Schecter Omen-6 Product Review

Schecter Omen-6 is just one of the few products of Schecter Guitar Research. Schecter Guitar Research has been a popular and trusted brand for making different kinds of stringed instruments. They have created their reputation as a provider of high-quality musical instruments.

The Schecter Omen-6 model, unlike the other electric guitars produced by Schecter Guitar Research, is one of the cheapest models that they offer. However, its cheap price doesn’t define the quality of the sounds that it can produce and the materials that are used to create this product. This model is not perfect though, but it’s the best guitar that you can get for a bargain-like price.

Schecter OMEN-6 6-String Electric Guitar, Black
  • Pearloid Semi Goth Inlays
  • Basswood Body
  • Rosewood Fretboard


The best thing that you can say about this product is its price. It’s rare to find a high-quality electric guitar in the market that has almost everything you need as an electric guitarist. The majority of its components are made from high-quality materials that are considered a good enough feature for a high-end electric guitar.

There are less durable parts in this guitar; however, these are just a minor setback if you consider the price and the quality of sound that it can produce.

High-Quality Features

First of all, Schecter Omen-6 is pleasing to the eyes because of the C style of its body. Most of the Schecter’s guitars’ body is made from mahogany. However, the body of this guitar is made from basswood.

The sound that it produces is not as clear as the ones that are made from mahogany. However, the basswood lets the guitar produce a thick sound that is perfect for hard and metal rock. The maple neck goes perfectly along with the basswood body to create a harmonious sound. There’s a bolt that you can find on the neck so it can play pop as well.

Simple Control Layout

The layout is simple, even the beginners can take full control with this guitar at the drop of the hat. The layout consists of wired pickups for tone control, volume control, and the three-way toggling. The pickups are Diamond Plus that has wound coils and a magnet made from ceramic that provides an intense output which is excellent for leads and drop tunings.

Perfect for Rock and Other Genres

It seems like this guitar’s components are made for hard rock. However, the quality of sound is good for other music genres too, like jazz, blues, and pop.

Features and Specs

  • Inlays are Pearloid Vector
  • Body is made from basswood
  • The fretboard is made from rosewood
  • Maple neck
  • Hardware is black chrome
  • Pickups are Schecter Diamond Plus


Because of all the great features of the Schecter Omen-6, no wonder why it received an almost perfect Editor’s Rating of 9.6 out of 10. Most of the users of this product are professional electric guitarist even though this model has been described as only an entry-level electric guitar.

One of the reasons is that it is not just used to learn how to play but also as a substitute when something happens to the high-end one.

The users love the product because the quality of it is good considering the price. The aesthetic design is pleasing to the eyes because of the clean lines and contours of the product. You will not even recognize that this is just a cheap electric guitar. You will never be ashamed playing this guitar in front of the public because of its aesthetic design matches the ones on the high-end type.

Aside from the looks, the users love the basswood and the maple materials where the guitar is made of.  According to them, they can play a song smoothly using this guitar, although they also admit that there’s still a room for improvement.

The guitar is versatile enough to play jazz, blues, and other genres, although it performs the best in rock music because of the sound distortions that it can make. The users love the unique sound of the guitar. They recommend that it is best played for those who are doing solos.

Things to Improve

The majority of the users are satisfied with the product. They know that Schecter Omen-6 is already the best for its price. However, there are some negative feedbacks pertaining to the minor things that some users find about this product.

One of them is the tuning pegs. Some users say that the tuning pegs seem to be not as durable as the other parts of this guitar although they perform their function well.

Moreover, some users say that you still have to tune this guitar after purchasing because the sound becomes flat sometimes.


This model of Schecter’s electric guitar is not perfect, but it is the best that you can get if you only have a $500 in your pocket. You can use this guitar as a substitute just in case something happens to your trusted electric guitar, or you can use this to learn how to play. There are better products than Schecter Omen-6, but it is more than good enough for serving its purpose.

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