Kinglos 4/4 White Blue – An Electric Silent Violin Kit

Style and Looks

Shanghai-born and –based Kinglos Industrial Co. Ltd is an innovative company specializing in researching, developing and producing professional-quality musical instruments with challenging, modern design twists.  They are a brand leader in Visual-Art Violins.

Although they also produce more traditional-style instruments this Blue Flower silent violin is not one of those shrinking violets! It is a beautiful piece of art dressed as a violin which produces a richness of sound to match its spectacular looks. And if that’s not enough for you, you can even custom-pick some colour elements at time of ordering – you want to add an orange bridge to that? Really? OK. Kinglos are proud of their levels of customer service.

They are proud of their designs, too. The White Blue Flower is just one in a kaleidoscopic  range of designs that use the full colour spectrum to staggering effect. The colours are integrated into the fabric of the wood used to make the distinctive and unique shapes of the instrument – it’s not a spray-booth process: it’s far more sophisticated.

Being a silent violin, this one features a hand-carved solid spruce body. Hard ebony is used for fingerboard, pegs, chin rest, and tailpiece. The tail contains 4 detachable fine tuners as is fairly common.

Kinglos 4/4 White Blue Flower Colored Solid Wood...
  • With patented coloring technology of locating and docking the networks...
  • Hand-carved solid spruce body with ebony fingerboard, pegs, chin rest,...
  • Pick-up system: DV-9 active pick-up, with tuners of volume and tone,...


The state-of-the-art Piezo pickups are supplemented by tone and volume controls. They feed out to sockets for line out to your output jack (to the amp or recording input). You’ll need to provide your own 9v battery to power this kit though.

The Whole Package

In terms of the other hardware that comes in your package, you’ll find a good quality traditional style case, a bow featuring high quality horse tail, rosin, 4 metres worth of cable, headphones for private practice, a shoulder rest, an extra bridge and a spare set of strings. Of course, you’ll get a set of strings already fitted to the instrument, set up and ready to play – all you’ll need to do is tune it up. And marvel at the colour scheme.

Silent violins are excellent for rehearsal: you can limit the sonic interference levels on your friends and neighbours! The outputs are compatible with industry standard components so you can even plug in to a set of headphones that you already own and are comfortable with.  One other advantage of this style of electric instrument is that when you plug in to play out in public, you won’t generate screaming feedback – at least not unless you want to! Being solid body, there is very little in the way of sonic overheads to trigger the loop.


We’re still in the budget range of prices here with this DSZA1201, so don’t expect too much in the way of concert hall sound quality.  But for a beginner to intermediate violinist this will be more than enough musical instrument. And when you progress to bigger and bigger halls, the amps will be able to compensate for any loss of tone.

But yours will still be the most spectacular instrument on the stage!

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