Kawai MP11 Professional Stage Piano Product Review

Kawai MP11 Professional Stage Piano is one of the Kawai pianos that you can buy in the market for quality but low price. Kawai has always been popular for its grand acoustic pianos,wherein the world’s renowned pianists use a piano of this brand in their performances. Because of this, Kawai has made a reputation that made the world trusts its pianos’ quality.

Even though Kawai has only been popular for its grand acoustic pianos, the company has started to venture and to compete with the other famous brands of digital and portable pianos like Yamaha and Casio. Kawai has never failed meeting the expectations of its consumers.

Even the Kawai’s digital pianos and portable pianos are of high quality and cheaper which can compete with the prices of other digital pianos in the market. One example of Kawai’s high-quality and affordable portable piano is the Kawai MP11 Professional Stage Piano.

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  • Grand Feel (GF) wooden-key action with Let-off, Triple Sensors and...

It’s a Better Version of a Digital Piano

Different companies have always been striving to create the best digital piano that is comparable to a grand acoustic piano. However, no matter how hard they try, they still can’t replicate the exact feel and smoothness of the grand acoustic piano.

It is important for a company to improve on the feel of the digital pianos not just because of comfort, but alsohard keys cause fatigue to the fingers.

Thanks to the improvements in technology, the moderndigital pianos are becoming closer to replicate the feel of the acoustic pianos, but not as close as what you can experience with Kawai MP11.

Kawai MP11 Professional Stage Piano is responsive. The keys are easier to play, thus not causing the fingers to feel fatigued.

Acoustic Piano at an Affordable Price

The playability of this piano is comparable to the acoustic piano that you can find in concerts and recitals. Despite its great features, you can buy the Kawai MP11 Professional Stage Piano for a low price. Owning an MP11 is like owning a portable acoustic piano that you can even take anywhere you like.

Moreover, the Kawai MP11 is only one of the few piano models in the market that has an almost the same resemblance to acoustic pianos in terms of sound and playability.

One of the Closest to the Grand Piano That You Can Get

It is true that there are other brands and models that are good enough to play with. There are sound technologies and hammer action incorporated into these pianos that’s why these pianos are good enough especially if you’re on a tight budget.

However, if you like to feel and hear that you’re playing a $100,000 grand concert piano, the Kawai MP11 Professional Stage Piano is the right one for you. The playability of this piano is not as comparable to the other digital pianos, although the others may be good enough.

Honestly, few better brands in the market have better features and playability than the Kawai MP11. But if you’re looking for a cheaper one, the MP11 is good enough for you.

Features and Specs

  • Different range of musical styles from classical to pop.
  • You can apply more than 100 effects because of the vintage EPs.
  • Large LCD graphic display.
  • Four real-time organized control knobs.
  • Can recall more than 200 stored and customized sounds.
  • Pro-audio, MIDI jacks, and Kawai F30 pedal unit.
  • ADSR parameters and EQ.


The Kawai MP11 Professional Stage Piano has received an editor’s rating of 10 out of 10. All the users are happy with the product, although it is not something that you can call as the “perfect piano.” The Kawai MP11 still has flaws and plenty of rooms for improvement. But still, all the users are happy with using this product despite the downsides.

One of the reasons why most pianist love this piano is the grand feel. This grand piano feel is the piano’s greatest features, and it didn’t fail to fulfill its promise to its users. There are several controls to choose from so that the pianist can choose the music style that he likes.

Things to Improve

There are some minor flaws about this piano. However, these flaws are just minor and tolerable enough for the users to give this piano an editor’s rating of perfect 10.

One of the downsides of this piano’s great features is its weight. It is a portable version of a grand piano indeed, but it is still bulky and heavy. Most users find it difficult to find a suitable case for it. Furthermore, according to some users, the bank selections are awkwardly placed.


If you’re looking for a portable piano that is similar to a grand piano, the Kawai’s MP11 is the right one for you. It is affordable compared to other brands. Most importantly, most of the users who have experienced playing this piano have nothing major negative things to say about this piano.

This piano is highly recommended for professional pianists who are frequently performing in concerts and shows. The Kawai MP11 is not recommended for aspiring pianists who never had any experience in playing thepiano. There are other more affordable pianos with less complicated controls than the Kawai MP11 Professional Stage Piano that they can start with.

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