Yamaha PSR E253 61-Key Portable Keyboard Review

The Yamaha PSR E253 61-Key Portable Keyboard is another high-quality digital piano that you can get from the brand. Yamaha has been known for delivering top-of-the-line instruments that will provide you unmatched convenience in learning how to play them better.

This electronic keyboard is not just an instrument but comes with a complete package. It includes a power adapter that is ideal for your keyboard, stereo headphones, and a footswitch. There is more to this when you learn more about the product.

Before purchasing the item, it is best to gather other insights about it. Instead of just relying on the fact that it has top quality sounds, there are other specifications of the bundle that makes it more reliable than its counterparts.

Yamaha PSRE253 61-Key Portable Keyboard
  • 61 full-sized keys are great for learning and developing keyboard...
  • Duo mode splits the keyboard into two halves, each with their own...
  • The Aux Line Input allows you to connect any music device with a...

Lesson Program for Aspiring Musicians

Even if you are just a beginner, you will love that this electronic keyboard is transformed into a portable reading program. You will find that it has great features and sounds in one bundle. If you are considering a self-learning experience, you will love the onboard perks of the keyboard.

You can begin with its 100 songs. If you want to start creating your music, you can also select from hundreds of styles. Discovering instrument voices will also be easier since it comes with 385 different sounds.

To make your music creation even better, you can convert your keyboard into a speaker system with your song player with its AUX line input. Playing in a concert hall can be mimicked with this bundle since you can have stereo-sampled sounds in one kit.

Portable and Lightweight

Though electronic keyboards are known to be heavyweight and usually installed at home, this package is different. It can provide you a lightweight digital piano with mobile components. Bringing it in a studio or school will be very easy.

If you perform live, you can run on batteries for your power source. Since it has everything you need regarding songs, rhythms, and instrument voices, you do not have to utilize third-party applications or gadgets to make your music creation happen.

Yamaha PSR E253 61-Key Portable Keyboard Features and Specifications

The portable keyboard measures four inches by 12.8 inches by 37.5 inches. You will also find the digital piano Weighing just nine pounds, proving that it is a highly portable instrument.

To provide you more ideas about its features, given below are more of them:

Nine-Step Lesson Function. As supported by Yamaha Education Suite, it helps anyone to play songs conveniently even as a beginner.

Master EQ. It comes with an equalizer configuration that allows you to set the sound according to your liking.

Orchestra-Like Performances. To back up your instrument, it comes with styles that will enhance your performance without actually hiring real-life musicians.

Yamaha PSR E253 61-Key Portable Keyboard Reviews

The Editor’s rating for the product is 8.6 out of 10.Most of the feedbacks about the product are positive. According to its existing owners and buyers, they found the package in excellent quality. Many have also emphasized the instrument’s ease of use. Also, they highlighted the unprecedented portability of the digital piano.

Although it is lightweight, the customers commented that they sounded the instrument sturdy and made of high-quality material. The buyers also added that the package is best for someone who begins studying keyboard playing at home.

The additional modes and functions made the keyboard even more enjoyable, especially for kids.

Things to Improve

The product does not come with a power cord. This is the primary concern of buyers. Nonetheless, this has not been an issue with others for you can easily find a power cord for it. Furthermore, you will find in its description that it requires six “AA” batteries for it to become operable.

Additionally, some of the buyers suggested that Yamaha should ensure that its products are delivered with instructions or manual. It seems not all customers has received the bundle completely. This may be considered a minor problem as well since the product ensures ease of use even if you are a beginner.

Lastly, Yamaha PSR E253 does not fit a standard headphone. This is not a big issue again since today’s market is continuing to provide newer models. Finding one will not be difficult.


From the given reviews about Yamaha PSR E253 61-Key Portable Keyboard, you can conclude that it is a must-try product. There should be no issues in purchasing it for learners as well. With its professional-like sound generation and music creation features, it is cheaper than what it should be.

Moreover, it will be difficult to find a portable digital keyboard like this product. Simply imagine having no hassle while you take it with you.  Though it is compact, it never fell short in giving you support to create great sounds.

Despite the shortcomings of the product, you can say that its features overshadow these minor issues. It will still be a package that even professional musicians will recommend.

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