Yamaha 4/4 Silent Violin SV130BR Product Review

The Yamaha 4/4 Silent Violin SV130BR is one of Yamaha’s entry to the intermediate segment of electric violins in the market. It gives you the option to play it silently – a common feature in Yamaha’s SV series. You can also use it in a full-blown performance in large halls with the help of its built-in reverb technology. There are more features this violin can offer and you’ll know them as you continue to read on.

The Body

The Yamaha 4/4 Silent Violin SV130BR features a solid body design which greatly reduces the sound the violin produces when used without an amplifier. This works best when used in tandem with an earphone or headphone for practicing in silence anywhere you want.

Its body is made of spruce while its neck is made of maple. The fingerboard is made of pure ebony while the tuning pegs are made of hybrid ebony resin. The side body, chin rest, and tailpiece are all made of molded plastic. The bridge is made of maple from Aubert à Mirecourt, an acclaimed manufacturer of violin bridges based in France.

The Yamaha 4/4 Silent Violin SV130BR is available in 4 different colors: black, navy blue, candy apple red, and antique brown. Take note that it’s shipped with the bridge still unattached to the instrument itself. You have to set it up first and tune the strings before you can play it.

The Onboard Electronics

The SV130BR has a single piezo-electric pickup placed directly underneath the bridge. It eliminates any background noise it picks up. Original chips from Yamaha were used for the pickup to ensure the violin’s sound quality is top-notch.

Yamaha’s patented DSP reverb technology has been installed in this violin for more playing versatility. You can find the reverb switch at the back of the instrument which you can use to simulate how the violin will sound when played in these 3 different environments: ROOM, HALL 1, and HALL 2.

The ROOM mode simulates the natural sound when you’re playing in a small room; the HALL 1 mode simulates the sound in a hall, and the HALL 2 uses the same reverb simulation as HALL 1 but with a longer echoing sound.

Playing the instrument along with your favorite music helps a lot in improving your skills. This is why Yamaha included an aux in jack where you can plug in your music player to play accompaniment sounds as you move the fiddle.

The violin can be powered using 2xAA batteries placed in the dedicated compartment found at its back.The batteries can power the electric violin from 4 hours to 60 hours, depending on the type of batteries used and if the reverb mode is turned on.

The Price

The Yamaha 4/4 Silent Violin SV130BR costs less than $800 on Amazon. Its price varies between $800 and $850 in other online stores.

Features and Specs

  • Full-sized 4-string electric violin pre-installed with Kessler™ Steel Core string set
  • Solid body for silent playing
  • Aux in jack to connect your music player
  • Single piezo-electric pickup underneath the bridge

Customer Reviews

For its affordable price, the Yamaha 4/4 Silent Violin SV130BR produces nice, deep, and full acoustic sounds when played. Customers gave it a 9.8 out of 10 score. It’s also made of quality materials designed to mimic an acoustic violin’s look and feel. These features make it easier for acoustic players to shift to an electric instrument without making too many adjustments.

The option to play the instrument silently with a music accompaniment is the most sought after feature of this electric violin. This allows users to practice in silence since the violin’s sound is barely audible if it’s not plugged into an amplifier.

Some users also connect an electronic metronome to the jack to help them practice their musical timing.A dedicated volume control for the auxiliary component is available to better manage how loud the accompaniment should sound while playing.

Things to Improve

The wire jacks of the Yamaha 4/4 Silent Violin SV130BR are placed on the same side you’re facing which makes it annoying and unattractive during performances. Owners say it would have been better if the audio jacks are all placed on the opposite side so that when the cords are connected, they dangle at the back of the player, unseen by the audience.


The Yamaha 4/4 Silent Violin SV130BR is meant for intermediate players but it can also be used by acoustic players who want to be introduced to an electric violin.

It features several in/out audio jacks and a reverb selector, among others, to ensure you get a good experience while playing the instrument. The best parts of this model are its silent playing mode and musical accompaniment options.

The violin is priced right considering its sound quality and all the features it offers. If you want to get the hang of using an electric violin, this no-fuss violin is a must buy for you.

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