Yamaha Standard Model AV7 Violin Product Review

The Yamaha Standard Model AV7 violin is a great entry-level instrument for aspiring musicians wanting a genuine violin to practice on. It is specifically made according to what beginners need the most. It has the durability and playability that even professional players would buy. It also has the affordability that almost all violinists look for in their first violin.

It is one of the most competitive entry-level violins you can buy in the market now. It is even shop-adjusted by Yamaha-trained professionals in order to meet and even exceed the MENC standards. In fact, it can even go against the top-tier instruments of other brands. Considering that it is a Yamaha product, it definitely has its own edge over other violins out there.

Yamaha Standard Model AV7 violin 4/4 Size Outfit
  • Top: 5+ years aged spruce
  • Bottom: 5+ years aged maple (2-piece back)
  • Fittings: Solid ebony

Unbeatable Quality

The very first thing that every musician should check on the instruments they are eyeing for is its quality. This item is well-known for its unbeatable quality. One of the things it boasts is the fact that it is 100 percent handcrafted.

It is also made of high-quality materials that add on to its value. Its top is made of Spruce, while its neck is made of Maple. All of the materials used for making the Yamaha Standard Model AV7 violin are all season and aged for over 5 years. When it comes to quality, the AV7 violin will never be behind the game.

Especially Made for Beginners

The best thing about Yamaha is that they always offer different products to cater to the different needs of each user. They have instruments especially for professionals and they also have instruments that are tailored to the needs of beginners. The Yamaha Standard Model AV7 violin is specifically made to target new players.

With this violin, you can now become the musician that you have been dreaming of. You do not need those expensive violins. This Yamaha AV7 violin is already sufficient enough for serious music-making. It gives you the tone you are looking for in a violin without leaving you out of money.


While the tone and sound that it produces are the most important thing in any kind of musical instrument, its design and overall look are also significant. The appearance of your instrument add spice to the performance of the musician. Play this Yamaha AV7 violinand you will never look cooler and classier than ever.

Its featured details is one of the best in the violin industry. It makes the beginners look like a real professional musician when they play.


The Yamaha Standard Model AV7 violin comes with a 5-year warranty that covers any kind of workmanship issues towards the case, the bow, and the instrument itself. Never ever purchase any instrument that does not come with a warranty. This also gives you a guarantee and peace of mind that your instrument will last for a long time.

Features and Specs

  • Fittings: Solid Ebony
  • Sizes Available: ½. ¾, 4/4
  • Setup: Professional adjustment to exceed the standards of MENC
  • Fractional sizes come with dart-shaped case
  • PirastroPiranito rosin
  • Yamaha oblong cloth-covered case that comes with backpack-style shoulder straps
  • Brazilwood bow
  • Includes Wittner tailpiece


The Yamaha Standard Model AV7 violin received an 8.8 out of 10 editor’s rating. It received a high rating due to the fact that it is a great entry-level violin. Most of the users love how easy it is to carry and play the instrument. They also love the authentic sound that this violin produces.

According to them, its sound and tune always give them the chills.Musicians who bought this item are surprised that they can get this kind of nice and warm sound quality from a violin being sold at a low price.

Users do not see the Yamaha AV7 as merely a practice violin. For them, it is as good as any professional violin available in the market. Last but not the least, they also love how they get the Yamaha 5-year warranty. It feels like they got a product security with this kind of warranty.

Things to Improve

Considering how great the Yamaha Standard Model AV7 violin, it seems like there are no other things to ask for. It is already perfect as it is – one of the top beginners’ violin today.


When it comes to the features, specifications, and sound quality, nothing will beat Yamaha Standard Model AV7 violin in the entry-level race. It is already a complete set. It comes with quality bow and a sturdy case that will safekeep your violin and bow.

While it is a great learning tool, it can also be used for both stage and studio purposes. Considering the fact that it is a product of a reputable brand and being offered at an affordable price, it can easily be said that the Yamaha Standard Model AV7 violin is a great buy.

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