PRS SE Angelus A10E Electric Guitar Review

The PRS SE Angelus A10E Electric Guitar is the first of SE Angelus line-up that has a full mahogany construction. You will love the fact that it is available in two shades, which are black and tortoise shell.

Given that the electric bass guitar has a full mahogany construction, you will obtain a woody and warm tone. This is paired with a midrange that has a punchy yet concentrated trait. You will find this guitar an excellent choice for both live performances and recording.

If you want to learn more about the electric bass guitar, you should read the following excerpt for a detailed evaluation of the instrument.

PRS A10ETO SE Angelus A10E Solid-Body Electric Guitar,...
  • PRS SE Angelus A10E - Tortoise Shell, Top Wood: Solid Mahogany
  • Back Wood: Mahogany, Side Wood: Mahogany, Bracing PRS...
  • Rosette: White, Number of Frets: 20, Spacing: 2-3/16 Neck Wood:...

Balanced Sound Generation

Once received, you can play the electric bass guitar right away. It can produce balanced sound efficiently. One of the reasons why it can create a balanced sound is its quite thick neck. You can compare it to the standard 1950s design of the electric bass guitar.

Though it is merely chunky, the electric bass guitar is still comfortable to use in all ways. You will find it user-friendly either you are using it for single-note runs and full barred chords. The guitar is also quite thinner than the standard electric bass guitar from Gibson.

Even the fretboard does not feel constricted in size. Although its design is not complicated, you will find it assertive. You will get a solid bass sound with clear treble and fat midrange.

All Mahogany Finish

The components of the electric bass guitar, particularly the neck, sides, back, and top are made of mahogany. To make the construction perfect, even the PRS designed tuners, rosewood fretboard, bone nut and saddle are matched with the mahogany parts.

It retains the Maryland-designed acoustic line of the same brand. This distinct construction is perfected with similar patented bracing pattern of PRS. Also, the design of the headstock and bird inlays are retained in the electric bass guitar.

To make the guitar more attractive, it has a cutaway body shape. This is not only aesthetically beautiful but helpful in giving the user quick access to the higher frets.

PRS SE Angelus A10E Solid-Body Electric Guitar Features and Specifications

The electric bass guitar measures 46 inches by eight inches by 19 inches and weighs 20 pounds.

To learn more about it, given below are other exceptional features of the instrument:

Great Response. You can anticipate a great response from the guitar when arranging it for jazz music, strumming in drop-D configuration, and open register cross-picking.

Smartly Positioned Controls. The instrument has an under-saddle pickup that will provide convenient access to settings for volume and tone.

Hybrid Bracing Pattern. The solid top of the electric bass guitar has a combination of X-pattern of steel-string guitars and Torres-style fan bracing.

Clean Build. The bone nut and saddle slotting are seamless. Moreover, the fretwork is tidy.

PRS SE Angelus A10E Solid-Body Electric Guitar Reviews

The Editor’s rating for the product is 10 out of 10.The existing owners and buyers of the electric bass guitar commended the product and gave it perfect ratings. According to them, it is a clear winner when it comes to providing high-end performance without being too expensive.

Moreover, they highlighted how smart the craftsmanship of the instrument is. When used, even the action is very convenient. The customers also stated that they prefer the fact it requires easy and quick tuning before playing.

They also praised PRS for creating an attractive mahogany finish. Lastly, they commented how useful the guitar is in producing sustain and excellent midrange despite being unplugged.

The customers loved the fact that regardless of not applying any wax or polish on the instrument, its finish will remain appealing.

Things to Improve

You will not find numerous complaints about the electric bass guitar other than its battery placement. Other than this issue, most of the customers left positive feedbacks to the product. According to them, its minor issue is overshadowed by its amazing features.

For a very affordable instrument, it is surprising to know that it has no cons. Nonetheless, it is the truth. The sound produced by the electric bass guitar is full and rich. Even just by tuning it once, you can anticipate it to maintain its configuration throughout your performance.


The reviews above of the PRS SE Angelus A10E Solid-Body Electric Guitar imply that the manufacturer has done it well in producing a high-quality instrument. It is suitable regardless of your skill level, especially now that it is very user-friendly.

Furthermore, it will never fail to satisfy your requirements when it comes to finishing. As for the performance, there will be no issue as well. Customers can attest that it produces balanced sound as certified by its manufacturer.

For its inexpensive price, you do not have reason to disregard the instrument. Although there are cheaper alternatives on the market, you can ensure quality with this electric bass guitar.

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