Yamaha P45 Keyboard Review

The Yamaha P45 is the advanced model of the P 35 piano. It was first announced at NAMM 2015 and is now available worldwide. Because it was created as a replacement for the P 35, this product has the same core functions as the old model.

It has a USB connector that allows you to use the Yamaha P45 keyboard as an MDI controller. It also has doubled polyphony, which offers more expression and richer sounds. It is also built with weighted keys that are sensitive, which make your playing experience more fun.

Aside from that, there are other reasons why you should get this instrument. Here are some of them.

Yamaha P45 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano with Sustain...
  • GHS weighted action is heavier in the low end and lighter in the high...
  • Advanced Wave Memory Stereo Sampling recreates natural instrument...
  • 64-note polyphony allows the player to perform moderately dense piano...

Realistic Sound Quality

Yamaha is popular for its top-quality musical instruments. Not only are their products durable, but these also create better sounds compared to its competitors.

It is also the reason why the Yamaha P45 is a favorite choice among players. It creates an impressive sound that other keyboards cannot produce. You could pretend that you are playing a real piano just because of the sound.

Realistic Tough Feeling

Aside from the amazing sound quality, the Yamaha P45 digital piano also provides a solid touch feeling. The instrument uses weighted keys that look like the keys of an acoustic piano.

This feature gives comfort to your fingers as they will not slip as you press on them. Furthermore, it serves as your practice for acoustic keyboards for your upcoming transition.

Slim and Plain Design

The keyboard has a slim figure that allows you to carry it around wherever you go. You can also keep it in a small space when not in use. Hence, you will still get to move around even if you have the Yamaha P45 at home.

Aside from that, you can quickly set up the keyboard, which is the trademark of this brand. It only takes a few minutes to install them. Just put the Yamaha P45 piano and the accessories together and start playing.

Moreover, it has a simple sports display. With just a touch of a button, you can change the function of the instrument. You can switch its use from voices to a metronome, depending on your needs.

Ideal for Both Novice and Experienced Pianists

One of the good things about this keyboard is that everyone can use this instrument. It provides high-quality sounds and special effects that all intermediate keyboard players will enjoy. It also has enough functions for beginners that will help them improve their skills.

Features and Specs

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, you will also get the following features of Yamaha P45.

  • The Yamaha P45 Compact 88-key Portable Digital Piano has an Advanced Wave Memory Stereo Sampling that lets you record and testthe sound of notes.
  • The Dual Split feature enables you to use two voices simultaneously so that you can make a deeper and richer sound.
  • Each key of the piano has a matte finish so that it can match the feeling of the real piano.
  • The piano only weighs 35 lbs., which is perfect for everyday gigs and multiple purposes.
  • The keyboard offers an array of voices that you can customize to create new sounds and music.
  • The Yamaha P45 features USB connectivity that is compatible with many devices and apps, which you can use to create or learn more music.


The Yamaha P45 has received a 9 out of 10 rating from its buyers. People admire itssound quality and weight.

In one of the reviews, the customer stated that the music produced by Yamaha P45 digital stage piano is pleasing to the ears. You would think that the sound comes from a grand piano if you close your eyes.

Meanwhile, other customers appreciate its weight. Because it only weighs 35 pounds, she can carry the instrument without a problem, says the user.

Things to Improve

Because the machine is affordable, you should expect that this keyboard lacks some features. One quality that you can only get from the Yamaha P45 is that it has a few whistles and bells.

It is ideal if you are an experienced pianist, as you already know how to play the keyboard. However, if you are a piano teacher or a student, then this may not be the best option for your skills.

Nonetheless, it is still an ideal option, especially if you want to get a new keyboard, yet you are on a tight budget.


With the Yamaha P45, the company has taken their skills to the next level by creating an excellent electric piano. It has the features of its predecessor, but with additional specs. That way, users can create a deeper sound that all listeners and composers will enjoy listening.

While it lacks whistles and bells, the Yamaha P45 is an excellent choice for aspiring pianists and those who have a limited budget.

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