Yamaha FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar Review

It can be a hassle to find a decent guitar that is will not break your bank. Inevitably, people find themselves in this kind of situation. One of the most famous brands of today is Yamaha. The company aims to provide a premium guitar that people can afford.

The Yamaha FG800 is reasonably priced as a beginner’s guitar that features the exquisite tone woods in the market which is the solid Sitka spruce. It produces a mellow tone that slowly responds as you play the guitar.

This acoustic guitar is also lightweight unlike the other entry-level guitars on the market. Aside from this, the fingerboard and bridge are made from rosewood together with die-cast tuners. What more can you ask for?

Yamaha FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar
  • Solid Sitka Spruce Top
  • Nato Back & Sides
  • Rosewood Fingerboard

Excellent Volume and Projection

The Yamaha FG800 will surely amaze you with its volume and projection. No need to worry with the tune, because it rarely goes out of it. The good thing about this guitar is that you can use it both for strumming and finger playing styles.

Another feature is the scalloped bracing that gives the guitar a distinct character that sets it apart from the others. The overall sound is also balance compared to its predecessors which are noted to have a weak mid-range. Regarding the bass response, it has been improved and it’s louder.

You will observe that the FG800 sounds bright and vibrant. Overall, it can produce a brilliant and mellow tone. People like it because of its live and open feel to the ears. The enhancement in projection and sound makes it a hard-to-beat contender in its league.

Traditional Dreadnought Look

When it comes to FG800’s look, it’s more conventional and simple. You won’t experience any complications with it. The full-size dreadnought measures 25.5″ in length and has a width of 1.69″. You can also see 20 frets together with die-cast chrome tuners.

A type of plastic called urea is used to create the nut and saddle of this acoustic guitar. The remarkable thing about this is that these components can be upgraded to make their overall quality excellent and enhanced.

The body is made with a glossy finish while the neck has a matte finish. These features prevent sticking of your hands on the guitar while playing. To make it more convenient, a black binding is also included.

The action of FG800 is set higher compared to others. You can play this acoustic guitar right out of the box. You have the option to set up for a better sound quality. It all depends on your personal preference. You can add few more tweaks to make it sound better.

The satin-finished slim neck contributes to the comfort while playing the guitar. If you are a beginner, you’ll benefit from this. The frets are rounded rosewood, so it’ll be easier on your delicate hands.

Yamaha FG800 Features and Specifications

  • Traditional Dreadnaught Body Type
  • Non-cutaway style of the body of the guitar
  • Top Wood that is made from Solid Spruce
  • Sides and Back that are made with Nato/Okume
  • Scalloped Bracing Pattern
  • Glossy Body Finish
  • Right-Handed Orientation
  • Slim Nato Neck Wood
  • 20 Matte Rosewood Frets
  • Rosewood Headstock Overlay

Yamaha FG800 Reviews

Due to its premium quality and built, Yamaha FG800 received a rating of 9 out of 10 from the users’ reviews. This new offering from Yamaha became popular in the market at a glance. This acoustic guitar is perfect for those who loves the sound of Sitka Spruce top.

The tone produced by this guitar exceeded the expectations from users. Beginners in playing the guitar benefits from its great tone and playability. Those people who want higher action noted that FG800 has able to deliver the kind of performance they are aiming for.

As for beginners, they found it a little hard to play physically, but they soon got used to its size and projection. They also need to tweak it to have a lower action.

Things to Improve

Although this is a great guitar, people noted that strap buttons should be included. Aside from this, FG800 is in full size, so it’ll be a little bulky for beginners to play. Those people who are used to the lower action may find it hard to play, but you can always tweak it to bring it to lower action.


Overall, the FG800 makes its reputation consistent with its predecessors. It is a simple acoustic guitar with incredible performance. This guitar can give you balance, projection, and consistency. Many beginners consider this as the best solid top acoustic guitar of all time.

The bass tone of this guitar is excellent. You can use it for jamming sessions or for practicing. It can give you a consistent performance and good feel while you are playing it. Above all, the FG800 stays in tune, so you don’t need to be hassled by it.

Indeed, the brand Yamaha equates to high quality and reliable products. Check it out for yourself.

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