving it around than the other models.

It has a minimalistic, clean look about it, and comes with a bench matching this aesthetic. The model requires some initial assembly but comes together quite sturdily if done right. The entire set looks rather stylish as a home fixture, able to give almost the same interior design appeal that an acoustic upright or grand piano would.


Compared to buying an actual acoustic piano, the Yamaha YDP103R is vastly more affordable, able to deliver a very similar experience for a fraction of the price. Of course, as it is a digital console piano, it also comes with a range of features one cannot simply get from buying an acoustic piano.

Features and Specs

  • A quality digital console piano that is great for entry-level pianists
  • Dimensions are 53.5 x 16.5 x 32 inches
  • Included piano stand frame and bench
  • Affordable
  • Comes with a range of functions and effects


The Yamaha YDP103R received a rating of 4.5/5 on Amazon. Users were generally very pleased with the product, with many of them stating that while digital pianos cannot really replace the feeling of a real acoustic piano, the feeling that this digital piano model gives is very close. Almost all reviewers think that for the product’s quality and included features, the price tag is quite reasonable.

Things to Improve

Although the weighted key system is much appreciated by its users, the Yamaha YDP103R doesn’t quite get the right feeling that an acoustic piano gives. However, this minor flaw can be overlooked easily enough. Other minor flaws include the included bench being somewhat flimsy and prone to breaking when enough stress is applied, which is a bit discouraging for pianists who are more on the heavier side. The pedals prove to be a tad wiggly at times too. Additionally, the location of the stereo headphone jacks is somewhat unconventional (on the left-hand corner of the underside of the keyboard), making it a bit confusing for new users to use their headphones with this model, unless they’ve read the manual.


The Yamaha YDP103R Digital Console Piano is one of the best digital acoustic pianos for beginning pianists. Whether you aspire for a family member or yourself to be a concert pianist one day, or simply want a piano in the house without forking over a couple thousand for an acoustic piano, the Yamaha YDP103R is well worth the investment.

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