Yamaha SV-255 Professional Silent 5-String Violin Product Review

The Yamaha SV-255 Professional Silent 5-String Violin is designed for professional musicians who desire to create a lasting impression to their audience. The silent violin, with its unique aesthetics and superb sound, is the latest addition to the Yamaha violin family.

By far, the SV-255 Professional Silent 5-String Violin is the most acoustic five-string instrument manufactured by Yamaha. The company focused on its precision and resonance that they removed the electronics in this model – making it one of the lightest violins in existence.

The Yamaha SV-255 Professional Violin has line out and phone out ready as pre-amplifiers. It has the option to get its power supply from two AA 1.5 V batteries, but it can be customized for AC adapter or Phantom Power.

Yamaha SV-255 Professional Silent 5-String Violin
  • Lightweight Design: The most comfortable, lightweight professional...
  • Dual Pickups: Piezo pickup in the body of the instrument picks up of...
  • Stage Performance: Easy connections to PA equipment - heavy duty...

Flexible Use

The Yamaha SV-255 Professional Silent 5-String Violin has a dual piezo pickup that enhances the sound it produces. Expert violinists prefer this kind of pickups because it collects the vibrations from the violin’s top and bridge. You can still remove the pickups but it would really be difficult since they are mounted inside the bridge. You can just leave it there anyway.

The physical features give impact to your audience once you use the silent violin onstage. It lets you move freely while playing – making you look graceful while performing. This three-dimensional instrument is a true work of art, in all its sense.

The silent violin can be used for playing a wide range of musical genres – from classical to pop. Its adjustable equalizers will surely make it easier for you to adjust to the needs of every piece you want to play. The Yamaha SV-255 Professional Silent 5-String Violin will never limit you from what you can deliver.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: Width: 8.11 inches, Height: 23.62 inches, Depth: 4.80 inches, Weight: 1.19 pounds, Body Size: 4/4
  • Body is made of pure spruce wood. Side or Frame is made of plastic. Neck is made of maple wood. Finger Board is made of ebony wood.
  • Bridge is made of maple wood, pre-installed with pickup sensors. Tuning pegs are made of ebony wood. Chin Rest is made of plastic.
  • Has Wittner Ultra Tailpiece
  • Uses D’AddarioHelicore C string
  • Dual pre-installed piezo pickups below and inside the Bridge
  • Controls: Equalizer, Treble, Bass, Master Volume
  • Includes earphones


Coming from professional’s point of view, the SV-255 Professional Silent 5-String Violin is considered to be one of the toughest competition to beat in the market. The reviewers gave it a surprising 9.8 out 10 score even when it is just new in the trade. Most of them are solo artists who create their own music and are influenced by different styles.

The Yamaha SV-255 Professional Silent 5-String Violin is highly adaptable to the diverse world of music. You can play Bollywood or K-Pop songs without worrying about how it would sound. It is also easy to maintain as you do not need to change the strings from time to time. It could last for more than a year, when not frequently used.

With ample power supply, the silent violin can play non-stop for up to 120 hours. The silent violin can also be adjusted with a pre-amp on a pedal board or belt clip.

Yamaha’s SV-255 Professional Silent 5-String Violin is certainly a great tool for your professional career. Yamaha’s new brainchild has yet again set the standards high in the world of music.

Opportunities for Enhancement

The Yamaha SV-255 Professional Silent 5-String Violin is new in the music world and can be improved on as time goes by. Only a little enhancement is needed for it to get a perfect ten in the score sheets.

One point to consider is the shoulder rest. The product needs a bigger shoulder rest for players to have a better control of the instrument, most especially when there are sudden swaying movements. The shoulder rest also helps the player’s neck to be comfortable.

However, the silent violin is customizable so it would actually be easier to include a bigger shoulder rest as an add-on when you buy it. What’s great is that you can choose the most comfortable ones since you can personalize the instrument.


The Yamaha SV-255 Professional Silent 5-String Violin is a breath of fresh air in the instrument industry. It gives the all-natural sound of a violin without the aid of electronic effects. Its fluidity depends on its uniquely-designed body and the perfectly-chiseled bridge.

With this quality, the Yamaha’s SV-255 Professional Silent 5-String Violin can be considered the most affordable in its range. You can customize it, too, without undermining the quality of music you will produce.

Expert violinists choose the silent violin for its superb sound quality and breathtaking resonance. Make each piece or performance you play a true inspiration with the Yamaha SV-255 Professional Silent 5-String Violin.

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