Yamaha Standard Model AV5 Violin Product Review

Having the right violin makes all the difference in creating beautiful music.  The right sound will only come out when the violin is made with materials that are capable of transforming the various sound vibrations into a sweet melody.

Yamaha violins are made with tremendous influence from the opulent designs of the Stradivari family and of Guarneri del Gesu. Their violins are handcrafted by seasoned artisans using only the finest materials to create a product that is of excellent quality. One of these models is the Yamaha Standard Model AV5 Violin, a superb instrument that even the amateur musician can easily play with.

Yamaha Standard Model AV5 violin outfit 4/4 Size Abs Case
  • Top: 5+ years aged spruce
  • Bottom: 5+ years aged maple (2-piece back)
  • Finish: Oil varnish, hand-applied

Beautiful Handcrafted Design

The Yamaha Standard Model AV5 Violin’s body is completely hand carved and made with seasoned wood materials.  It’s back, neck, and sides are made from maple wood, while its front plate is made with spruce.  Both have been aged for more than 5 years before it was carved.

The AV5 Violin has an oil varnish finish that is applied by hand.  This adds to the sleek and captivating appeal of the instrument.

Strength and Durability

This Yamaha Standard Model AV5 Violin is made with the finest materials and created with the precision and skill of expert violin makers.  It is also fitted with materials that are time-tested to be highly durable.

The Standard Model AV5 Violin is fitted with a Wittner integrated tailpiece with four fine tuners made out of rosewood, another sturdy material used generally for making violins.  It also uses a Glasser fiberglass bow that is considered to be a better alternative to the traditional wooden bows.

Fiberglass bows are more durable and less likely to bend or break. These modern bows are greatly responsive to the string’s vibrations.

Excellent Sound

The Yamaha’s Standard Model AV5 Violin is made with materials that are equipped with audio enhancing properties.  This enables the violin to have superior acoustic capabilities.

The wood used in making the violin allows it to have a lighter weight but still enables it to maintain its great sound and tonal resonance.  The soft varnish that is applied to the body also helps in keeping the sound quality of the violin at a superior level.

Other furnishings such as the D’Addario Prelude strings makes the instrument produce the best sound vibrations possible.

Features and Specifications

  • Made with aged maple and spruce
  • Oil varnished finish that is hand applied
  • Meets and exceeds MENC standards for the professional adjustments made to the instruments
  • Covered by the Yamaha five-year warranty
  • It comes as a complete package, which includes the Glasser bow and the standard Yamaha stackable case

Reviews from AV5 Violin Users

The Yamaha Standard Model AV5 Violin received an outstanding 10 out of 10 rating from its users.  Those who bought the instrument were raving about how easy it is to use and how elegant it looks.

Given the kind of materials used to create the instrument, one is guaranteed of the strength and durability of every unit.  Careful attention to details was done in the manufacturing of every piece.   Moreover, it has exceeded international standards of quality and has been patronized by renowned musicians and students alike all over the world.

Students and even intermediate violin players found the Yamaha Standard Model AV5 Violin to be a worthy partner in their journey to learning the ropes of playing the instrument.  It is light enough to carry around easily and may be handled without much difficulty.

Another feature that users love is the intensely sweet sound that is created every time the violin is played.  The high quality of the strings and the bow also contributes immensely to the making of a distinctly rich and strong sound.

Due to the quality of the materials used, the acoustic properties of the Yamaha Standard Model AV5 Violin are truly exceptional.

Things to Improve

Some users have commented about the relatively higher price of the Yamaha Standard Model AV5 Violin.  This is, however, not viewed negatively by those who have used the instrument because its users feel that it was the best value for their money.  The instrument comes as a total package, complete with a Glasser bow and the standard Yamaha stackable case.

The users of this product have no complaints about the aesthetic features of the violin.  The instrument looks absolutely stunning and is highly durable.  More importantly, it is lighter in weight and produces a wonderfully sweet sound.


The Yamaha Standard Model AV5 Violin is a remarkable stringed instrument that’s specially made for beginners and amateur violinists.  This model exemplifies perfection when it comes to handcrafted workmanship.

The attention to details and the superiority of the materials used in making the instrument is a testament to the dedication and passion of the manufacturers to create astonishing ways of bringing music into the world.

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