Best Electronic Drum Set Reviews (2018 update)

The various, amazing upgrades in a newly released drum set has always set the bar into the twist of modernity towards having the best electronic drum set. An electronic drum set always plays a great role to the soul of every song. Purchasing this musical instrument is a great deal, especially since its quality and distinctive sound can produce great music. So, a great band will never be the same without a great and excellent drum set with superior sound. To help you decide in choosing the best electronic drum set in the market, here are the top products to choose from.

#1 Yamaha DTX450K

This 5-piece electronic drum set features a whopping 297 sounds packed in 10 preset drum kits that consist of all basic musical modes. The drum trigger is that of the DTX400 module which has 169 voice options. The Yamaha DTX450K also includes an option to customize the preset kits.

The kit includes a drum throne (Yamaha), snare pads, the hi-hat cymbal, remote hi-hat, crash and ride cymbal, kick pedal and drive, drumsticks FIRTH5A), headphones (JVC, full size), and drum stool.

To practice with the Yamaha DTX450K, simply plug in an mp3-player or iPod into the module and drum away to your heart’s content. You can also opt to learn, practice, teach, and play with the built-in ten training sessions in different skill levels (from beginner to seasoned player). The kit also has ten practice songs that you can play.

Recording is also possible by plugging the module into a computer or to an audio interface. The DTX450K has an excellent drum module and sound quality.

Playing this drum kit will give you the feel of playing a real acoustic drum set. The Yamaha DTX450K is a highly affordable electronic drum set that can also be expanded to accommodate more drum pads and a crash cymbal to further suit your requirements. 

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Yamaha DTX450K 10 Customizable Drum Kits Electronic Drum Kit...
  • Authentic drumming experience in a compact electronic drum set /...
  • Deluxe HH65 Remote Hi-Hat Controller / TP70S 3-zone snare pad
  • Large 10 inch cymbals and Hi-Hat cymbal

#2 Roland TD-30K V-Pro

The Roland TD-30K V-Pro gives you the feeling of playing music on real acoustics drums. It has superb playability that you will forget it is just technology at its best thanks to its sensitive pads and superior sound quality.

The V-drums of Roland has been a market leader for over a decade, and this Behavior Modeling Technology of the TD-30K V-Pro is several levels more sophisticated than the previous models with its realistic sound quality.

The TD-30K V-Pro is powered by the Roland SuperNATURAL sound technology, making it one of the best electronic drum kits available. This drum kit is equipped with over 1000 sounds in high resolution. Sounds can be adjusted via the V-Edit mode function. This allows you to create the most ideal set-up for the Roland TD-30K V-Pro with precise details.

The drums, drumheads, and mic positions of this drum kit can be changed allowing for more flexibility. In a studio environment, this allows the TD-30K V-Pro to access a wide variety of drum sounds by simply pushing a button. Its ambiance fader function, on the other hand, is ideal for live performances to give the audience top-notch sound quality.

The Roland TD-30K V-Pro electronic drum kit includes a drum sound module, Vick, a snare V-pad, 3 Tom V-pads, a Hi-Hat, a 12C V-Cymbal Crash, a 13R V Cymbal Ride, and a 15R V-Cymbal Ride. 

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Roland TD-30K V-Pro Series Electronic Drum Kit
  • Flagship V-Drums with advanced sensing technology and SuperNATURAL...
  • Expressive and accurate playability produced by Behavior Modeling
  • Professional V-Edit mode for customizing sounds

#3 Yamaha DTX532K

The Yamaha DTX532 is an impressive electronic drum kit perfect for practice, recording, and live performances. Playing with the Yamaha DTX532 makes you experience the natural feel and sounds of a real drum set. This 5-piece electronic drum kit features the DTX502 drum module that comes with drum sounds of superb quality.

The snare pads, 3-zone cymbals, and trigger of the Yamaha DTX532 drum kit responds well to every stroke you make. Its 2-zone cymbals provide a more realistic performance than a 1-zone pad.

This electronic drum set is equipped with 50 kits to play including practice kits to perfect your drumming skills. It comes with 250 sounds. The memory of the DTX532 is more than its predecessor, the DTX500 module. The DTX502 module of this drum kit has been enhanced to provide natural responses. The cymbal in the Yamaha DTX532 drum kit can be muted prior to striking for added realism.

