Yamaha AV10 SG Intermediate Violin Product Review

The Yamaha AV10 SG Intermediate Violin stands at the top of Yamaha’s “step up” line of acoustic violins. It is inspired by the mythical Stradivari model known to produce exceptional and unparalleled sound quality.

This model is not the first time Yamaha based their violin design on the iconic instrument. Read on to know more why Yamaha has chosen this violin as the breadwinner of their line of high-end acoustic violins.

YAMAHA AV10 SG Intermediate Violin Outfit
  • Top: 5+ years aged Spruce, Bottom: 5+ years aged Maple (2-piece back),...
  • Setup: Professional adjustment to meet and exceed MENC standards
  • Finish: Oil varnish, hand applied

The Body

The Yamaha AV10 SG Intermediate Violin has a spruce top and maple for its sides, neck, and back. All components are hand-carved and finished by applying oil varnish. This type of varnish is often found on high-end and ludicrously expensive instruments only.

The back portion is made up of 2 slabs of maple wood to create a graduated thickness that helps the violin achieve richer sound tonality.

The chin rest, fingerboard, and tailpiece are all made of pure ebony while the tuning pegs are made of rosewood. Inlaid purling is also enforced in this model to strengthen the plates against cracking that commonly occur on the edges of instruments. Overall, the violin exhibits a red-gold shade coupled with intensely flamed side and back portions.

All of its wooden components are made from carefully aged wood that’s at least 5 years old. These materials help the Yamaha AV10 SG Intermediate Violin produce distinct, rich sounds that cheaper models cannot hope to achieve.

The quality of the components used, plus the masterful craftsmanship exhibited in carving this violin model to life, ensure it meets and exceed various musical instrument standards (MENC and ASTA specifications).

Price and Package Inclusions

Yamaha AV10 SG Intermediate Violin costs roughly $2,300 in Amazon and Yamaha’s official website. It’s really expensive but this is expected from a product that offers the best materials available out there.

The package comes with an oblong hard case covered with Cordura and outfitted with shoulder straps so you can carry the instrument like a typical backpack. It has a black exterior and an elegant wine-red interior. The package also includes a bow made of Brazilwood, a Schwarz rosin from Pirastro™, and a Dominant string set from Thomastik™.

Yamaha offers a 5-year limited warranty to protect users from pre-delivery package defects. This warranty covers the instrument, the case, and the bow except for parts that require regular servicing like string replacement.

The Yamaha AV10 SG Violin is shipped with the bridge properly set up on top of the instrument. All that’s left for you to do is tune it for playing.

Features and Specs

  • Full-sized 4-string acoustic violin pre-installed with Thomastik™ Dominant string set
  • Sides, neck, and back: Maple
  • Top: Spruce
  • Chin rest, fingerboard, and tailpiece: Ebony
  • All wooden components are made of 5+ years aged wood
  • Hard case, rosin, and bow are included in the package
  • 5-year limited warranty


Owners love how impeccable the richness and overall sound quality the Yamaha AV10 SG Intermediate Violin produces. It got a 9.7 out of 10 score. Its look and feel also exudes elegance and complexity that similar brands still try hard to achieve. It’s a musical instrument perfectly fit for professional performances.

Since it’s an acoustic violin, the Yamaha AV10 SG Intermediate Violin needs no electronics to make it sound great. Its sound quality relies on the superiority of the wood used to craft it. Professionals say this makes it easier for them to prepare for a performance anytime they need to.

Yamaha assumes the buyers of this model are proficient users who have played and owned a number of different violin models and brands throughout years of playing. They may already own numerous hard cases and bows that they’ve grown accustomed to.

With this in mind, Yamaha offers the option for buyers to purchase just the violin alone for a cheaper price. This option allowed buyers to save a lot of money which they used instead to buy strings and other paraphernalia.

Things to Improve

Current owners suggest that you observe extra care in handling and maintaining this instrument. They ensure to keep it away from locations with high temperatures or high humidity. These conditions will soften the oil varnish and make the inner lining of the case stick to the instrument.

Nothing needs to be improved regarding its sound quality. Its price, though, can be improved to make it a little more affordable for more musicians who want to step up their game.


Yamaha wants the younger generation of violinists to feel what it’s like to play an instrument that replicates the sound of a Stradivarius. This model is their answer to that goal. Yamaha has placed their best foot forward with the introduction of the Yamaha AV10 SG Intermediate ViolinIt’s a top-of-the-line violin crafted using the best materials to produce the most robust and distinct sounds.

With that being said, it’s safe to say that this instrument is for proficient players looking for an acoustic violin exhibiting exceptional sound quality and craftsmanship. Although this instrument is undeniably expensive, the materials used and the tonal quality this musical masterpiece exhibits justify every cent in its price tag.

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