Rogue LX205B 5-String Electric Bass Guitar Product Review

The Rogue LX205B 5-String Electric Bass Guitar is just one of the electric bass guitars from Rogue. If you have the talent and money, you might be one of the people who will consider buying other more popular brands. However, Rogue is an underrated brand because they are capable of providing high-quality electric bass guitars that are good enough for a gig or as a practice instrument for a beginner.

The Rogue LX205B 5-String Electric Bass Guitaris just one of these quality electric bass guitars. Its humble features may not be as good as the other high-end electric bass guitars that you can buy for a high price. However, considering the Rogue’s price, this model is already one of the best.

Rogue LX205B 5-String Series III Electric Bass Guitar...
  • Basswood dual cutaway body
  • Bolt-on maple neck with rosewood fingerboard
  • High-mass adjustable saddle bridge

Good Aesthetic Design

This electric bass guitarhas a smooth and gorgeous finish with little black details. The headstock is shaped like an arrowhead, which is a distinctive feature of Rogue guitars. This electric bass guitar stands out from the others because of its unique design.

The craftsmanship of this product is of high-quality. Despite its amazing components, this electric bass guitar is more lightweight compare to the other 5-string electric bass guitar. The slim neck has an amazing playability and well-suited to the body.


Compared to the other 5-string electric bass guitar, the Rogue LX205B 5-String Electric Bass Guitaris less expensive. Despite its low price, this product is made from the best materials and is recommended for electric bass guitarists who are on a budget and for aspiring players.

Made From High-Quality Materials

The Rogue LX205B 5-String Electric Bass Guitar has a basswood body that’s double cutaway. It has a bolt-on neck that is made from maple. The fingerboard is made from rosewood with 24 frets and inlays.

This active bass provides you with more sonic diversity and power. You just need to use the control knobs. This guitar has a total of four knobs with J-pickups. There are two knobs for volume adjustment and two knobs for tone adjustment. For this reason, this guitar allows versatility because you can diversify the playing styles using the knobs.

Another great thing about this electric bass guitar is that it responds quickly as you move your fingers through it. For this reason, even beginners won’t find it difficult to play this bass guitar.

Produces Good Sounds

Despite its low price, the Rogue LX205B 5-String Electric Bass Guitar is an amazing instrument that can deliver good acoustics. The strings can also provide a fine and rich sound. There’s low fret noise in every string.

With all the features of this guitar, you can use this to play different kinds of music genres. You can play pop or even heavy metal songs using this instrument.

Good Electric Bass Guitar for Beginners

Even though this is a 5-string electric bass guitar, the Rogue LX205B 5-String Electric Bass Guitaris not hard to work with. One can easily adapt to the playability of this guitar. In fact, it rarely sounds muddy. This is a good product to train yourself about using a 5-string electric bass guitar if you want to invest in a better and more expensive one in the future.

Furthermore, this guitar provides you with everything that you need as a beginner player. It is a guitar with active electronics, so you can expect that it provides a greater power which fits a beginner player.

Features and Specs

  • The body is made from dual-cutaway basswood
  • Slim and easy-to-play bolt-on neck made from maple
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • J-pickups
  • Bridge with five saddles
  • Four control knobs for tone and volume manipulation

Users’ Reviews

The Rogue LX205B 5-String Electric Bass Guitar is one of the best instruments that you can get for a low price, and that’s why it received an Editor’s Rating of 9.2 out of 10. What the users love about this guitar are its price and quality. It seems like the Rogue LX205B is the mostly used cheap alternative for an expensive electric bass guitar.

There are almost no complaints about the product’s playability, quality, and durability. Almost all the users are satisfied with it.

Things to Improve

While the Rogue LX205B 5-String Electric Bass Guitar has a few flaws, these are just minor issues. If you’re going to look at the price, you will realize that you get more of the value of what you paid for with this electric bass guitar.

One of the minor issues is the 24 frets of this electric bass guitar. It is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Other people find it difficult to reach the 22nd to the 24th fret. They say that they have to go their way around the neck just to reach the 22nd to the 24th neck. For them, just 21 frets are enough.

Furthermore, the battery and the case are not yet included in the package. You have to buy them separately.


Rogue may not be the best brand for musical instruments in the market, but it is suitable for beginners. It is the brand that makes the dreams of aspiring electric guitars players with limited budgets come true. It may not have the high-end features of an expensive and popular electric bass guitar, but it does its purpose well.

For this reason, the Rogue LX205B is the best 5-string electric bass guitar that’s recommended for beginners and for professional players who have smaller budgets.