Mendini by Cecilio 5-Piece Adult Drum Set Product Review

The Mendini by Cecilio 5-Piece Adult Drum Set is perfect for adults and teens regardless of their drum playing skill level. It is a no nonsense instrument that just needs to be set-up, and you can start playing in a snap.

Although the drummer with the drum set usually sits at the back about other members of the band, they play a critical role in the concert and the music that the band creates. It gives music impact and rhythm. That is why it is crucial to choose the right drum set for your playing needs.

With that, let’s examine the different features of the Mendini by Cecilio 5-Piece Adult Drum Set.

Mendini by Cecilio Complete Full Size 5-Piece Adult Drum Set...
  • Recommended Age Group: Adult , Teen
  • Cross laminated poplar shells, Black powder coated triple flanged...
  • 22" x 16" bass drum, 12" x 8" and 13" x 9" tom toms, 14" x 5.5"...

Cross Laminated Poplar Drum Shells

One of the key character of the Mendini by Cecilio 5-Piece Adult Drum Set is it cross laminated poplar drum shells. The drum shells can be considered as the core of every drum. It does not just house the drum head as it plays a major role in the sound that your entire drum set produces.

Poplar drum shells produce even and smooth sounds. It gives out soft mids and highs. Also, it can boost the low-end warmth. With this, you get warmth, versatility, and deep resonance.

A Complete Drum Set

Another significant characteristic of the Mendini by Cecilio Full Size Adult Drum Set is that it already includes all the necessary components of a drum set. You just put it all together, and you can start playing. You no longer need to purchase each component separately. Also, since it is already a complete set, each element complements the others.

An even greater attribute of getting this complete acoustic drum set is it sounds amazing. This is also why this product is perfect for beginner level drummers. If you produce great music as a beginner, you can get more motivated to practice more and learn different styles of playing.

You wouldn’t need to spend much time to research on each component of your drum set. Furthermore, matching the components is out of the question. Playing is all you have to worry about.

Features and Specifications

  • Poplar drum shell is also covered with PVC for added protection
  • Includes bass drum (22 in x 16 in), tom-toms (12 in x 8 in and 13 in x 9 in), matching snare drum (14 in and 5.5 in), floor tom (16 in x 16 in), hi-hat (14.5 in), and crash cymbals (16 in)
  • Adjustable drum throne which is round and padded
  • Drumsticks made of wood
  • Hi-hat and cymbal stands, and double braced snare
  • Drum pedal – chain drive

Mendini by Cecilio 5-Piece Adult Drum Set Reviews

The Mendini by Cecilio Complete 5-Piece Adult Drum Set received high marks for Editor’s Rating of 8.4 out of 10. Most of the users find the drum set of great value. One customer mentioned the aesthetics of the drum set. He said that the looked stylish with the metallic blue drum case and appeared to have made of high-quality materials.

Another user liked that even if he is a tall person, the drum set still fits him. Users were impressed with the quality of the sound the drum set produces. Most of the people who bought the drum set also find it easy to assemble.

One user even mentioned that the stands are sturdy enough. With this, they do not have to worry of toppling some components of the drum set when the play it or if someone would bump into it.

Things to Improve

A minor issue about the Mendini by Cecilio 5-Piece Adult Drum Set is that the nuts and bolts connecting the components of the drum set become loose over time. This is because of the vibration that is created when the drum set is being played. You just need to check and tighten them every if you have been using the drums for some time.

However, if there are any manufacturer’s defects, it comes with a one year warranty so you can purchase the item with the confidence that you are getting a quality product.


The Mendini by Cecilio Complete 5-Piece Adult Drum Set is simple, straightforward, and complete. The popular drum shells ensure that you can produce high-quality sounds when you play. Having all the necessary components in one package saves you time, energy, and money. This is a great purchase for any skill level drummer, and especially if you are a beginner.

Overall, using wood for drum shells is the best choice because of the quality of the sound it produces. Poplar is a hardwood well suited for a drum shell. It is also used as filler wood in between the outer and inner plies of the drum shell. The sound it produces is much like more expensive woods such as mahogany and birch.

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