Yamaha FGX700SC Solid Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The Yamaha FGX700SC Solid Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar is built with the renowned craftsmanship of Yamaha in the field of musical instruments. It is an outstanding choice if you are planning to purchase an acoustic-electric guitar.

Whether you are a professional guitarist or just want to learn how to play the guitar as a hobby, playing music with a guitar has benefits for the mind and body. It can relieve stress and can keep your mind sharp. Also, you can earn money in you are performing on stage. Therefore, you should be aware of the different features of the guitar before making your purchase.

Though there is a wide selection of acoustic-electric guitar in the market, if you do not have much knowledge on the technical aspects of guitars, you can consider the essential features. Good thing this Yamaha Solid Top Acoustic-Electric Guitarhas excellent attributes that can get you playing in no time.

Yamaha FGX700SC Solid Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Natural
  • Solid sitka spruce
  • Diecast chrome tuners
  • System55T 1 way, Piezo 3-band EQ, A.M.F (adjustable midrange frequency...

Option of Acoustic and Electric

Not all guitars are created equally. There are several types to choose from such as acoustic or electric. What makes the Yamaha FGX700SC Solid Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar standout from the rest is that it functions as both.

You can play this guitar unplugged if you are playing for a small crowd. With this, you can produce pure acoustic sounds that are soothing to hear. Another option is to plug it into an amplifier if you will be performing on-stage for a bigger audience.

Idealfor Travelers and Students

When students join a band, or play the guitar as a hobby, they would need a guitar that is handy enough to carry around. The Yamaha FGX700SC Solid Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar is considerably less bulky than other guitar designs.

Because of this, it can easily be carried anywhere which makes it perfect for students. Also, it matches the needs if the guitarist travels a lot with the instrument. Banging or damaging the guitar due to excessive impact during a commute is less of a problem. It can be comfortably transported where ever you go.

Stylish Design

Made with Nato neck, solid Sitka spruce tops, and rosewood fingerboard, the Yamaha FGX700SC Solid Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a combination of durability and style. Furthermore, ultra-thin hand-sprayed finished.

Other than its high-gloss look, the ultra-thin finish limits the wood’s vibration restrictions, so the instrument produces fuller and louder sound. But, the Yamaha artisan spray-finish techniques still leave the guitar resilient and strong from scratch and damages.

Designed with Cutaway

Another unique feature of this YamahaSolid Top Acoustic-Electric Guitaris its cutaway design. With this, you can reach the higher registers with utmost ease. Even if you are performing while standing up or sitting down, you can showcase your guitar fingering talent.

Features and Specifications

  • Three-band EQ
  • Easy to adjust mid frequency slider
  • 55T piezo/preamp system with tuner
  • Ultra-thin, hand-sprayed finish
  • No metal parts dovetail neck joint for stability
  • Less bulky design


The Yamaha FGX700SC Solid Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar got 9/10 stars from the Editor’s Rating mostly because of the high-quality craftsmanship observed by the users. One use particularly mentioned the quality of the sound that it produces. He mentioned that he had not heard a fret buzz when he played the instrument.

The sound from this acoustic-electric guitar is smooth and loud despite its relatively small size. It sounds great whether amplified or not. Another user noted the comfort in playing the instrument. Also, he cited the ease and comfort in using the guitar. It does not go out of tune.

Many customers also agree that the tuner is very helpful and accurate. Moreover, they are impressed with the look and the design of the instrument. Not only that the quality craftsmanship is showcased with its appearance, the style, and the finishing are also functional and adds to the excellent performance of the instrument.

Things to Improve

There isn’t much to improve with the Yamaha FGX700SC Solid Top Acoustic-Electric Guitarsince it tops the most important attributes of a string instrument like sound quality, durability, aesthetics, and versatility.

However, one thing missing in this product is a hard case which should be bought separately. Including a hard case with the item would make the package complete. But this is a minor aspect that can be added.


No need to search any further if you are trying to find an acoustic-electric guitar. Yamaha FGX700SC Solid Top Acoustic-Electric Guitarhas all the fundamental attributes you would need in a guitar. It can be played plugged and unplugged while producing high-quality music either way.

Moreover, it is manufactured with the high-quality standards of Yamaha ensuring durability and artistic taste. When played without amplification, it can still make a strong and loud sound because of the materials used in making the instrument despite its easy-to-carry size. ThisSolid Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar is an excellent choice for any guitarist.

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