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Hey, are you interested in OiaMusic blog and want to be apart of it? Oiamusic.com accepts guest posts about Music Instruments (Guitar, Violin, Piano) and Audio or Headphones topic.

Minimum: 1200 – 2000 Words – With 4-5 images (Make sure the image is allowed to use)

Quality, Quality, Quality

The half-assed article doesn’t have a place on my site. Make sure your article is excellent, properly researched and well-formatted. I will not hesitate to reject an article that doesn’t meet my guidelines.

Formatting Guidelines

1. Headings

Please use proper heading tags such as h2, h3, etc.  The first heading should be h2.  The sub-heading h3 and so on.  The next main heading should be h2 again.

Use bullet lists when it makes sense. That makes the article easier to read.

2. Reference your source with links

Let people know where you could make such a statement. Please make sure you link to an authoritative source, and it must be relevant.

3. Non-promotional

Your article must be informational; not promotional.  We’re fine with one dofollow links to your site in the content, but the article itself must be informational.

4. Link to other pages on OiaMusic.com:

Please take the time to find related articles on my site and link to at least 4 to 5 of them in the content.

5. Video inclusion

Find support video to make your article stronger. Include the Youtube video link to your submission. 1 – 2 videos is the best.

6. Submission format:

Kindly submit your article to us in Gdoc link.

7. Where to send your Guest Post request?

Email your request to david@oiamusic.com. Make sure to properly introduce your site, your expertise in the area, together with 3-5 relevant topics mention above that I could choose from.


I reserve the right to reject the submission that doesn’t meet my guidelines. I’ll provide feedback, and you are welcome to re-submit for consideration.


Please note that by submitting an article for publishing on OiaMusic.com you agree that copyright to that article passes to OiaMusic.com