As a practice drum set, the Yamaha DTX532 has features that can allow both a beginner and a seasoned player to perfect his drumming skills. One of the well-loved features of this drum kit is its capability to create scoring making it easy to monitor your progress.

The Yamaha DTX532K includes a module, snare, tom, bass drum, hi-hat, ride cymbal, crash cymbal, and a rack. 

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Yamaha DTX532K Electronic Drum Set
  • DTX502 module with over 691 high-quality drum sounds
  • XP80 3-zone snare pad for head, rim-shot, side-stick
  • Real hi-hat system for authentic, nuanced feel

#4 Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set

The Roland TD-11K V-Drums V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set is ideal for teaching, practicing, live performances, and recording. It provides drummers with an experience of natural realism with the SuperNATURAL sound engine equipped with Behavior Modeling which provides top quality sound.

This drum kit is packed with a wide range of sounds from various music genres perfect for practice and performances. The Roland TD-11K V-Drums is also equipped with songs you can play while practicing or even performing. The kit includes a Coach function to guide you in perfecting your drumming skills. It also features a Quick Play and Quick Record to monitor your progress.

The TD-11K V-Drums is equipped with a large LCD screen and an easy to use icon type interface. It features a USB drive so you can easily connect the kit to your computer for easy playback and backup.

This drum kit components are easy and flexible to set up in any position as it comes with a compact MDS-4V Drum Stand. The entire drum kit is durable, lightweight, and compact but does not in any way sacrifice sound quality.

The Roland TD-11K V-Drums V-Compact Series includes a snare drum, bass drum, three cymbal pads, three toms, hi-hat controller, and drum stand. The kick pedal is sold separately. 

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Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set
  • TD-11 Drum Sound Module with SuperNATURAL
  • Mesh-Head V-Pad for Snare
  • Compact and Practical Hi-Hat Combination

#5 Alesis Forge Kit

The Alexis Forge Kit electronic drum set provides the best value for its price. This drum set allows you to customize as much as you like, providing you with lots of enjoyable hours tinkering with it. This drum kit is powered by the superior quality Forge Drum Module. The rubber pads provide the natural feel and response.

The value-packed Alexis Forge Kit drum kit includes a drum module, kick pedal, three toms, a snare (dual-zone), three cymbal pads, and a hi-hat with a pedal. A chrome plated rack holds all the components. The drum model is equipped with 70 drum kits made up of 50 preset kits and 20 kits you can customize. The drum kit comes with 60 tracks you can play along with and more than 600 percussion and drum sounds.

The Alexis Forge Kit electronic drum set comes with a USB stick you can use to store your customized drum sounds. You can then assign these sounds to any of the pads.

If you are practicing with the Alexis Forge Kit electronic drum set, you can easily track your progress by recording your sounds. You can store up to five of your practice tracks internally and up to 99 tracks in an external USB. The kit has a metronome to guide you with the beat. You can also connect a music player to play along with.

The Alexis Forge Kit is an 8-piece set drum kit which includes everything you need play like a seasoned drummer. 

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Alesis Forge Kit | Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Set with...
  • Dynamic, comfortable rubber pads for great feel and natural response
  • 11" dual-zone snare and three single-zone toms
  • Kick pad tower with bass drum pedal included

#6 Alesis DM10X Mesh Kit

The Alesis DM10X Mesh Kit is one of the best buys you can get for an electronic drum set. It is the best Alesis has to offer. A 10-piece professional electronic drum set, the DM10X Mesh Kit has more cymbals, drums, and sounds than any standard electronic drum set. This gives you more than enough flexibility for your live performances and quiet practice sessions.

The sound module of the DM10X is the very first of its kind that allows new sound kits from your computer to be loaded to the sound module through a USB connection. This keeps your sound module constantly updated with the latest sounds.

The Alesis DM10X Mesh electronic drum set is equipped with the latest dual-zone Alesis FMH mesh drumheads (with pending patent). These mesh drumheads are able to deliver the feel as a real drum set would.  The mesh drumheads are extremely quiet. It has an almost similar feel to an acoustic drumhead. Additionally, the drumheads come with an adjustable knob so you can customize the heads to get the response you need.

