Yamaha SV-250 4-String Electric Violin Product Review

The Yamaha SV-250 is a full-sized electric violin that has a bodymade of seasoned maple with flamed texture. It has a nice finish that brings out the exquisite wood grains and protects the violin from wear and tear. Its top is made of spruce and its fingerboard and pegs are made of ebony.

Yamaha’s Silent Violin™ series improves upontheir previous electric violin models. We’ll be discussing one of the newest in the series: the Yamaha SV-250 4-String Electric Violin in this article.

Yamaha SV-250 4 String Electric Violin
  • Unique dual pickups (Bridge, Body)
  • Lightweight at 14 oz, same as an acoustic violin
  • Hollow-body design for pure, natural sound

The Body

The hollow body feature prominently found in previous electric violin models from Yamaha has been enhanced for the SV-250. It gives this violin a deep, natural, and intimate sound similar to acoustic models. You’ll also feel like you’re playing an ordinary acoustic violin because its components – the tuning pegs, neck, and tailpiece – have the exact look and feel of an acoustic violin.

Sound Pickups

Yamaha’s proprietary sound pickups are designed to completely capture all the sounds produced by the violin. The Yamaha SV-250 has a dual pickup system which allows players to create their own mix of electric and acoustic tones. One piezo-electric pickup is found on the bridge, while the other is located inside the body, underneath the bridge.

On the other hand, the pickup placed inside the violin’s body fully captures the instrument’s resonance, vibrato, and subtle nuances when you play the instrument. The pickup situated on the bridge captures vibrations in the string caused by different bowing attacks and styles.

The Control Box

The Yamaha SV-250 has an external control box that provides convenient access to volume and tone controls. It functions as a preamplifier and has knobs for adjusting the volume, bass, and treble of your electric violin.It can be clipped to your belt or placed in any accessible location. It’s connected to the violin using the cable supplied in the package.

The external control box has a headphone jack with a dedicated volume control which you can use for silent practicing. There’s also an unbalanced line out jack which you can use to plug the violin to an amplifier or a speaker using a standard ¼” connector.

A balanced XLR output jack for high-quality sound output which is often required in professional performances and recording activities can also be found at the bottom of the box. You can still play the violin without an amp or a headphone but the sound it’ll produce will be very faint.

The Price

The Yamaha SV-250 costs around $1,700 to $1,800 in online stores. Take note that this price range doesn’t include the fiddle and the violin case yet.

Features and Specs

  • Full-sized 4-string electric violin pre-installed with D’AddarioZyex string set
  • Hollow body with resonating chamber
  • Wittner® ULTRA tailpiece
  • Dual piezo-electric pickup system: bridge and body
  • Control knob for choosing which pickup to use: (1) bridge pickup, (2) body pickup, and (3) pickup blend option
  • Bass, treble, and volume controls

Customer Reviews

The sound quality, its composition, the quality of materials, and the look and feel of the instrument – users love almost everything about the Yamaha SV-250. It’s quite expensive, though, for an electric violin but that’s because the sound quality it produces is comparable to top-of-the-line violins in the market which cost around $3,000. This violin got a 9.5 out of 10 score.

Many users like the feature that allows them to choose which pickup to use. Blending the balance between the two pickups allows them to play any music genre. They use the control knobs found at the back of the violin to produce the following tones: to create classical tones, use only the body pickup; for groovy sounds, use the bridge pickup; finally, use the blend option to play jazz music.

Things to Improve

A few users said the shoulder stem is quite flimsy that they need to constantly exert pressure to prevent the shoulder rest from falling. This causes discomfort while playing even for a short period of time. The violin also won’t work directly with any other preamp except for the one included in the package.

Its price is the most prominent drawback described by customers. The product is pricey and yet it does not include a case and a bow in its package.

Aside from these issues, there are barely any negative comments about this product.


The Yamaha SV-250 is a solid piece of electric violin meant to be played by both professional and amateur users. Its hollow-bodied construction enables the instrument to produce richer tones often heard in more expensive acoustic violins.

Its dual pickup feature allows more sound variety and versatility to the instrument. The option to choose which pickup to use is a great feature for players who often incorporate various music genres in their playing style.

Overall, its price is fully justified by the quality of the product that you’ll have trouble finding another electric violin that’s on the same level as this one.

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