Taylor Guitars TSBT2 Signature Series Baby Acoustic Guitar Review

The Taylor Guitars TSBT2 Signature Series Baby Acoustic Guitar is an ideal starter for kids. It is also appealing to the musically inclined for its appearance, style and tone. Its back and neck is Sapele, sometimes called “Sapele Mahogany.” It is widely exported among African wood species, especially for musical instrument manufacturing.

Ebony is TSBT2’s fretboard material. It is regarded for its dark tone. Manufacturers also embrace it for being porous. The qualities make great sounding acoustic guitars. Its top is made with spruce, which gives out a light, blond color, which over time becomes amber or honey in tint. Aside from its appearance, spruce is flexible, making it essential for classical guitars.

Dreadnought Style Body

The TSBT2 baby acoustic guitar has a dreadnought shape, which is boxier and bigger than that on classical guitars. You’d notice that its hips aren’t as defined as a classical variety, as it is rectangular, not rounded. With a dreadnought body style, the TSBT2 is deeper for better tone depth.

Solid Sitka Spruce Top Material

Sitka spruce is a well-rounded and most common tone wood for all types of acoustic guitars. The wood has a tight grain pattern but with relative lightness and high stiffness. What does it mean? Sitka spruce can provide you with a broad dynamic range and is fingerpicking responsive.

The material also supplies better fundamentals than overtones can. It can give out a thin sound when played with a light touch. The material also combines elasticity and stiffness of the right proportions. It makes for a crisp articulation and broad dynamic range.

Arched Back

It generates better sound coupled with layered back and sides. The arched back supplies a receptive and sturdy platform for the string energy.

Layered Wood Composition

This feature makes the baby acoustic guitar receptive to temperature and weather changes. It also resists humidity, making the TSBT2 baby acoustic guitar a sound choice for players who travel often and want a durable instrument. This model also has a Matte 2.0 body finish that adds durability and features the Taylor Swift Artwork on its top.

Genuine African Ebony Fingerboard

Ebony produces crisper and clearer tone compared to maple although they have the same density. It has brittle grains and oilier pores and requires no finishing.  Players favor ebony for acoustic guitars because it supplies the fingerboard with fast playing quality. The TSBT2 is for you for a razor sharp and bright top end or a well-defined low end.


Taylor Guitars TSBT2 Signature Series Baby Acoustic Guitar Features & Specifications

  • 8mm, nut width
  • 22-3/4″, scale length
  • 19 frets; 6 strings
  • LEXAN overlay
  • Nubone saddle and nut
  • Right handed orientation

Taylor Guitars TSBT2 Signature Series Baby Acoustic Guitar Reviews

Editor Rating 8/10:  The TSBT2 Signature Series Baby Acoustic Guitar is great for travel because it is perfect for playing anywhere due to its small size.  It also comes with nice playability and sound and can provide total entertainment for the family and kids.

The TSBT2 baby acoustic guitar has an excellent quality, too, not to mention top artisanship. Performance was also superb with louder volume produced than expected. Overall, the baby acoustic guitar is stylish, high quality and top performing and ideal both for beginners and advanced guitar players.

Things to Improve

  1. The boxy appearance makes the TSBT2 baby acoustic guitar uncomfortable to handle especially for beginners trying to tip its fretboard upward and look at their fingers. But generally, this is not a major issue, as it is designed with all types of users in mind no matter their level of experience.
  2. The dreadnought style causes discomfort for women and users with shorter arms. It does not provide them with a nice position with a fretting hand to hit the notes they’re playing and when reaching around to strum. But then, the dreadnought style is the best overall pick for many players on acoustic guitars.
  3. This model does not have a cutaway, also called a scooped indention. It is an indention in the upper bout of its body and is adjacent to the neck. The cutaway allows easier access to the upper frets.

Without it, you will not enjoy movement freedom in the upper registers. Nevertheless, many users do not find it as an issue. In fact, the lack of cutaway does not affect the guitar’s performance.


Value, sound and tone quality and artistry are things that make a distinctive baby acoustic guitar. The Taylor Guitars TSBT2 Signature Series Baby Acoustic Guitar has it all and more. It is ideal for beginners and players who want to play anywhere.

Those looking for durability and performance out of a small musical instrument must also consider it.  For the best dollar value, a gift for kids (or for yourself) or a relaxing acoustic session, you should definitely consider this baby acoustic guitar for yourself.

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