Yamaha Violin 4/4 V20SG Product Review

The violin is such a beautiful stringed instrument.  Its listeners are always in awe at how delicate it looks yet it produces such sweet melody.  Violinists always leave listeners astounded at how captivating their music is.

Yamaha is known for their vast selection of quality violins.  Their products are among the most impressive and most sought after because of the superiority and durability of their instruments.  One of their most popular violins is the Yamaha Violin 4/4 V20SG, a beautifully handcrafted violin made for both students and advanced violin players alike.

Quality of Materials

The Yamaha Violin 4/4 V20SG is made with maple and spruce, two of the most reliable wood materials for violins.  These materials not only ensure strength and durability, it also helps enhance the sound quality of the instrument.

The tuning pegs, tailpiece and chin rest are all made of boxwood.  This model also features an Ebony finger board and Aubert Deluxe violin bridge.  For its strings, it uses the standard Thomastik Dominant strings which produces a rich and clear sound.  These strings are widely recognized for their stability and their capacity to exhibit its rich overtones.

The bow is made from Pernambuco wood, a material that has been considered as a standard in both modern and traditional violins.  An added feature is the Sartory design used for the making of the bow.

Appropriate Cost

The price range of first-rate violins vary, but one can surely find a violin that will cater to one’s needs yet still meet a particular budget.  The Yamaha Violin 4/4 V20SGis made for both students and intermediate players.  It is reasonably priced considering that it is sold as a full set, complete with the bow, rosin and case.

Attractive Design

The Yamaha Violin 4/4 V20SG is an exquisitely designed violin with all the features that makes Yamaha models highly popular.  Its design is Guarneri-inspired with intricate details on its body.  The aesthetic features of this design are truly of world class quality.

Every unitis specially coated with an oil varnish to provide the perfect shade to the instrument.  In effect, this coating is responsible for giving the violin a warmer and placid appearance.  This oil varnish likewise brings greater emphasis on the texture and pattern of the wood material used in creating the violin.

Each Yamaha Violin 4/4 V20SG is hand brushed with this coating to create a flawless glossy finish.

Sound Quality

It produces a rich and charming but powerfully intense sound.  The materials used in making these violins have been meticulously selected to produce a superior musical instrument.  The added fixtures also help in creating a magnificent sound whenever the violin is played.

Expertise of the Manufacturer

Yamaha has been known for producing one of the best violins for over 100 years.  They have been trusted by violin enthusiasts and musicians over the years for making high quality instruments.

Product Features and Specifications

  • World-class design and sound quality
  • Made with seasoned Spruce and Maple wood
  • Comes as a complete set, with a Pernambuco bow created using a Sartori design, rosin and case
  • Passed MENC standards for professional adjustments done in every unit.
  • Has a five-year Yamaha warranty


The Yamaha Violin 4/4 V20SG received an overall rating of 10 out of 10 from users.  The quality and durability of the instrument makes it a worthy purchase.  Both students and professional violinists can attest to the outstanding performance of this Yamaha model.

Some users feel that this Yamaha model is expensive.  However, considering the quality of the instrument plus the fact that it comes complete with accessories and a hard case, it is truly worth every penny used in paying it.

The users of the product had a high regard for the craftsmanship and the attention to detail that Yamaha has exemplified in its products.  This handcrafted instrument looks so elegant and is made of only the best materials available.

Things to Improve On

Users of theYamaha Violin 4/4 V20SGhave been very satisfied with the performance of the instrument as well as its durability.  This Yamaha unit is a complete package and produces a distinctly strong and sweet sound.

Many users would gladly purchase this product if the price goes a bit lower.  However, given the satisfaction rating for this instrument, it’s still worth every penny.


The kind and quality of materials determine the overall performance of the violin.  Having the right kind of wood, along with complimentary fixtures, have a direct effect on how the violin will sound and how long it will last.

The Yamaha Violin 4/4 V20SG is a total package. It is made with high-quality materials and is also considered as of the best violins in the market. it boasts of having a complete set of superb accessories.  It truly gives the best value for one’s money.

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