Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano Product Review

Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano is one of the digital pianos produced by Kawai. Kawai has always been a popular brand as a manufacturer of highquality, expensive acoustic pianos. Unknown to some people, Kawai has already started manufacturing digital pianos that are available at affordable prices.

Acoustic pianos have always been the best option, audibly speaking, except that it doesn’t have the features that can go along with the current trends in technology. The challenge for the manufacturers of digital pianos lies on how to make these pianos sound like the acoustic ones.

Thankfully, some of the modern digital pianos can replicate the acoustic sound of the classic pianos. One of these digital pianos is the Kawai KDP90.

Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano
  • Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology88-key Piano SamplingAHAIV-F...
  • Kawai's exceptional line of digital pianos is a direct result of their...
  • Relying on a rich experience in building fine acoustic pianos, Kawai...

Good in Replicating Sounds

The Kawai KDP90 digital piano doesn’t just sound like an acoustic piano, but it is also good in replicating the sounds of other musical instruments. It has a four-tone acoustic piano which includes stereo reproduction. It alsocan copy the sounds of 15 kinds of instruments and sounds realistic. Some of these 15 instruments include the electric piano, strings, choirs/pads, organs, and harpsichord.

You can find the buttons that control these sounds at the left side of the keyboard.

Sounds Like an Acoustic Grand Piano

Kawai incorporated the Harmonic Imaging sound technology to make it sound like a real acoustic piano. Their engineers can produce the high-quality sound out of this digital piano by modeling it according to Kawai’s EX Concert Piano.

The dynamic range of the EX Concert Piano is applied to the Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano because the Kawai’s experts produced the stereo “maps” of this dynamic range. This “maps” is transformed into what they call as “harmonic data” through the Harmonic Imaging sound technology.

For this reason, the Kawai KDP90 sounds like a concert piano from the softest to the loudest of its sound.

The Cheapest Kawai Piano That You Can Get

Kawai has always been famous for its 9-foot concert pianos. These concert pianos’ price is high. The Kawai KDP90 is not the first digital piano that Kawai has ever created. The first one is the Kawai KDP80 model which was never available in Canada and the USA. The technology that has been incorporated into the Kawai KDP80 model was just basic.

The company has made a lot of improvements to its KDP90 model and has made it available to the users at a low price that can compete with Casio and Yamaha.

Awesome Application of AHAIV-F Hammer Action

Another reason that Kawai KDP90 digital piano is a digital replication of an acoustic piano is its AHAIV-F hammer action. This technology adds to the acoustic piano-like sound to the Kawai KDP90. It also provides a feel that responds quickly to the pianist’s touch.

The AHAIV-F uses a hammer component below the keys that produce the movement and feels that are almost the same as the acoustic piano.  The incorporation of this technology makes the bass keys as the heaviest and become lighter as you play the keys on the right side.

Features and Specs

  • Incorporates Harmonic Imaging technology
  • Advanced Hammer Action IV-F
  • 88-key sampling
  • 15 different instrument sounds
  • Four-hand modes
  • Polyphony with 182 notes
  • Built-in Piano Lessons by Alfred
  • Three-pedal system
  • Stereo speaker that’s already built-in
  • Audio outputs


The Kawai KDP90 digital piano has received an editor’s rating of 8 out of 10. The users love the feel and the sound of this piano. They especially love the incorporation of the Advanced Hammer Action IV-F technology on this. Because of this AHAIV-F, the responsiveness of this piano is enhanced and impressed the users.

The reason why most of the Kawai KDP90 users chose this product is its compact size. Some of the users chose this product as a replacement for their grand acoustic piano because they have to move to smaller places. Some just don’t have enough room to accommodate a 9-foot piano.

Things to Improve

There are minor reasons why this piano has received an 8 out of 10 rating despite its great features. First, it still lacks as a digital piano. Other digital pianos have a USB port, auto accompaniment, and multi-track recording. This piano doesn’t have them.

According to some users, there is so much to improve with the built-in speakers.

Moreover, this piano doesn’t come with the bench. You have to buy it yourself separately.

These are just minor issues, though. If you’re looking for a piano for its sound and feel, but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money, the Kawai KDP90 digital piano is the best option.


If you’re looking for an acoustic piano in a compact size, the Kawai KDP90 is the one for you. It sounds and feels like an acoustic piano at a low price. The piano is made from rosewood, so it doesn’t look bad as added ornamental furniture in your home.

Although it lacks some digital features that the other digital pianos in the market have, the Kawai KDP90 digital piano is not bad at all if you’re not after those things.

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