Best Bass Guitar Reviews (2018 Update)

Whether you are a professional or novice bass guitarist, it is essential that you use a reliable, high-quality instrument. When looking for the best bass guitar, there are several choices available. You will also want to consider the various types offered in the market, depending on what sort of music you enjoy.

In general, bass players are not featured on the front page. A bassist who is good at his craft can make the entire band rise. If you wish to play and sound like a pro, make sure to get a powerful and durable bass guitar. The following are some of the popular bass guitars to choose from.

#1 Ibanez GSR200

This 4-String Bass Guitar is the best model for beginners, and thus deserves to be on this list. It is inexpensive, efficient, and produces quite a good performance. With regards to the finish and shape of the Ibanez GSR200, it is probably the simplest bass guitar you can own.

Ibanez basically used the usual body shape as with their more elite brothers. GSR200 was slightly revised and applied with the simplest solid tone finish. It has Agathis as its tonewood. The inlays are decorated with the classic dots. The neck uses a maple material and features an excellent fretboard in rosewood.

The GSR200 4-string bass guitar comes with a standard fixed bridge with roller saddles that are completely adjustable. It also has a typical synthetic nut and a group of diecast tuning units.

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In terms of the sound, GSR200 delivers a decent quality of comfort, low-end response, and precision. Clearly, Ibanez was planning to provide their customers a touch of everything to make the GSR200 model well suited for different types of musical genres.

Ibanez GSR200BWNF 4-String Bass Guitar
  • GIO Series
  • Medium Frets
  • Dynamic P Neck Pickup

#2 Squier Jaguar Bass

The Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special by Fender boasts pickup in J Bass at the bridge and in P Bass at the center. The effect creates a multitude of tone that you can fine-tune to achieve perfection. Include a dynamic bass circuit to boost. The Squier Jaguar bass can do the whole works. If you are looking for a bass tone at an affordable price, this is something you cannot miss.

Fender Squier Jaguar bass is a stylish instrument, with its white inlays of block Perloid fretboard and black headstock. It certainly receives a nod towards the Fender basses of the 70s era.

The inlays in the rosewood fretboard are flawlessly flush and display no indications of a terrible cut or shrinkage. The maple neck consists of 22-fret and has a 9.5″ radius, making it feel solid and comfortable to hold. It is clean and even, having no pointed fret ends protruding, especially when you run your hand along the edges of the fretboard.

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The Jaguar bass is not really a heavy piece of equipment, but it has somewhat a detectable weight to it especially when you put it on your shoulder using a strap. Even so, it is a balanced bass guitar.

Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special,...
  • A Single-Coil Jazz Bass Bridge Pickup paired with a Split Single-Coil...
  • A 34" Scale Maple "C" Shape neck , rosewood fingerboard and 20 medium...
  • Standard 4-Saddle Bridge


The THUNDERBIRD PRO-IV 4-String electric bass guitar by Epiphone has a strikingly impressive finish in Vintage Sunburst. It has a combination of black color hardware and classic design, producing a visual impact. It is supported by the cement-brilliant tone from 2 strong humbuckers along with a 3-point bridge that can be adjusted for great control in terms of intonation and action.

This electric bass guitar is offered in Alpine White and Sunburst. Epiphone uses the construction method of Gibson. The neck material type has a 7ply Mahogany plus Walnut in the middle block and Mahogany for its wings. Epiphone’usesa ceramic magnet dual coil pickups in TB Plus. Thunderbird consists of 20 frets.

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The T-Pro 4 bass guitar includes humbucking pickups that have dynamic EQ and electronics. The Thunderbird vintage sunburst beautifully transforms into a quality bass that features a range of possibilities for sound. It is extremely worth the purchase, since it has a good value without sacrificing stability and performance.

Epiphone THUNDERBIRD PRO-IV 4 String Electric Bass Guitar,...
  • Mahogany (Wings) body
  • Epiphone T-PROTM Bass Humbucker pickups
  • Rosewood fretboard

#4 Yamaha TRBX305

The Yamaha TRBX305 MGR 5-String electric bass guitar is designed based on a basic concept, which is your overall performance. The mahogany body is extra comfortable and incredibly balanced. It delivers the best possible tonal foundation. In addition, the performance EQ active circuitry offers immediate accessibility to well dialed-in tones that are actually stage-ready. This is combined with the control that you exactly need.

