Top Recommended Electric Viola of 2018 in the Market

Guide in Buying Electric Violas

Finding the best electric viola does not mean spending a lot. Money and quality may be somewhat proportional, but that does not mean an expensive viola is always perfect for you. It’s easy to find one by typing “electric viola amazon.”

There are a few things to consider before buying an electric viola. You don’t just jump on the first shop with electric viola for sale. First thing to consider is the brand’s reputation. A brand working in the music industry won’t get a name without proving their worth. They would have to produce the best sounding instrument before they get a name in the industry.

The second factor to consider is user reviews. Many had their comments about a product’s strength and weaknesses, and reading reviews about a certain product might give you a fine start. It does not always mean that they are right though.

The next factor that needs to be considered is its usability. You need to try it for yourself. It’s better if you can find the help of an expert if you are a beginner in using an electric viola though. The price and quality ratio are also another aspect that you need to keep in mind. You will find that quality and price are not always proportional in violas. There are instruments made for luxury, while there are ones made for performance. If you are not used to making a display of wealth, it’s better to choose the one that performs at a reasonable price.

For experts, the quality and types of materials used are something to consider as well. It affects the sound of the instrument, and people have their own preference of their type of electric viola. Once you have seen a good selection, then it’s the only time to make a choice. Get the one that fits well with your style.

The last thing you would want is getting an expensive electric viola that you are not comfortable with.

Here is a list of electric violas that made a name in 2018:

NS Designs NS NXT4-VA-SB Viola

NXT Viola has world class features and is notable for its sleek appearance as much as its sound. It combines versatility with durability, and it is made to be easy to take on tours. It offers performance versatility, thanks to its NS Polar Pickup System. This can capture the full spectrum of frequencies along with harmonics, with its warmth and nuance. This electric viola is capable of brilliant acoustic performance if desired. It is also capable of a wider range of sound with the use of mixers, pedals, and other electronics. 

You can move onstage anywhere since the instrument is purely electronic. You can change the volume with any EQ, and there is no feedback.

Arco and pizzicato sensitivity can be selected using tone controls. It is light-weight and with excellent ergonomics. The NS Tuning system integrated into the body allows easy tune ups impromptu. This product makes it easy to transition from an acoustic to electric, and vice versa.

The NS NXT4-VA-SB Viola’s body is made of solid maple with straight grain or flame maple face. It has black dyed maple bout that can be removed for ease of use. Its fingerboards are hand-graduated, with asymmetric curvatures perfect for left hand playing.

NS Designs NS NXT4-VA-SB Viola - Sunburst
  • NXT's Polar pickup system
  • NS Custom Shoulder Rest
  • Body & Neck: Solid, Straight Grain Maple, with Maple Face

Cecilio CVA-500 16-Inch Ebony Fitted Solid Wood Viola

This electric viola is suitable for students and intermediate players on a budget. Cecilio Musical Instruments is a favorite in making violins and violas for good reason, and this product is no exception. The brand is known to make musical instruments with affordable price tags and. This item is made from choice, quality wood, and it uses ebony for all the fitting. The viola comes with D’Addario strings and with the best bow.

Cecilio CVA-500 16-Inch Ebony Fitted Solid Wood Viola gives a good sound with an affordable price. It also comes with Cecilio Chromatic tuner, a hard case, rosin cake and authentic Mongolian horsehair Brazilwood bow. 

Customer reviews show that the electric viola has an excellent tone and a very high quality tail piece. Many recommend it for beginners, especially since it’s very affordable. The electric viola comes with a great set of accessories that usually comes with more expensive articles. It’s lightweight, and the item can be easily adjusted to make way for your improving skills. It’s a great investment for beginning players. The only consequence is that if you are an intermediate user, then you would have to change the strings and the bow.

It is not a disappointment for beginning players, but more advanced players might want to look for a better instrument.

Cecilio CVA-500 Solidwood Ebony Fitted Viola with D'Addario...
  • Size 16 inch viola, solid hand-carved spruce top, flamed maple back &...
  • Ebony fingerboard, pegs chinrest, and tailpiece with 4 detachable...
  • Strung with D'Addario Prelude Strings

NS Designs NS NXT4-VA-BK

Another product of NS Designs, this item is similar to the Sunburst, except it is black. The NS Design, created by legendary award winning instrument designer Ned Steinberger, brings the quality of sound with the amazing touch of aesthetics.

If you think black is more your style, then this one is perfect for you. Made of maple and built in with the best electronics NS Designs, this NS NXT4-VA-BK electric viola is sure to bring out quality sounds for beginner, intermediate, and even advanced users. It is created with the thought of making it easier for acoustic players to change it into an electric viola. Its body is made suitable for easy playing, and with the feel of an authentic acoustic viola. It is the one that you can plug in to widen the range of sound you can make. 

NS Designs NS NXT4-VA-BK has been on the market for decades, and this item will not disappoint. Test it yourself and find the power of music at the tip of your fingers! The NS Polar Pickup System and its precision tuning controls will enable to play the instrument any style you wanted. The light weight and versatility of the instrument had been sought after by many players, and the NS Designs were able to make their name. It’s a great investment for a viola that will last more than a few decades.

