Yamaha NCX1200R Acoustic-Electric Classical Solid Rosewood Guitar Review

Every guitar user or any aspiring musician knows how to pick a good musical instrument to assist them in their musical venture. Yamaha, a known multinational corporation that produces musical instruments, only produces high-quality musical materials. They have raised the bar in terms of quality and durability.

The Yamaha NCX1200R Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar in solid rosewood has provided guitar lovers with a well-balanced and high-quality instrument. It charms any aspiring musician because of its quality, image, character, and style. It offers a balanced tone for any music enthusiast or any Yamaha guitar fanatic.

Yamaha NCX1200R Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar, Solid...
  • Solid Sitka Spruce Top
  • Solid Rosewood Back and Sides
  • African Mahogany Neck

Product Overview

The Yamaha NCX1200R Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar is a classical nylon acoustic electric cutaway type of guitar that is made from beautiful and solid rosewood material. Its style was based on several Yamaha classical guitars. This style is actualized in the current models’ fingerboard width, body thickness, and neck shape, including its 12th fret joint.

This acoustic-electric classical guitar holds the classical guitar variety sophistication with its signature durability, playability, and the high-quality sound of an acoustic guitar. It is made of a solid Sitka spruce top, African mahogany, and rosewood.

Rosewood is said to be more compact and heavier than maple. It is recognized as a tropical hardwood and the preferred material for an acoustic guitar. Thus, all products made of rosewood is believed to be dependable and tenacious, such as this Yamaha Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar.

Product Features and Technical Specifications

The Yamaha NCX1200R Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar has a timeless artistic taste with:

  • Solid Sitka Spruce Top
  • Solid Rosewood Back and Sides
  • African Mahogany Neck
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • Acoustic Resonance Transducer (ART) 2-way pickup system
  • 94-100mm Body Depth
  • 52mm Nut Width; and
  • 650mm or 25-9/16 inches String Length

Its nylon acoustic design focuses on producing a high-quality nylon-string sound with an impeccable tone reverb. Its 2-way pickup system is a remarkable feature that controls dissonance even on high-tone or high-range type of musical materials. This system also trims down nonessential sound feedback that makes every strum and tone with the Yamaha NCX1200R Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar appear incredibly smooth and clean.

What Comes in the Box

The Yamaha NCX1200R alone weighs 6.6 pounds, and it has a product dimension of 41 x 19.2 x 5.4 inches. For musicians and guitar enthusiasts who wish to order online and have the product shipped, it weighs a collective 14.8 pounds.

User’s Feedback and Review

According to the majority of Yamaha NCX1200R product reviews, it has a very well-balanced sound that is good for any playing style. Its traditional design can accommodate various musical genre such as pop, flamenco, acoustic, and classical.

This model of Yamaha Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar has an excellent value that will last a lifetime as long as the device is maintained and cared for properly. It also offers value for money as its expensive and high-quality materials are crafted lovingly to create a unique instrument that produces amazing sounds.


  • Practical. It is affordably priced at $999.99.
  • Value for Money. Itprovides users bang for their buck because of its high music and tone quality that provides little to no unnecessary sound feedback at all.
  • It is made from solid rosewood which is considered to be one of the sturdiest raw material for an acoustic guitar.
  • Classic High-Q The Yamaha NCX1200R, as the name itself implies, is from the internationally known brand Yamaha founded over a century ago.
  • It has a sleek design that every musician or aspiring artist will love. It features a physical modernized concept in combination with the traditional or classical Yamaha quality known globally.


  • Heavy Weight. It appears to be heavier and bulkier compared to other acoustic-electric classical guitars offered on the market. This is also because the guitar is made of a solid rosewood material.
  • It Needs a More Careful Touch. It can be sturdy, but users need to be more careful when handling the instrument to avoid damaging the guitar body.
  • Tone Action is a Little High. Though it’s usual guitar tones are high, it is classical. It needs deeper and detailed maneuvering from time to time to get the exact tone you want for your musical piece.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Yamaha NCX1200R can easily please users from various musical backgrounds. With its high sound quality, long-lasting material, and reliable amplifier system, it gives a new face to the world-famous Yamaha guitars.

This Yamaha Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar is also suitable for those who are just starting to learn to play the guitar. It is also preferred over other instruments in the same category because of its high-rich sound bass and a clear music register.

Its well-balanced sounds and sterling tones when being strummed is infallible. Guitar users will find joy and pleasure while playing various musical pieces in every genre on this high-quality instrument.

A lot of users admire the guitar because it has little to no sound feedback and it has excellent sound intonation. The Yamaha NCX1200R has an affordable price of only $999.99. With all of its advanced features, it is considered to be one of the most in-demand guitars on the market today.

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