Pros and Cons When Selecting the Best Violin Brands on the Market

If you are a musician looking for the best violin brands on the market, this is a good read for you.  But first, you must think of some considerations when choosing a violin. First, Price. Costs can increase depending on the quality of the violin. There also instances when you need to buy separate bow and case. Second is quality. You should always check if the surface looked warped or if it creaks with pressure. Lastly, you should also consider the size. A good rule for size is to measure from base of the neck to the wrist when arm is extended

Listed below are seven of the best violin brands for beginners, intermediate and professionals:

  1. Stentor

Stentor violins are the cheapest yet an excellent brand for a beginner violinist. Its body is made from hand-crafted tonewood while the chin rest is hardwood. Most models come in fine-grained spruce with full ebony fittings with custom bridge and sound post.


The materials are high quality and sturdy. It is an ideal brand for students who are just learning and intermediates who want to practice on a more substantial instrument. It comes with an ebony bow and lightweight case.


The strings included with the model are of mediocre quality. But replacing the stock strings should improve sound projections.

  1. Knilling

If you ask any music teacher, they will tell you that Knilling is one of the best violin brands available. The instruments are made with superior quality and craftsmanship. It’s made from an even-grained spruce top, solid maple back, and maple neck, scrolls, and ribs.


The featured Perfection Pegs are easy to tune for beginners. It also includes a genuine white horse Brazilwood bow with ebony frog and rosin. The shaped case has fully lined interior and accessory compartments. Best of all, it’s affordable.


So far, Amazon shoppers have not mentioned any disadvantages after buying Knilling violins.

  1. Cremona

The extreme playability of Cremona violins makes it part of the best violin brands list. The company produces different types of violins for all levels at varying price ranges. The models are made of hand-carved solid spruce top and maple throughout.


Cremona violins are made and stored in carefully controlled environments to guarantee proper maturation. The designs are made specially to fit the needs of both beginner and intermediate students.


The included bow is a basic Brazilwood bow, which is quite unusual for high-tier violins. Their only workshop is in China, which makes visits to the company challenging.

  1. Cecilio

Named after St. Cecilia, patron saint of music and musicians, the Cecilio brand produces superior quality violins for all levels. They use top quality spruce and maple wood for the body and ebony for all the fittings.


The D’Addario strings are sturdy for regular use. Cecilio violins are designed to last for a long time and can be passed down. Each violin comes with extra bridges for so you can stay productive.


Cecilio violins are great for beginners and intermediate players, however, its professional lines is somewhat lacking. Also, advance players deem the octagonal bow as an inferior type.

  1. Mendini

Mendini violins are affordable and good quality instruments for aspiring musicians. Most models are made of high-quality maple with a spruce top. Beginner violins are available in varying colors that children will enjoy. MV500 and MV650 are handcrafted from a single piece of maple wood which produces warmer tones.


All models include a complete kit such as spare strings, medium-strength bows, chin rest, and should straps. Whichever model you may choose is sure to produce good sound projections.


Beginner models have a shorter lifespan than the professional types. Higher quality models last longer but will surely cost more.

  1. Yamaha

Yamaha is an undisputed instrument manufacturer, so it is no surprise that it belongs to the best violin brands list. Yamaha violins are fully hand-crafted by trained luthiers using exceptional materials. Special features may include inlaid purfling and quality Glaser bows.


As a well-known brand, Yamaha guarantees superior quality violins that will produce excellent sound. They are sure to last for many years and an ideal family heirloom.


In some instances, you’ll have to buy a separate case for your instrument. There are also many counterfeited Yamaha products, so you have to be wary and critical when purchasing.

  1. Kinglos

Kinglos is a relatively new company founded in 2009. Unlike the other brands on this list, Kinglos violins are mostly electric or acoustic-electric. They have many models that combine visual arts and traditional instruments.


As electric instruments, these violins are sure to produce a different sound than acoustic violins. The Kinglos models also come in various shapes and designs that are eye-catching and ultra-modern.


Being an electrical instrument, there is a risk that components will break down quickly. Parts may be harder to find in local repair shops, and shipping from the main manufacturer can be costly.


Buying a violin can be a very exciting experience. All of the brands on this list are top-notch and guaranteed to produce superior quality products. In the end, your personal preference should be considered as high priority.

Whichever level you are currently practicing, there is sure to be a type and model that will fit your needs. Every brand has its pros and cons, so keep in mind the considerations before purchasing your instrument. The listed above are seven of the best violin brands on the market, and each of their products is sure to create superior quality music.