TRBX305 boasts a carved sturdy, mahogany body that has a mass-enhanced 3D model for the maximum stability between comfort and tone, together with the right weight distribution. The neck design of this Yamaha electric bass guitar is able to combine a solid profile and wonderful tone. It comes with a 5-pc maple and mahogany construction that is laminated for excellent stability.

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TRBX305 MGR by Yamaha made M3 pickups that have extra-large pole pieces and magnets made from ceramic. It produces a strong tone with remarkable depth and definition. The design cancels hum sounding, which guarantees clean and noiseless performance. At the same time, the main thumb-rest gives unparalleled playability. Moreover, the TRBX305 works with a built-in bolt-on neck joint to come up with the right adjustability and distinct sound.

Yamaha TRBX305 MGR 5-String Electric Bass Guitar
  • Perfectly balanced, ultra-comfortable solid mahogany body provides the...
  • Solid Mahogany Body
  • Five-Piece Maple/Mahogany Neck

#5 Rogue LX205B

Rather than using a typical bridge, as with many other brands are using, Rogue picked a High Mass unit that boasts adjustable saddles. It has an enhanced sustain design, which is one of its key benefits. It is one thing that bass guitars within this price bracket actually need.

With regards to creating sound, Rogue LX205B comes with good quality single coil pickups. It is a solid J-Bass configuration type, which is connected to a group of control knobs. It includes two knobs for volume; for the tone knobs and the pickups. Because of this, it raises the bass tone shaping capability to a degree that you do not usually see in inexpensive bass guitars.

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The sound of LX205B is one facet of this bass guitar that is definitely worthy of admiration. Its tone is remarkably crisp, with a degree of girth as soon as you turn the tone knob. The pickups also have an efficient output. On the whole, this sort of bass guitar is suitable for beginners, but also for seasoned bass guitar players.

Rogue LX205B 5-String Series III Electric Bass Guitar...
  • Basswood dual cutaway body
  • Bolt-on maple neck with rosewood fingerboard
  • High-mass adjustable saddle bridge

#6 Ibanez GSR205B

GSR205B‘s design is based on the popular Ibanez SR 5-string. It delivers a similar alternative method of electric bass that every stable range bass does. It is lightweight, strong in sound, along with the fast, slim guitar neck, which is much easier to play regardless if you are an experienced player, or simply getting started.

The main features of this 5-string bass guitar are a rosewood fingerboard, GSR5 maple neck, mahogany body, and DXH-5 pickups.

Designed to support its own against other professional level rivals, the GSR205BWNF by Ibanez comes with a clean mahogany body, coupled with a modern walnut flat finish, producing an attraction that rises above its category. To complete the look, it has a rosewood fingerboard that is highlighted with dot inlays.

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The neck of the Ibanez GSR205B has a smooth and comfortable texture. The wide neck is acknowledged as the standard in the bass guitar industry for good playability. The bridge of the electric bass is rock solid. In addition, Ibanez upgraded the specifications to meet anything you are planning to play. It is not difficult to understand why the GSR205B is one of the most popular 5-string electric basses to date.

Ibanez GSR205BWK GSR205B 5-String Bass - Weathered Black
  • Fast, slim Maple neck
  • Compact, light-weight Body
  • Dynamix P & J pickups

#7 Gretsch G2224

The Gretsch G2224 Junior Jet Electric Bass Guitar II is available in tobacco sunburst. It is can easily fill up an entire area with huge subsonic sounds. It received the name “the great Gretsch” because of its sound.

Gretsch G2224 boasts these unique features; 30.3″ Scale, rosewood fingerboard that has 20 regular jumbo frets, synthetic bone nut, high quality diecast tuners, bridge with four saddles, bolt-on neck, two small coil pickups, and a pickguard with the popular Gretsch logo design.

The two pickups of the G2224 junior jet have clean, functional sounds. Both pickups also have a similar maximum volume. The sound control provides a wide range of tones. It does not take the volume out when you turn it counterclockwise.

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Overall, the G2224 junior jet guitar II is a powerful short scale electric bass. While it has a reasonably low price, the sound is quite massive. This Gretsch guitar is perfect for someone who would like to try something new.

