Ovation AB24-RR-KIT-1 Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review

The Ovation AB24-RR-KIT-1 Applause Balladeer Cutaway Guitar is another well-made instrument that you can find in the market today. By playing this guitar, you will get nothing but a sound with clarity. Enhanced loudness is also offered by the acoustic-electric guitar for smoother performance. 

This acoustic-electric guitar is designed for beginner and intermediate players. The product features attributes that are recognized as Balladeer-certified, which include the Applause-style headstock.

Furthermore, the guitar ensures better projection, durability, smooth playability, and amplified tone among others. As for its construction, you can have the assurance of high-quality material selection.

To discover more about the product’s exceptional specifications, given below is its detailed review.

Ovation AB24-RR-KIT-1 Applause Balladeer Acoustic-Electric...
  • Spruce Top with Ruby Red Finish
  • Electric Cutaway with Mid Depth bowl
  • Nato Neck with Satin Finish, Rosewood Fingerboard

Lightweight but Satisfactory Electronics

Because this acoustic-electric guitar is not the most expensive instrument you can buy today, you probably have expected it to have low-quality electronics. However, you will obtain the contrary, especially now that it has the OP-4BT.

The electronics may be lightweight, but these are lauded for working efficiently. Ovation also made it possible to put these components onboard. Apart from the decent sound quality, these electronics are available with basic configurations.

If other manufacturers found it hard to infuse the said features in their acoustic guitars, Ovation seemed to have done it with ease. This is why the guitar has something to excel in and even the tone generation of the instrument is rather good.

A Step Back From Dreadnought Style

Unlike other acoustic-electric guitars available today, Ovation chose to have a Lyra chord body shape with a round back. Furthermore, the manufacturer decided to add the cutaway style. Apparently, this feature has been a standard feature in most acoustic-electric guitars.

Apart from the said facts, a laminated spruce top is infused in the instrument. Even the sides and back of the guitar are laminated for a classy finish. As for the neck, you will find an actual nato piece. This is paired with a fretboard out of rosewood.

If you notice, Ovation cut down the price of the instrument with its material choice. Though not too detailed or intricate in material selection, the overall output is still reliable.

Ovation AB24-RR-KIT-1 Applause Balladeer Features and Specifications

The acoustic-electric guitar measures 43 inches by 18 inches by 6.5 inches. Additionally, it weighs eight pounds. This attribute makes the instrument lighter than its counterparts. Included in the package are ChromaCast accessories.

These extras are nylon guitar strap, four pick sampler, ChromaCast 80. 20 med-light guitar strings, and access to the online guitar lesson.

Relatively, here are other exceptional features of the guitar:

Traditional Look. Its soundhole makes the overall design look conventional, which is preferred by other musicians.

Considerable Sound Quality. The guitar has a construction made for better projection. It also has a great volume and depth of sound. Even clarity of tone is certain taking into account its Lyra chord back. No matter what your playing style is, its spruce top will sustain the guitar’s performance.

Quick Tone Shaping. You can change the tone with its controls for treble, mid, and base among others.

Ovation AB24-RR-KIT-1 Applause Balladeer Reviews

The Editor’s rating for the product is 8.6 out of 10.Most of the customer feedbacks are positive. According to them, the sound generated by the acoustic-electric guitar can be described as clear and satisfactory. They also commended the fact that the strings are near the frets for a more comfortable playing experience.

As guaranteed by Ovation, the sound production of the guitar is brighter. Fortunately, a lot of existing owners found this attribute plausible.  Besides, even without additional configuration, the customers concluded that this guitar is a very player-friendly option.

Of course, the customers did not forget to highlight how cheap the guitar is for its high quality, making it a recommendable instrument.

Things to Improve

There are reports of customers encountering a few defects with the product. For instance, there is one buyer that had a weak neck quality. Alternatively, there is another who had the acoustic-electric guitar with a free component.

This may be due to the quality control of the manufacturer, which is encountered even when purchasing other products. There are times products with defects are overlooked.

But other than these issues, there is no complaint about the sound quality or performance of the instrument. This shows that the problem is more on the production and distribution of the guitar.


With the given reviews of the product, you can say that Ovation succeeded in creating an acoustic-electric guitar with tonal clarity and crisp sound. Besides, who would not want to have a high performing instrument at a considerably low price?

If you compare the instrument with other guitars, this instrument will still perform better. Although Ovation cheapened the materials of its product, the consistent voice of the guitar outweighs this shortcoming.

Beginners will take regard this guitar as a comfortable option. Still, with its smooth playability, even intermediate players will love this. 

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