Yamaha V3 Student Violin Product Review

The Yamaha Company has been one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality string instruments. They manufacture a line of acoustic string instruments that are available in Student or Standard level, Step-up level, Advanced level, and Professional level.

The Yamaha V3 Student Violin is one of the leading student violins produced by Yamaha that encompasses all the qualities and attributes that every violin student needs.

Yamaha V3 Series Student Violin Outfit 4/4 Size
  • Complete kit
  • Reliable construction
  • Great sound and playability

Manufactured with Superior Quality Materials

The Yamaha V3 Student Violin is made of seasoned spruce and maple wood.These wood materials are first aged by being exposed to the natural elements under controlled conditions to guarantee the quality of the tone that it can resonate.

This process of curing the wood was also perfected by Yamaha in order to produce wood that is impervious to sudden changes in temperature and humidity. The uncured wood will noticeably be filled with cracks since the wood will eventually shrink as it dries up.

The front panel of the V3 Student Violin is made with Spruce while the rest of the body, including the back, all the sides and the neck, are made with Maple.  To add elegance and strength to the violin, the Fingerboard, the chin rest and the tuning pegs are all crafted using ebony.

Specialized Fixtures

Yamaha uses a Wittner-style string tuner in each unit. This tailpiece tuner is easy to use and can fine tune the strings to its exact note.

A wooden bow with genuine horsehair is included in the set. It also includes a rosin to be applied to the horse hairs so it can have a good grip as it glides across the strings. The strings that are initially installed are the D’Addario Prelude strings which are metal strings that are specially designed for violins and which creates a warm and solid tone.

Excellent for Students

The Yamaha V3 Student Violin is specially made for students.  It is sold for a relatively cheaper price yet, the same standard of excellence is used in creating it.  It is lightweight and easy to carry.  This instrument is also very easy to handle even for beginners.

This model is produced in bulk, using specialized machines to accurately cut the wood pieces needed to create every unit.  This process ensures that each piece is identical to each other.

After these parts are made, the assembly and finishing processes are meticulously done by hand to ensure optimum quality.  By following this procedure, Yamaha can guarantee the excellent quality of each unit.

Specifications and Features

  • Each Yamaha V3 Student Violin unit comes in 7.5 x 3.1 x 27.9-inch dimensions and weighs only 5.1 lbs.
  • Made with seasoned maple and spruce wood.
  • Passed and exceeded MENC qualifications
  • Each unit comes as a complete package which includes a wooden bow with horse hair, Wittner-style string tuner, D’Addario Prelude strings, rosin, several music sheets and an ABS plastic case with strap.
  • Entitled to the Yamaha five-year warranty.


The Yamaha V3 Student Violin has received an impressive 9.4 out of 10 rating from its users.  Buyers of this product praised the quality of the sound that it makes and the durability of the violin.

Users of the V3 Student Violin are satisfied with how the instrument is easily handled.  It produces a great sound that is both rich yet highly intense.  Users are also generally pleased with the quality of the fixtures and accessories included in the package.

Some buyers however, reportedly received defective bows which affected their overall positive experience with the product.  While this may be due to certain handling and shipping issues, Yamaha is expected to ensure that every item included in the package is in perfect shape.

Apart from this, the V3 Student Violin from Yamaha works incredibly fine and is the best choice for students and amateur violinists.

Things to Improve On

Based on customer reviews, it is imperative for Yamaha to have a strict quality check, not just on the quality of the violin itself, but also on the accessories that comes with the package.  It is essential that the customer receives the whole package with all the pieces working properly and in good condition.

Among Yamaha’s violin models, the Yamaha V3 Student Violinuses a wooden bow.  This type of bow is not as durable as its more modern counterparts.  Yamaha could consider changing the bow that comes with this package into one that is built to last for a longer time.


Users of the Yamaha’s V3 Student Violin enjoy the quality of the sound it makes. The tone created when the bow glides through the string is exquisite and soft. This is the kind of sound that most teachers prefer.

Choosing to purchase the Yamaha V3 Student violin is a wise investment for those who desire to learn and master this remarkable string instrument.

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