Taylor GS Mini-e Koa Product Review

Some people think that they can just simply sit down and play any type of guitar, but there are those which can make you feel uncomfortable with.

While there are more guitar brands to choose from these days, finding the right one would be quite difficult especially when it is your first time to play one. There are many things to consider as you might just miss the one the guitar that suits your needs, and simply give it up or think of reselling it for a bargain price.

Fundamentally, you have to make sure that you can stand and sit comfortably with it. Consider the size of the guitar; its neck (whether you can reach the frets easily), or is it smooth for you to reach its sharp edges when you slide your hand along it? Or can you strum or pick the strings with your hand without feeling any discomfort?

Some people simple choose a guitar without knowing the differences. Playability, tuning accuracy, intonation, and tone production are the basic considerations before buying a guitar. It may look simple, but there are still many things that you need to know and understand especially when it comes to acoustic guitars.

The Taylor GS Mini-e Koa guitar could be the right acoustic guitar choice for you.

The Taylor GS Mini-e Koa has a scaled-down size yet it plays just exactly like a full-size guitar would sound. With its size, it is easier to bring along as it is not too big, and of course, not so expensive like most acoustic guitars are.

Taylor GS Mini-e Koa
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The Taylor GS Mini-e Koa is made of materials such as mahogany for its body and layered sapele for its back, neck, and sides. Its top is made of solid mahogany. Mahogany can give a strong sound and could also emphasize high-end tones like when one is playing a country or blues.  It can add snap, boost tones, and reduce “boominess”.

It has an ebony fret board material with 20 frets on it. It has a bracing pattern with GS Mini with relief rout, and a body finish made in Matter 2.0. It also has a right-handed neck.

Product Description

Its basic orientation is a right-handed neck made of sapele wood with a Matter 2.0 Electronics finish. This part is joined to its body and ends at the headstock and is bolted onto its body where truss rod can be adjusted with a scale length of 23-1/2”. Body nut width is 1-11/16” or 42.8mm and is located on the headstock, meeting the neck to guide the strings attached to the fret board.

Its body type is a Taylor Grand Symphony Mini Cutaway design. Its fretboard or fingerboard lay on top side and made of genuine African ebony giving it a smooth feel. The frets, made of thin strips of metal are embedded in the wood. It has inlaid dots on the odd numbered beginning on the third one minus the 11th and 13th frets.

Sound quality

The sound is also great and will suit your expectations.The size of the body and its shape normally influences how an acoustic guitar would sound when played. But the Taylor GS Mini-e Koa is so amazingly impressive with its tone,which resembles that of a full-size guitar. Its size may be scaled-down than the normal acoustic guitar yet it sounds the same when played and can make one feel comfortable when playing it. Its sound hole is aligned with its waist and protected by a pick guard.

Its strings are mounted on its body at the bridge. They are anchored by another string which isspaced accordingly by its saddle, giving the exact vibrations or sounds. It is significant that this guitar can meet comfort and sound quality at the same time.

The Taylor GS Mini-e Koa resembles a concert guitar with its small size and sound. With its size, it can be carried anywhere and in any event; relaxing at home, at a campfire, a program or a concert. What’s more; it is very appropriate and playable for smaller guitar players or performers who frequently travel. This can also be a suitable choice for children as Taylor’s GS Mini is designed for smaller players. It has the same familiar shape of the standard ones, only smaller.


Aside from its quality, the price tag is just reasonable enough. With the material used in its body, Taylor GS Mini-e Koa is designed to be light, durable, and portable. It could be one of your precious possessions depending on how you value an acoustic guitar and how its material and components could affect its sound.


Amidst all the considerations in choosing an acoustic guitar, the Taylor’s GS Mini will certainly be the guitar of your choice as it is comfortable to play with; standing or sitting while playing with it.

The Taylor GS Mini-e Koa will certainly fit your needs and guarantee you fun and enjoyment while playing it for many years to come.

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