Roland TD-30KV Pro Series Electronic Drum Kit Review

Roland’s revolutionary V-Drums have been known for excellent sound quality and playability. The Roland TD-30K V-Pro is considered as a remarkable electronic drum that has reached a new pinnacle in the industry.

This drum set is created with the advanced technology known as behavior modeling, which gives a new level of expressive sound that is enhanced with quality. This electronic drum set can respond to nuances and dynamics of the different techniques in drumming.You will also appreciate the USB audio-playback functionality of this instrument for special professional recording purposes. Check out more of its features and specifications below.

Roland TD-30K V-Pro Series Electronic Drum Kit
  • Flagship V-Drums with advanced sensing technology and SuperNATURAL...
  • Expressive and accurate playability produced by Behavior Modeling
  • Professional V-Edit mode for customizing sounds

Supernatural Sound

In comparison to most of the electronic kits in the market, the Roland TD-30K V-Pro does not use a pre-recorded sound or the sampling loops. It has supernatural sound that is integrated with the behavior modeling feature. The unique sound is used whenever you strike the pad.

This is perfect for drummers who would like to enjoy the perks of electronic drum kits, but still clinging on the organic feels of an acoustic one. With this electronic equipment, it’s like you are playing an acoustic instrument. Aside from this, you can have a faster transition in changing the sounds that you are playing.

Moreover, it comes with its sound module. The buttons are also labeled appropriately by their uses or functions to make sure that you don’t need to guess anything here.  You can do many customizations with Roland TD-30K V-Pro as well. Adjusting the parameters is also possible with this kit.

Trigger Pads of the Drums

The trigger pads of Roland TD-30K V-Pro are created to make you feel like it’s a real drum. The primary material is not made of rubber like other ordinary drum kits in the market. Even the pads are not made of mylar, instead, it is made of mesh that has the capability to absorb the sound as you hit it.

The sound module will then translate the music you produce from a level you have chosen. So, you can play without getting too noisy since it’s quieter than the acoustic one. Although they are silent, the pads can still produce excellent and high-quality sound upon playing the electric guitar.

You will also feel the edge when you are practicing.

It has a mesh V-Pad meant for snare drum features. The dual-triggering technology can deliver accurate sensing in between the head and the rim. The 10-inch mesh can provide a dual-mount option to promote more versatility.

This electronic drum kit can also provide a natural kick drum triggering. It is compatible with most of the double bass pedals, which are not included in this package. You can adjust the head tension if you are searching for the right feel.

The hi-hat creates a realistic feel on this electronic drum set. You would think that you are playing a two-piece hi-hat. One of the floating cymbals is compromised if you would observe it properly. This is good for a faster set-up and can create a two-piece hi-hat.

This drum set also has an optimized balance of weight as well as sensitivity. The v-cymbal crash creates an accurate triggering for your crash performance and has a large area that can give you that awesome feel while playing.

Features and Specifications

  • V-Drums Flagship with Advanced Weight and Sensing Technology
  • Supernatural Sounds and Tones
  • Accurate Playability through the Behavior Modeling Feature
  • Professional V-Edit to Customize Sounds
  • Dedicated Ambience fader and Overhead Mic Simulation
  • USB Memory Port
  • Compact and Solid Drum Stand
  • Lightweight 10-inch V-Pad


The Roland TD-30K V-Pro has received a rating of 7 out of 10 from the editor’s review for its amazing quality and a wide range of options. This drum set will not make you ask for more because you get to have the freedom to play any style of music you like.

If you would like to play drums on stage or in a studio, this electronic drum can provide you with high-quality sound and organic feel like its acoustic counterpart.This is perfect for all the drummers who would like to unleash their skills and creativity when it comes to playing the drums.

Things to Improve

Some users might find the set up overwhelming because there’s a lot of buttons with this electronic drum set. Beginners won’t be able to use those buttons yet for customizations. It might be better if they have made the drum set as simple as possible.


The components that comprise the Roland TD-30K V-Pro are designed to give it a good structure. It can provide an infinite amount of sound variations that can create the sound that you like. One of its best features is the Supernatural Sound through the constant behavior modeling.

Roland TD-30K V-Pro is designed for drummers who would like to unleash their potential. It can offer you a realistic experience that you will surely treasure. On top of it all, it is just one of those that can give you versatility and customization.