Pearl PL900C Snare & Bell Kit Product Review

With the Pearl PL900C Educational Snare & Bell Kit, you can work your way towards easily doing drum rolls. Percussion instruments are any instrument that produces music when being scraped, shaken, or hit. An excellent percussionist should be able to hit an instrument with the right amount of force, at the right place, and at the right time.

Percussion instruments give music a particular effect, excitement, and rhythm. Think about the excitement and anticipation that drum rolls make you feel. Before you get to be an excellent percussionist, you need to learn the basics from percussion educational kits. With this, let’s take a look at the Pearl PL900C Educational Kits.

Pearl PL900C Educational Kits Snare & Bell Kit
  • Pearl Educational Kits offer every percussion student a great start...
  • 2.5 octave range (F5-C8) Aluminum tone bars for effective practice....
  • 13"x3.5" Steel Snare Drum with Hairline Nickel Finish - a high quality...

Inclusion of Snare Drum

Some percussion educational kits only include a bell kit and practice pad. However, the Pearl PL900C Educational Snare & Bell Kit already includes a snare drum made of steel with a hairline nickel finish. The size of the snare drum is 13 inches x 3.5 inches.

Having a steel drum shell makes the Pearl PL900C Snare Kit all purpose. This drum shell lets you produce average flat ends and midrange. Highs would sound bright.

Additionally, it sits on top of a basket-style mounting that is the easily adjustable angle for the comfort of the user. This ensures your snare drum will not slip from its place.

Easy Carry and Transport Bag

Another concern that the Pearl PL900C Educational Snare & Bell Kit addresses are storage and mobilization of your musical instruments. Percussion instruments are usually bulky and difficult to transport. This is a problem that the Pearl Educational Kit has resolved with its carrying case made of nylon material which makes it durable.

The carrying case is padded which protects your instruments from minor impacts when you transport them. It also has zippered compartments dedicated to each component of the Pearl Educational Kit so that you can quickly find and get whichever part you need.

It even has a reflectorized strips so you can locate and identify the bag without any difficulty. Plus, the bag is black in color making it very stylish and sleek. It is designed to be compact and would not look bulky when you carry it around.

The carry case has bag straps and built-in roller blade wheels. As such, you have an option to carry your percussion educational kit like a backpack or a trolley. That’s very handy for commuting from the house going to school.

Features and Specifications

  • Pearl PL900C Educational Kit components are made with superior quality
  • Easy to assemble, pack away, and
    transport with the nylon carry case
  • Bells are made of aluminum tone bars with 2.5-octave range (F5 to C8)
  • Bell frame is made of sturdy and durable plastic
  • Snare Drum made of steel with hairline nickel finish (size 13 in x 3.5 in)


 Customer Reviews

The editor rating given for the Pearl PL900C Kits Snare & Bell Kit is an astounding at 9.4 out of 10. This only goes to show its quality and ease of use. Online reviews from users also attest to the qualities of the percussion kit.

One customer noted that the Pearl PL900C is an excellent choice for school-aged kids trying to learn percussion and join the school band. They find the kit having superior quality. Using and setting-up the percussion educational kit is also a breeze.

According to another user, the carry case makes transporting the instruments to school very easy. The customer said that her son could easily bring the instruments up and down the stairs of the school. She also mentioned the high quality of the bag.

Things to Improve

A minor concern that can be enhanced with the Pearl PL900C Kits Snare & Bell Kit is having a built-in dampener for it to be snuggly attached to the mounting. However, it can be easily remedied with some silicone gel or rubber ring to be placed on the drum head to avoid slippage.

Nevertheless, the bell kit can be attached well in place. The stand is sturdy enough to hold the sound kit for comfortable practicing.


The snare drum included in this percussion educational kit is of Pearl manufacturing quality. Students can enjoy the experience of playing a full-sized drum since it is responsive and sensitive. Learning how to play the snare drum in a band would not be a complicated process when they start out with the Pearl Snare Kit. Learners can progress from the practice pad to the snare drum in no time.

Overall, the Pearl PL900C Kits Snare & Bell Kit is an exceptional purchase for beginners. They are specially designed for school-aged kids who are practicing to become percussionists. It will grow with them as they learn to play full-sized percussion instruments because of the quality of the components along with the carry case. Are you ready to practice your piece?

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