Yamaha DGX 230 Electronic Keyboard Review

Yamaha is a Japan-based company known for its top-quality products and services. They create sports equipment, musical instruments, and electronics. Nevertheless, their most popular products are keyboards and pianos. This makesthem one of the most successful piano manufacturers.

As of today, one of their most in-demand products is the Yamaha DGX 230. This electronic keyboard features 76 soft touch keys with a professional pitch bend wheel. These features allow pianists to play music expressively.

It also includes Yamaha Portable Grand, USB connector, and Yamaha Education Suite. With these features, you can play the keyboard like a professional pianist.

There are several reasons why you should get the Yamaha DGX 230 electronic keyboard. Below are some of the reasons that might convince you to purchase one.

Yamaha DGX230 76-Key Digital Piano Pack with Stand, Power...
  • Premium bundle includes the Yamaha DGX-230 keyboard, Samson HP30...
  • 76 Piano style keys with Graded Soft Touch and 489 high-quality tones
  • 6-track recorder

Easy to Use and Set Up

When you are a novice player, the last thing you want to deal with is having a tough time setting up the instrument. Otherwise, you will not enjoy your experience if you are having trouble installing the keyboard.

But, if you use the Yamaha DGX 230, you will never have to experience this problem. The keyboard takes a few minutes to install. You just need to put the stand on the designated area, install the batteries, turn it on, and start playing.

You can even switch the onboard sounds with ease. A few touches of a button can change the music.

The Keyboard Is Lightweight

When you imagine what a grand piano looks like, the first thing that comes to your mind is its weight. Because it is big, you assume that the instrument is heavy as well.

However, this is not the case for the Yamaha DGX 230 76-key digital piano. Compared to other keyboards and pianos, this one is lightweight and easy to carry. You can bring it wherever you go as long as you have a car.

The Keys Feel Like a Real Piano

Even if the Yamaha DGX 230 is affordable, it does not mean that the keys are of poor quality. The keys of this instrument are comfortable to touch and weighted just like other high-end pianos. If you close your eyes, you could even imagine that you are playing on a suitable piano.

It Has a Feature That Teaches You How to Play  the Piano

The Yamaha Keyboard DGX 230 has a Yamaha Education Suite feature. Its primary purpose is to teach students how to play the piano.

The Education Suite has three lessons that you can study on your own. You can use this feature for practice and for monitoring your progress as a novice pianist.


Considering the value of the Yamaha DGX 230, you would be surprised by the number of features that it has. Of course, it is not as high-end as the other models, but it has more things to offer than other keyboards under $500. For instance, some expensive pianos don’t have a teaching mode, which this instrument has.

Features and Specs

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, you will also get the following Yamaha DGX 230 features and specs:

  • The piano has a six-track sequencer that lets you bring out the composer in you.
  • It has a portable grand button that puts the instrument to a grand piano voice so that you can practice the song you will perform.
  • The Yamaha DGX 230 has a USB connector that lets you plug your instrument into the laptop.
  • The keyboard has 16-part multi-timbrel that allows you to play 32 tones simultaneously.
  • It also has a split mode where you can play different sounds from both hands.
  • The piano has an auto-accompaniment that lets you play multiple instruments with just a single device.


The Yamaha DGX 230 keyboard has received an 8.2 out of 10 rating from its buyers. Most of them are impressed with the quality of voices and keys.

One of the users said that he likes the 76 keys. According to him, these are enough to make good music, regardless of the genre.

Another buyer said that it makes beautiful music. Furthermore, it doesn’t take too much space compared to other keyboards.

Overall, many people recommend the Yamaha DGX 230 as the best keyboard for beginners.

Things to Improve

No matter how perfect the features are, the Yamaha DGX 230 Grand Piano still has some flaws. Some people don’t like the aesthetics of the keyboard. The piano doesn’t look like a professional keyboard.

Nonetheless, the Yamaha DGX 230 is still an excellent choice whetheryou are a beginner or simply someone looking for a backup keyboard.


The Yamaha DGX 230 is a perfect choice if you are looking for a keyboard for beginners. The machine is easy to use and install. Moreover, it has a feature that teaches you how to play the piano.

However, the Yamaha DGX 230 doesn’t look like a professional keyboard, but the features are impressive, considering its price.

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