Korg B1SP Digital Piano Product Review

The Korg B1SP is a compact digital piano that’s perfect for both beginners and master piano players. It uses state-of-the-art technology to replicate the sound of an acoustic piano. It also features weighted keys that produce resistance, depending on the register being played.

In addition to its capability of replicating the sound of a grand piano, it can also simulate other instruments such as the harpsichord and organ, to name a few. With its three-pedal unit, the Korg electic piano can flawlessly create an acoustic sound. This Korg instrument is a great choice for those looking to create and perform beautiful music anytime.

Korg is a Japanese brand committed to delivering ground-breaking experiences in music. Its founding in 1963 led to the creation of Japan’s first rhythm machine known as the Doncamatic. They were also responsible for the development of the synthesizer and the first needle-type tuner. Without their contributions to the world of music, the industry would not have been the same.

Korg B1SP 88 Weighted Key Digital Piano w/ Stand Three Pedal...
  • 88 Natural Weighted Hammer action keyboard keys
  • 8 Accurate digitally sampled sounds Maximum polyphony 120 voices
  • Built-in stereo sound system (9 Watt x 2) with MFB Servo technology

Cutting Edge Technology

The Korg B1SP Digital Piano is capable of reproducing realistic sounds using their Motional Feedback (MFB) Technology. Combined with a set of full-range speakers and a radiator, customers can expect flawless and captivating sounds unlike any other.

With Korg, customers can expect a brand that uses innovation to advance musical production and performance. Musicians who enjoy experimenting with sound can take advantage of Korg’s vision and technology expertise to create music of the future.

Perfect for Those Looking to Master the Piano

The Korg B1SP Digital Piano comes with a special learning guide that showcases three distinct sounds of acoustic piano. These sounds come alongside the piano’s other instrument sounds that perfectly illustrate Korg’s abiity to deliver precise and realistic sounds.

With the seven built-in instrument sounds, musicians can create music encompassing various genres. It will allow anyone to explore their musical creativity while fully immersed in the concert experience. Whether a student or a professional, it is easy to express oneself through the rich and deep sounds of the Korg’s vibrant, yet smooth acoustic tunes.

Dive into Low Frequency Sound

Because of its servo-assisted MFB technology, alongside the built-in speakers and radiator, the Korg digital piano is able to produce tones that spring from the piano’s large body. The piano’s built is able to emphasize tones from the low-frequency range with minimal distortion. This is due to the piano system’s active servo that is able to control the speaker cone.

Simple yet Functional Design

To complete the piano experience, the Korg B1SP comes with a lovely Knox Bench that perfectly matches the piano’s look. The simple yet elegant design of the piano can be used to enhance any space, whether it’s a stage, living room or even a home music studio.

Features and Specs

  • Features an 88-key natural weighted hammer action keyboard
  • Has 8 digitally sampled sounds
  • Has an MFB servo-assisted built-in sound system
  • Comes with 3 pedals
  • Has a furniture stand, bench and an AC adapter sheet
  • Comes with a 1/8-inch stereo jack
  • 8 pounds
  • 58 x 17.6 x 11.8 pounds


This Korg B1SP Digital Piano received 8.8 out 10 stars for the Editor’s Rating. Out of all the customer reviews, 70% of those who purchased this item gave 10 stars. Majority of customers think that the Korg digital piano is a great purchase. The piano produces a sound that’s very much the same to that of a grand piano.

This Korg Digital Piano exudes luxury and class, and produces rich and exquisite sounds each time. It’s an instrument that will be enjoyed by casual musicians, as it is a comfortable and beautiful-sounding piano that’s good for playing all day.

The piano’s construction is also exceptional. Coming from a Japanese company, high-quality, innovative, and flawless craftsmanship is to be expected from a product like this. As for price, it is quite affordable, considering the technology it showcases, and the rich and precise sounds it produces.

Things to Improve

Out of the 40 customer reviews on this product, only 7% gave the Korg B1SP  a critical review. One downside that most customers immediately pointed out was the lack of appropriate output jacks, since the piano only had one.

For musicians, it is quite important to have a compatible jack for headphones, as some prefer to play with the necessary volume control. Other issues about the product concern malfunctioning or damaged parts that are caused by mishandling during shipping.


When looking for a high-tech piano that can give the same feeling that a grand piano does, then the Korg is definitely worth considering. Musicians who are looking for that rich, deep acoustic sound can turn to the Korg B1SP Digital Piano without having to splurge at all.

Created by a reputable and innovative Japanese brand, Korg instruments are a benchmark of state-of-the-art sound and performance. It is easy to get lost within the sound while playing the Korg B1SP Digital Piano, as it delivers accurate and beautiful melodies that enhance any performance or composition.

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