Roland RD 800 Digital Piano Product Review

One of the top-stage pianos available in the market today is the Roland RD 800 Digital Piano. It has the Supernatural Piano engine and other powerful features that enable it to produce great tone and stability. It offers you a wide selection of acoustic pianos and V-Piano Grand tones.

The RD Series ofRoland has been one of the top choices of advanced and professional pianists for a long time already. Now, the RD Series introduces its newest addition to the line – the Roland RD 800 88-Key Digital Piano. It brings better and more powerful features and improvements to its feel and sound. From its design to its sound, it can easily be said that it is one of the best stage pianos.

Roland RD-800 Digital Piano
  • Professional stage piano with the acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano engine...
  • Choose from a wide selection of acoustic pianos voiced for live...
  • Newly enhanced SuperNATURAL-based electric pianos and clavs with...

SuperNATURAL Technology

RD 800 Digital Piano’s SuperNATURAL technology is one of its distinct features. It is what makes this musical instrument more special. The SuperNATURAL technology keyboard allows the recreation of the sounds of a piano from the inside instead of recording each and every note. This is definitely a game-changing feature that the RD 800 offers.

With its authentic musical sound, there is no doubt that this digital piano can compete well with the best acoustic pianos in the market. While both the digital and acoustic piano have their own similarities, they are also distinct from one another. The ivory-feel hammer action of Roland RD 800 88-Key Digital Piano is what distinguishes it from the acoustic one.

The PHA-4 Keyboard

The keyboard of RD 800 brings the best authentic rendition of the grand piano style keyboard compared to other digital pianos available today. The PHA-4 Keyboard is specifically designed to bring a whole new experience of playing the piano. No matter what the tempo or temperature is, it effectively absorbs moisture from the player’s finger without any slip.

It can also be used with the Roland keyboard stand to help you in propping up the piano’s keyboard in a more professional way.

Great Versatility

The Roland RD 800 Digital Piano is known for its versatility. Digital pianos have already taken over the market because if you compare it to acoustic pianos, the digital ones can offer so much more.

Acoustic pianos offer just as what the name suggests – acoustic sound. On the other hand, digital pianos can serve as an acoustic piano that plays ballad, or can be a blend of dynamic that brings more strings, choirs, and other symphonies. This is a great option for those musicians who want to play with a different sound and tone, and not focus in playing just the piano.

Features and Specs

  • Weight: 47 pounds
  • 88-note keyboard with hammer action design
  • PHA-4 concert keyboard that comes with touch-detection technology; with Escapement and Ivory/Ebony feel
  • Five acoustic piano types with 34 variations
  • Storage for 200 live sets
  • Over 1100 additional sounds for versatility on stage, including modern synths, vintage keys, Virtual Tone Wheels Organs, and many more
  • Customize piano sounds to perfectly suit your personal style or any performance venue
  • Concert grand tone that can modify sound and cut through live performance
  • Note voice enables the adjustment of tonal character, level, and pitch
  • Piano designer offers the ability of adjusting tonal elements
  • Live sets give access to prepared set-ups, which include tone layers and keyboard split points
  • ImprovedSuperNATURAL-based electric pianos and clavs that come with authentic vintage feel and sound


The Roland RD 800 88-Key Digital Piano received an editor’s rating of 8.5 out of 10. Musicians give this digital piano the thumbs up simply because it offers what they exactly need – affordability, playability, great tone, and versatility. Compared to its direct competitors, the RD 800 is relatively more affordable. Also, it brings a wide range of sound selection that gives you more ways of playing with the tone, rhythm, and the overall music feel.

Users stated that they would be very willing to recommend this digital piano to their musician friends, as they know that this musical instrument won’t disappoint them. It makes you a musician at a whole new level.

Things to Improve

While there is no doubt that the Roland RD 800 digital piano is one of the best deals out there, it also has its own flaws just like the other options. Among its downsides are the order of its zone volume sliders. At first, it may seem backwards. Another downside is the fact that its tone modeling mode lacks a few choruses or vibrato parameters. Aside from these, there is no more issue with the RD 800.


Overall, it is safe to say that the Roland RD 800 is an excellent and professional digital piano that is suited both for studio and stage purposes. It provides stellar acoustic piano sounds and vintage piano sounds. When you touch it, you will immediately feel that the keyboard feels solid. Also, the wide selection of editing features for customizing your sound is something to look forward to.

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