Gretsch G2224 Junior Jet Electric Bass Guitar II - Tobacco...
  • "Jet body shape Basswood body back Basswood body top 20 medium jumbo...
  • Basswood body back
  • Basswood body top

#8 Epiphone Eb-0

When talking about excellent bass guitars, Epiphone is certainly not a weakling. It is also an affordable choice on market. Epiphone EB-0 is a great pick, as this instrument rolls just as wonderful as it appears to be. Most users would agree that it deserves its rightful place among the top dogs.

The body shape of the Eb-0 bass guitar is familiar to many guitar players all over the world. Epiphone chooses mahogany for its tonewood. Not only that, the neck is crafted from mahogany as well. The fretboard is a typical rosewood type. The inlays have pearl dot design.

With regards to electronics and pickups, the Epiphone eb-0 features a single humbucker in the neck part, which can be adjusted by a specific tone control and volume control knob.

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The girth of the EB-0 is one of its advantages. With it, you can create a rich sound that scatters the low end just below you. It is just the thing if you are into much gentler types of tunes. In general, this electric bass guitar delivers a unique experience compared to its competition.

EpiphoneEB-0 Electric Bass Guitar, Cherry Red
  • Affordable electric bass in cherry red with classic Epiphone SG shape
  • Carved mahogany body with bolted mahogany neck
  • Rosewood fretboard with dotted inlay; 30.5-inch scale

#9 ESP Bass

The ESP LTD B Series B-205 is for those bassists who want to own a professional instrument but with a low cost. With the ESP Bass, you do not need to look further.

This 5-String bass guitar has an incredible maple top that with a satin finish. It has a strong ash guitar form that is designed to produce a clear cutting tone. It has a nice stage appeal and reliable comfort. A powerful bolt-on neck that comes with a slim U-profile and fingerboard in rosewood, offers the bass guitar a smooth playability and sharp response.

The ESP LTD features a unique sound and appearance. The neck and body allows this instrument a vibrant sound, as well as a dynamic bass response. The maple top provides this bass an attractive vibe that goes well with modern forms of tunes.

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The electronics of ESP LTD possess a sound that easily makes fusion, metal, and rock. The LTD B Series B-205  remains true to this status and popularity. The neck guitar and bridge humbuckers produce mild output and low tone for a fresh stage sounding and studio precision.

ESP LTD B Series B-205 Five-String Bass Guitar - Natural...
  • The B205SM NS has an Ash Body with a Spalted Maple Top
  • 5Pc Maple&Rosewood and a Rosewood Fingerboard
  • This bass comes equipped with an LTD BB-605 w/ String-Thru-Body Bridge...

#10 Orange O-Bass

The Orange O-Bass 4-string electric bass guitar was the baby of Adrian Emsley, the Orange technical director and designer. He has developed a specifically charming bass instrument.

The Orange O-Bass is a musical classic instrument that is perfect for a bassist who is seeking a serious retro sound. Featuring its flawless lines and hot look, the O Bass carries a distinct classic sound. It comes with a great bass guitar response with a pleasant mid-range sound.

Bass guitarists who have a gentler touch will instantly enjoy the rich earthy musical tones. Keep on digging and the O-Bass guitar will react with a wonderful raunchy overtone.

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The Orange O-Bass guitar comes in three beautiful finishes; orange, off-black, and teardrop sunburst. It is made out of Okoumé, which is lightweight that has a bolt-on neck. This product features a split coil pickup and fingerboard in rosewood. It is given a 3-ply pickguard that can be customized, integrated with volume and audio knobs, dual open gear tuners, bridge in four saddles, and small knurled knobs. The Orange gig bag completes the electric bass guitar.

Orange O-Bass 4-String Electric Bass Guitar with Bag, Orange
  • 34" Scale with medium vintage profile
  • 19 medium jumbo frets
  • Okoume body known for being lightweight and resonant

Conclusion: Finding Your Best Bass Guitar

Before you purchase a bass guitar, you need to consider a few things first. You will pay with your valuable money, so be thorough with your decision. To gain more benefit out of your money, do a little research in selecting the best bass guitar you can find.

You need a good bass, regardless of whether you are into rock, punk, or jazz. A bass guitar suits nicely with present day guitar players. It is also ideal for anybody who wants to recapture the good old seventies. When looking for the best bass guitar, keep in mind that the points to factor in are excellent sound, good finish, spot on vibe, and stylish appeal.

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