Taylor 150e – Dreadnought 12 String Product Review

If you are looking for the perfect acoustic-electric guitar that gives remarkable configurations at an affordable price, then you should take a look at the Taylor 150e in dreadnought 12 string. It boasts of classic playability and tonal clarity that can be a good start for any beginner.

This entry-level guitar is one of the most suggested acoustic-electric guitars for music enthusiasts. This 12-string guitar offers quality for its affordable price. The Taylor 12 string acoustic-electric guitar produces sounds that are robust.

You definitely won’t have a hard time using this musical instrument because it is playable and easy to record. This is truly an epitome of extreme value when it comes to musical instruments.

Taylor 150e - Dreadnought 12 String
  • Body Body type: Taylor Dreadnought Cutaway: No Top wood: Solid Sitka...

Perfect for Beginners

The Taylor 150e is a great entry-level acoustic-electric guitar for both beginners and pros alike. In contrast to a 6-string, this product in dreadnought 12-string sounds more harmonious. Thus, it is more advisable for beginners as an entry-level guitar.

Fretboard Quality

When you base it on standard tuning, the Taylor 150e feels sleek, but it is a little bit flexible and rubbery under the fretboard. The width of the nut that comes in 1 7/8” provides a spacious fretboard. In fact, when you fret in a barre chord at the 9th fret, it’s not as difficult in contrast to a 6-string counterpart.

If you are into a relaxed sensation as you play a guitar, then this is the best option there is. You won’t have to worry about picking fast because the guitar’s configuration will give you an effortless and natural feeling when playing.

Tonal Clarity

The Taylor 150e may have a low-end output, yet this acoustic-electric guitar excels in C-based and D-based alternate tunings. The harmonic details and overtones of the musical instrument are ample and clear. The high-midrange tones also create a continuous sound with a seemingly crystalline presence. With its wide harmonic spectrum, playing this guitar also feels lively.

In addition, it’s tone and volume controls are perfect at taming a blatant high-mids and lowering inadmissible string attacks. As previously mentioned, this acoustic-electric guitar is also easy to record because of its mid to high-mid focus.

Overall, the Taylor 150e is bright and ringing at the high end, crisp and smooth at the mid-range, and resonant and warm at the low-end.

Build and Quality

The wood and finishing used for this Taylor acoustic-electric guitar are well-made considering its low price point. Comparing it to other entry-level acoustic-electric guitars, the built and quality of this instrument is truly admirable even just by looking at it.

The good thing about this acoustic-electric guitar is the smoothness of the bass volume and treble when they are adjusted. It also has a Duracell 9V battery that is plugged into the battery compartment at the guitar base. This is close to where you can connect a sound system or mixer to the acoustic-electric guitar.

One notable feature of this guitar is also its generous spacing, which allows it to become very playable for a 12-string guitar. Its solid Sitka spruce top is also warm and clean. Plus, the satin finish of this guitar provides a good and easy grip to the body and its weight and balance are sufficient, making it such a perfect entry-level guitar.


Compared to its entry-level up-market counterparts, the Taylor 150e is a must have for anyone who wants to have the best tonal clarity at a price not even reaching $1000. Right now this acoustic-electric guitar is being sold for only $749.00 on Amazon.

If you’re planning to get this instrument, do it today because inventory will run out quickly. Other 12-string guitars are four times the price of the Taylor 150e, so this is indeed a must-have especially if you are a beginner. Don’t miss your chance of getting your first ever acoustic-electric guitar at an affordable price that doesn’t sacrifice quality and sound.

Features and Specs

  • It sports a layered sapele back
  • The low-end balances well with the 12-string octave shimmer
  • It has a Matte 2.0 body finish
  • The fingerboard is made of genuine African ebony
  • It comes with a padded gig bag
  • It has a warranty card
  • Affordable for its quality
  • Free shipping


The Taylor 150e 12-string has been rated a 4.9 out of 5, which only indicates that it has already impressed a lot of buyers and guitar enthusiasts alike. A lot of reviewers mentioned that it produces beautiful sounds and that the product was much nicer than they thought it would be given its affordable price.

What most users are happy about this guitar is its exquisite resonance and clarity considering its budget-friendly price. Ultimately, this guitar looks and plays superbly for both beginners and pros out there.

Things to Improve

It would be better if this guitar had more electronics and controls so that it can produce more tonal spectrums. It also lacks some of the low-end push, but it isn’t really noticeable for an entry-level guitar such as the Taylor 150e.


The Taylor 150e is undeniably one of the best entry-level 12-string acoustic-electric guitars that beginner and pros alike would be glad to own. The price is affordable for its build and quality, and it can even compete with its up-market counterparts.

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