The Alesis DM10X Mesh 10-piece electronic drum set includes a drum kit with six pieces and a cymbal set with four pieces, making it a great set for beginner and seasoned drummers alike. All components are kept in place by a steel rack that is chrome-plated. 

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Alesis DM10 X Kit | Ten-Piece Professional Electronic Drum...
  • 6-piece configuration with 10/10/12/12" toms and 12" snare
  • 4-piece cymbal set with 12" Hi-Hat, (2) 14" Crashes, and 16" 3-zone...
  • Heavy-duty, chrome-plated steel rack with hinged, Alesis quick-release...

#7 Alesis DM10 Studio Kit

The Alesis DM10 Studio Kit is a top of the line electronic drum set equipped with the DM 10 module. It is ideal for quiet practice sessions and live performances.

This professional electronic drum set consists of 4 tom pads, a kick drum pad, snare pad, two cymbals, a ride, and a hi-hat.  Except for the kick drum, all components of the Studio Kit like the drums and cymbals form part of the compact ‘Stagerack’ system. The kick pedal can be bought separately.

The RealHead pads of this e-drum set give off a natural feeling of a real drum set, and the cymbals are close to noise-free. The RealHead tom, snare, and kick pads have mylar heads to ensure the sticking, as well as the rebound, have a natural feel.

The Alesis DM10 Studio Kit electronic-drum set is equipped with over 1,000 drum and percussions sounds from various genres allowing you to practice, record, and perform seamlessly. Additional sound sets can be loaded through a USB connection.  The sounds can be re-assigned to the pads.  The drum kit is equipped with a mix input so you can practice along with your MP3 player and CDs.

This electronic drum set comes with a metronome, sequencer, and tracks you can play along with and record. The timbre of the sounds, as well as its dynamics, can be altered with Dynamic Articulation for precise realism. 

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Alesis DM10 Studio Kit | Ten-Piece Professional Electronic...
  • Premium electronic drumset featuring DM10 "brain" suited for live...
  • Accesses more than 1,000 built-in sounds of diverse genres,...
  • High-definition sound library of uncompressed samples, expandable via...

#8 Alesis Nitro Kit

The Alesis Nitro Kit is equipped with everything you need in a drum set to play like a real pro. The electronic drum set includes a snare drum which provides a great feel and an instinctive response, three tom pads, three cymbals for an unlimited playing range, and a kick drum pad with a pedal, all secured in an aluminum rack.

The Nitro kit is powered by the Nitro electronic drum module containing over a hundred percussion sounds. The module is also equipped with 40 kits, 385 sounds, and 60 accompanying tracks you can play along with during practice, recordings, and live performances.

This Nitro kit features a USB MIDI connection so you can use your mobile devices and computers with the drum set.  It also features MIDI I/O jacks so you can connect your MIDI drum machine and other audio devices to the Nitro.

The Alesis Nitro Kit also comes with a headphone jack for use during practice and stereo outs so the electronic drum set can be connected to an amplifier, PA systems, or recording devices.  An aux output is also included to allow the connection of an MP3 player or CD so you can practice, record, or perform your favorite tracks with ease. All these superb features of the Alesis Nitro Kit comes with a price that is easy on your pocket. 

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Alesis Nitro Kit | Electronic Drum Set with 8" Snare, 8"...
  • Dynamic, comfortable pads for great feel and natural response
  • 8" high quality rubber drum pads (dual-zone snare, three single-zone...
  • Kick pad tower with bass drum pedal included

Finding Your Best Electronic Drum Set

Electronic drum sets have taken drumming to a higher level. For beginners, electronic drum sets provide the easiest and most convenient way to hone their drumming skills. For the pros, electronic drum sets allow them to be more flexible and creative.

Electronic drum sets are compact and lightweight compared to the traditional drum sets. They are easier to transport and set up.

The sound quality of electronic drum sets can equal the sound quality of traditional drum sets. The components of an electronic drum kit provide the feel of realism for every strike and response. It is therefore not a surprise that this innovative musical instrument is increasing in popularity. Check out our list of the best electronic drum set to help you decide which set best suits your needs!

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