Orange O-Bass 4-String Electric Bass Guitar Reviews

If you look behind the biggest namesof bassists in the entire world, you will surely see a fair share of the Orange O-Bass. It includes John McVie and Tom Petersson, just to name a few, and they can employ their distinctive tones with it.

It is a kind of retro-kissed bass guitar that is considered as the brainchild brand of Orange as its original designer. The instrument is created with high and deep vibes together with a familiar feel for the guitar players.

Check out the features and specifications of Orange O-bass and see for yourself how beautiful this bass guitar is.

Orange O-Bass 4-String Electric Bass Guitar with Bag, Orange
  • 34" Scale with medium vintage profile
  • 19 medium jumbo frets
  • Okoume body known for being lightweight and resonant

Big-O Feature

The Orange O-bass has been an enigma for several years. It appeared shortly in trade shows and behind curtains but it eventually hit the prototype phase later on that led to its continuous success.

This bass guitar is created from Okoume wood that measures 34”-scale. This material is a native wood in Africa and has gained popularity as a leading material for musical instruments. The test model of this bass guitar came as a teardrop sunburst in black. Of course, orange finishes are also available.

The colors have given it the touch of retro feel and through the ABS binding. It also features an amazingly bold headstock aside from the white maple neck finish that is eye-catching. This guitar has a similar dimension with the Hofner, which is beneficial for a three-set night.

Big-O Sounds Big

This bass guitar can sustain sounds, which is a sign of a good bass. It can mix gracefully with the different variations in amps as well as the settings. When the bass guitar combines with the air movement, the resulting sound is astoundingly ferocious.

You can plug it into a FireStudion interface, and you can witness how this O-bass growls at you. Some bassists were able to dig in deeper on the neck of the guitar. You will also observe that the upper registers correspond beautifully with the Hofner tone. More snarl will be created when you put more pressure on it. This bass will surely be at home with blues cats and rock purists.

This bass guitar can transform into beast mode if you combine it with an Aguilar Tone Hammer 500. The tones are noted to be robust and barking. If you roll off the tone, you will notice that it can get a little choked like a wet cloth feeling coming over the sound. It is recommended to play the Orange O-Bass guitar wide-open like the other Orange amps.

Features and Specifications

  • Orange Color Bass Guitar in Teardrop Outburst
  • 4 String Fretted Single Cutaway
  • Basswood Venner from Okoume Wood in Africa
  • ABS Binding on Tear Drop
  • Maple Neck Dual Action Truss Rod and Rosewood Fretboard
  • Custom Wound Split Coil Humbucker / Master Tone and Master Volume
  • Nickle Top-Loading 4 Saddle Bridge and Open Gear Tuners
  • Padded Orange Gig Bag with Printed Orange Crest / Alternative 3 ply Scratch Plate
  • 864MM Scale Length
  • R400 Fingerboard


The Orange O-Bass has received a full mark of 10 over 10 from the editor because of its shapely aesthetics. The sleek lines make it famous for professional bassists and enthusiasts. It can deliver quality music whenever it’s needed.

According to most of the users of this bass guitar, it can produce a sound with personality. Users also love the wound-split-coil pickup that can provide a sonic mojo. The bass response is also balanced and defined.

Another thing that you will also like about this guitar is the earthly overtones it can produce. It can create a harmonious grind when you try to dig in deeper into the neck of O-Bass. It will make you reminisce the old times of rock and roll.

Users also noted that the action comes slow, but you will hear no buzz at all. If you would like a bass guitar that you can use for a longer period, then,Orange O-bass is the name to search for.

Things to Improve

This guitar has been phenomenal due to its excellent performance. Users from around the world praise it because of the ferocious overtones it can produce if you combine it with great amps. It is recommended that you play it in openarea to achieve the desired quality of tone.


The Orange O-Bass has proven that it’s one of the best bass guitars in the market. It can effectively bring the vibe and essence of most amps in the market. Aside from this, it’s an essential in your studio arsenal.

Many people have praised the performance of this guitar. As a bassist, you would realize that you can mix it well with different amps and produce a wonderfully harmonic sound. With its range of impressive features and specifications, who wouldn’t fall in love with this Big O?

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