Savannah STB-700-VS Lightning Bass Guitar Review

This is an electric bass guitar that will provide you rich bass like no other. The Savannah STB-700-VS Lightning Bass Guitar should be given attention with its intricate design and professionally made structure to support better tone and sustain.

With its construction, you can already conclude that it is comfortable to bring without suffering from disadvantages of carrying full-scale electric bass. By considering this product, you will get a tour-ready instrument.

Apart from the portability of the device, you will benefit from other perks of the electric bass guitar. To discover more of its competitive features, given below is its detailed review.

Savannah STB-700-VS Lightning Bass Guitar
  • Lightning Bass Offset Body with White Lightning Pickguard
  • Shadow Bass Pickup System with Volume, Treble, Bass Controls
  • Maple Neck with Flat C Neck Profile

Lightweight Construction

One of the major reasons why you should try this product is due to its lightweight construction. This is what makes it highly portable. If you often go from one place to another with your instrument, this is a product that will give you ease.

The offset body of the electric bass guitar is lightweight. This is paired with a lighting pickguard with a white shade. You will be amazed that despite its lighter structure, it is still complete with controls for configuring the bass, treble, and volume.

It has a 23-inch scale neck and 32.75-inch full length. It is also interesting to learn that it still has a fretboard made of rosewood and dot inlays.

Carefully Selected Components

The components making up the bass guitar is not inferior in quality, which is why you do not have to be concerned about using it for a long time. Do you know that this instrument sports strings under Aquila Thunder gut brand?

Furthermore, instead of an easily broken acoustic guitar, this bass instrument comes with a basswood. Due to the material choice, you can anticipate nothing but a loud thump. Furthermore, it has a wide neck that gives you better means of playing the guitar conveniently.

Its neck is made of maple. Alternatively, it has a rosewood fretboard as mentioned above. To complete, it has gloss sunburst finishes. The package comes with a gig bag for extra portability.

Savannah STB-700-VS Lightning Bass Guitar Features and Specifications

The electric bass guitar has dimensions of 33 inches by 11 inches by two inches. It is lightweight given it weighs as low as 8.3 pounds.

To learn more about it, given below are its other features:

Shadow Bass Pickup System. The electric bass guitar comes with settings that allow users to configure the bass, treble, and volume of the instrument conveniently and easy.

Average Scale Length. It has a 23-inch scale length that will give you no reason to consider it as a toy. With its medium size construction, you do not have to worry about bringing it during performances.

Big Sound. Despite its considerably lighter and smaller size than other electric bass guitars, you can anticipate full and rich sound from the instrument.

Savannah STB-700-VS Lightning Bass Guitar Reviews

The Editor’s rating for this product is eight out of 10. According to supporters of the electric bass guitar, the construction of the instrument comes in full package, giving you a reason to try it. Though it is considered new compared to pioneering bass guitars, it has the qualities that make it buyable.

From the looks of it to how its wood components are chosen, you can conclude that it is indeed effective. It is also commended for being a choice of the instrument if you want to self-study or learn how to play guitar with an instructor.

If you want to play either vintage or traditional music nowadays, this electric bass guitar will not fall short in performance.

Things to Improve

There is nothing major to improve about the product other than its limited information on the web. The manufacturer only described it as a portable acoustic sound box. Furthermore, it simply listed the different components with their corresponding dimensions and make.

Nonetheless, it was not further explained how well the instrument maintains a rich sound and tone. Also, you will notice that it may not have as many controls as other electric bass guitars have.

If a buyer is considering purchasing it, he or she may also want to dig deeper about the product. Since it is new, customers may likely have to wait for further updates since it has limited feedbacks from buyers.


You can consider the Savannah STB-700-VS Lighting Bass Guitar a good buy if you will only depend on the description provided by its manufacturer. However, you must be reminded that it has limited reviews from buyers or existing owners.

This implies that you may find it difficult to determine if customers had a good experience in playing the instrument. But still, its value justifies the reason why you should try it.

Additionally, the aesthetics of the electric bass guitar makes it more appealing to purchase. You will surely find confidence even when performing in a big crowd. It is not too edgy or basic in design. Protection Status