Martin LX1E Travel Guitar Product Review

If you are looking for a travel guitar, the Martin LX1E is what you need. The Little Martin acoustic guitar is affordable to buy and comfortable to use!

Most beginners and travelers buy the it– along with the many popular Martin Guitars – produced by C.F. Martin & Co. The company has been in the business for almost 200 years and yet still strong in competition with other brands.

Small but terrible, it sounds perfect with or without the electronics. Some would expect that it would sound a bit like a toy guitar that sounds hollow and creepy. Lo and behold! It gives out the sound perfect for small gatherings.

Little Martin is for Everyone

If you are a pre-teen and would like to learn how to play, the Martin LX1E is the right choice for you. Due to its size, it would not be difficult to change frets. You can even bring it to your next slumber party with friends.

Most traveling guitarists choose it because it fits in a plane’s overhead compartment. Some people just sling the Little Martin up on their shoulders on other transport.

You might not know it, but some popular guitarists choose it for rehearsals or on the spot gigs. Well, they are already famous so we can always think that they bring more than two guitars – and some of them really do.

So do not look shocked when you bump into Ed Sheeran carrying a Martin LX1E for his concert tours.

The Little Martin Series

The Little Martin Collection is comprised of:

  • Little Martin LXM
  • Little Martin LXME
  • Little Martin LXK2
  • Little Martin LX1
  • Little Martin LX1E
  • Little Martin Ed Sheeran Special

All of them have used HPL on their bodies. Some of them have electronics withoutthe complicated equalizers, while some are plain acoustic guitars. There are some with added features that make them expensive, but it is the ideal acoustic guitar among the six because of its balance quality and affordability.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Has a Sitka brace and a Micarta bridge and fret
  • Has high pressure laminate for top, back and side woods
  • Has a satin body finish
  • Installed with electronics
  • No complicated pre-amplifications or equalizers
  • Has a rosewood HPL overlay
  • Has an X type pattern
  • Has 20 frets on a scale length of 23”
  • Has White Tusq saddle and White Corian nut
  • Modified body type for 0-14 fret
  • Bears the C.F. Martin & Co. logo
  • Tuners are made of nickel by Gotoh with Stratabond neck
  • Affordable and durable
  • Compatiblewith any amplifier


According to the reviewers, Martin LX1E sounds better than a regular-size guitar. They have underestimated the product at first, but Little Martin did not disappoint them. There were some that even used it on live performances!

Since it is not a big guitar, the electronics attached to it is quite simple but very handy. It has the basic volume controls that the player can adjust without difficulty. This also helps amplify its sound – confirming that it actually sounds like a regular acoustic guitar.

Most of the reviewers appreciate the fact that it is not limited to beginners. Even expert guitarists recommend Little Martin for gatherings and functions. However, kids won’t be able to use this. The strings are made of steel, which would cause irritation to the children’s fingers. No one likes that to happen.

The sound was compared to high-end regular-size guitars, and it delivers. It doesn’t have fret issues and remains in tune even when stored for a few days. The guitar craftsmen even released a Little Martin Ed Sheeran Special!

Points to Improve

There are some reviewers, however, that say that they find it difficult to play – mainly because they have big fingers, thus making it hard for them. They also think that use of too much high-pressure laminates is not eco-friendly.

Since it does not have its own tuner, you have to connect to the speakers directly and may not have the control over the feedback noise. If used in a concert, there might also be some feedback noise that would be irritating to hear. Grounded electric wires are the main culprit in situations like this, and incidents like this happen almost all of the time.

There is some room for improvement, but that cannot stop the Martin LX1E from jamming.

The Verdict

The Martin LX1E is considered by the community to be more of a traveler’s acoustic guitar. While it is better than other small guitars, it has a built-in electronic control for its volume.It is really amazing that even Ed Sheeran has used it for a performance with a large crowd.

Size does not matter; it is the performance of the guitar that should be the basis for liking it. And how did the reviewers respond to that? Martin LX1E garnered a 9.7 out of 10!

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