NS Designs NS NXT4-VA-BK Viola - Black
  • NXT's Polar pickup system
  • NS Custom Shoulder Rest
  • Body & Neck: Solid, Straight Grain Maple, with Maple Face

Yamaha SVV200 Silent Viola

The Yamaha SVV200 Silent Viola came from renowned music instrument company, Yamaha. They are a trusted brand in the industry of instruments and a lot of other. With the name itself comes quality, and they never failed to deliver.

The silent electric viola was designed for a highly capable performance as well as a practice instrument. It has a dual under-bridge piezo pickups coupled with high quality preamp that can faithfully deliver an acoustic tone. It can be fully tweaked using electronic devices. It is capable of giving the feel of an acoustic instrument and is excellent of playing the full 16” scale. 

It features an on-board pre-amp system that has two EQ levels, whether its acoustic or dry signal. It can be connected to a mini headphone and is powered by one 9v battery.

The instrument has an ABS resin frame. Its bridge is made of Aubert maple, and its fingerboards and pegs are made from genuine ebony. It provides ease and comfort while playing.

For its price, it’s definitely a bargain. You would find that Yamaha instruments came with the quality and care that helped the brand win a name for itself in the musical instrument making industry.

Yamaha SVV200 Silent Viola
  • Dual piezo pickups and EQ dial provides a rich, warm tone
  • Body design provides very natural feel
  • Wood side frame

Stagg EVA 4/4-BK Silent Viola

The Stagg brand offers a wide range of options for their products, and that include style as well as prices. The Stagg EVA 4/4-BK Silent Viola is no exception. This electric viola comes in three different colors. It’s made from solid maple, with 4 fine tuners built in the body. It also has a built in 2-band EQ as well as volume control. Buyers comment that the core instrument provides a sought-after performance. The sound that it produces will give you a sublime feel, and it can be further improved by the tuners and EQ built in the product itself. 

The instrument has high battery life. It is also great for practicing without disturbing people. The item has a unique look that is catchy. Its sound can easily replicate those from more expensive articles.

Some customers claimed that the bow included was not as great, and that it was not as silent as it claims. The item seems to be heavier than others of its kind, but that is normal due to the built in EQ and knobs for tuning.

Generally, customers acknowledged that it sounds great with a bit of tuning, and the bow could do some replacement, but the product is still a great bargain for its cost.

Stagg EVA 4/4-BK Silent Viola Set with Case - Black
  • Solid Bodied Lacquered Maple Electric Viola
  • 4 Fine Tuners
  • 2-Band EQ & Volume

NS Design CR4 Viola

NS Design CR4 Viola is another product from the NS Design. The article’s body is made from solid maple, coupled with an ebony fingerboard. It has a 40:1 precision fine tuners and an automatic sting clamping system. The instrument’s piezo pickup is polar directional, and has a 9v preamp that has dual modes.

The NS Design CR4 Viola is capable of producing sounds from acoustics to the full-tilt electric viola sounds, giving it the capability to perform in any music context. It is called the violin for the new age for a reason. 

This instrument has quite a high price, but it is sure to deliver in every cent with its high quality, as expected from all NS Design instruments. It’s pretty heavy, but the balance of the instrument is good. It will make you feel like you are playing a lighter instrument, as it sticks to your shoulders and delivers the weight evenly. Its volume tuners work perfectly to accommodate your impromptu needs. With its capable fine tuning, you can easily get whatever tone you want with ease.

If you have enough funds, why not try an item that can bring out the best in your music? NS Design CR4 Viola will sure not fail.

NS Design CR4 Viola
  • Solid Maple Body and neck with figured maple top
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Precision 40:1 fine tuners with automatic string clamping

Mendini 16-Inch MA250 Viola

The Mendini MA250 Viola is known for being a resilient instrument that can cater viola students. Mendini Viola is extremely affordable and can still give a good sound even for its price. It’s an affordable model that’s perfect if you are not yet committed to the art.

This viola is made of traditional tonewoods. It is hand-carved with solid spruce for the top and maple for its back and sides. Its fingerboards are also made from maple, and its tailpiece is made of allow. It comes with four integrated fine tuners. It comes with a Brazilwood bow with unbleached Mongolian horse hair, rosin, and a bridge. 

It’s an ideal package for beginners, and one can practice with it till they become good enough to upgrade into a better product or brand.

The electric viola has a great quality, but the setup seems to be poor for some, so the product requires some tuning to fit more into one’s personal style. Reviews are favorable for the product in general, especially for children and those who are trying to start with a viola. The only disadvantage for this electric viola is that it needs to be set up by someone with the know-how to bring out its full capacity.

Mendini 16-Inch MA250 Natural Varnish Solid Wood Viola with...
  • Size 16" natural varnish viola
  • Hand-carved solid spruce top with maple back & sides
  • Maple fingerboard, pegs, and chin rest with an alloy tailpiece with...


There are several factors that you need to take into account when finding the perfect electric viola. Getting the best electric viola will take a lot of research.  There are many options you can choose from online, but the best choice depends on you. You need to make sure that you purchase one that meets all the criteria you are looking for, or else you might end up regretting for your choice.

However, if you doubt yourself when it comes to choosing the electric viola that suits you, do not hesitate to ask for an expert advice. It’s not a bad thing to ask for a second opinion.