Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano Product Review

Most often than not, pianists have to choose between a portable piano and a high-quality piano. It is very rare to be able to find an instrument that offers both of these features. Fortunately, Yamaha has made a way to bring great sound in a portable device, which can be seen in the Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano.

Every musician knows that the Yamaha Grand Piano is one of the best pianos all over the world. It just brings the perfect music that soothes the listeners’ ears. Yamaha has found a way on how to incorporate this sound to a much more portable type of piano. The Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano seems like an all-in-one portable piano, as it offers access to the finest acoustic pianos all over the world.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or an expert pianist, as long as you are serious about learning how to make music. If you are, then this CP4 piano from the world’s number one musical brand is for you.

Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano with Natural Wood Keys and Sustain...
  • Includes FC3A sustain pedal and power supply
  • Natural Wood keys with Synthetic Ivory keytops offer grand piano...
  • The CFX Premium Grand Piano Voice recreates the power and tone of...

Reliable Brand

One of the main reasons why the Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano is a reliable musical instrument is because it is made by a popular, reliable, and high-quality brand – Yamaha. When a musical instrument has the logo and brand of Yamaha, almost every musician in the world no longer doubts its quality and playability.

Yamaha has already proven its worth, quality, and sound a million times. It won’t become famous all over the world if its products sound and look cheap. In fact, advanced and professional musicians prefer this brand over other musical instrument brands. It just has adistinct sound that makes the music you are playing a lot better and smoother.

Real-Deal Playing Feel

The Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano is known for its natural wood graded hammer action that comes with synthetic ivory keys. This is what gives it a realistic grand piano feel and response. This provides the authentic resistance that accelerates to the lower register from the top register – just like how it works on any other casual acoustic piano. This means that this piano lets the musician play the high notes using the right hand, and play with the low notes with the left hand. This just makes this piano a much more irresistible instrument for all serious pianists out there.

Professional Controller Features

One of the best things about the Yamaha CP4 that every pianist loves is the fact that it has a set of professional controller features that let them use the instrument as a full-fledged MIDI controller. Because of its superb keybed, you might want to use this piano for everything – from practices, to casual performances, and even to concerts.

This stage piano provides a complete set of controller features, including a USB and traditional MIDI, two CC pedal inputs, mod wheels, and pitch. Controlling both your hardware and software is a lot easier and simpler using this Yamaha CP4 Stage piano.

Features and Specs

  • 47 Vintage Electronic Pianos (original CP80, DX, reed, and tine)
  • 45 Premium Grand Pianos (S6, CFIII, and CFX)
  • 88-Note Graded Hammer Wooden Key Action That Comes With Synthetic Ivory Tops
  • 62 Virtual Circuit Modeling Effects, Compressor, Chorus, Master 5 band EQ, and Reverb
  • FC3 Foot Pedal for Soundboard Resonance and Half Damper
  • 341 Voices such as Clavs, Basses, Pads, Strings, and Organs Based on flagship Motif
  • Slim and Elegant
  • Lightweight (Weighs Only 38.5 lbs) – Makes It Portable
  • Easy Splits and Layers With Large Lighted Buttons


The Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano gets a general editor’s rating of 9.8/10. Compared to other ratings, this one actually gets a high point. It is loved for what it offers. Considering that it combines the best of premium grand pianos and vintage electronic pianos in a smaller size, it is no longer a surprise that it gets a thumbs up from its previous and current users.

Things to Improve

It is almost impossible to find something to complain abou int the Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano. It is almost too good to find a flaw. However, some users say that what discourages them from buying this wonderful piano is its price. However, consider the quality it brings, most users would say that the price is just right. In fact, you might even get more than what you pay for it. Compare it with other top tier pianos and this one will give you better price  for a better performance.


The Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano is great for all kinds of pianists – beginners, intermediate, or professional. It is great for beginners who can’t afford Grand Pianos and who want to try playing with what it can offer. This CP4 can give you that luxury in a much more portable size and at a more affordable price. It is also great for intermediate and professional users due to its high-quality sound. It won’t disappoint musicians and listeners. It will be able to live up to your expectation.

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