Kawai ES8 Digital Piano Product Review

The Kawai ES8 Digital Piano is a very versatile and powerful instrument. Whether you’re in church (accompanying the choir), in a recital, or simply practicing at home or school, the ES8 Digital Piano by Kawai is the perfect keyboard instrument for you.

Kawai ES8 Digital Piano - Black
  • Keyboard
  • Number of keys: 88 Key
  • Action: Graded-hammer

Inclusions and Options

The package comes with the F10-H deluxe damper pedal. It has half-damper capability. You can get the optional F-120 pedal. It has dual capability (half-damper function and soft pedal).

Kawai has an exclusive virtual technician that can personalize the piano’s touch response and acoustic sound. You can save money since you don’t have to hire a piano technician to do the same thing for you.

Touch and Tone Features

The Kawai ES8 Digital Piano comes with the Responsive Hammer III keyboard action. It is the leading keyboard action and can recreate the touch from an acoustic grand piano. The movements are realistic. The springless design provides a smooth piano playing experience.

The Kawai ES8 comes with a key-detection system with a triple sensor. This enhances responsiveness and ensures accuracy.

The Kawai ES8 comes with Kawai’s Harmonic Imaging XL. It has an 88-key piano sampling. The unique technology allows the creation of sounds that are very detailed and as clear as possible.

Speaker and Audio Systems

The Kawai ES8 Digital Piano comes with a powerful speaker, with a stereo system that is housed in two enclosures that are built-in.

The Kawai ES8 also has USB audio and storage capabilities. You can record and play audio files. You can also store digital audio files. It also allows computer connectivity.

Aside from these powerful audio features, you can capture your moments of inspiration via the recording feature of Kawai’s ES8 Digital Piano. There is a 10-song built-in recorder that is easy to use.

Connectivity Options

The Kawai ES8 Digital Piano comes with a dual headphone jack. This allows privacy for two people to listen at the same time. As mentioned earlier, the Kawai ES8 has a USB jack. This offers both USB to host and USB to device functionality.

There’s also a MIDI (in/out) jack that allows you to connect to the computer and other musical instruments. Aside from this, the ES8 comes with line out jacks as well as a unique jack for line in stereo.

Portability for the Pianist on the Go

The Kawai ES8 Digital Piano is portable and suitable for any needs. It weighs around 66 pounds and comes with an optional soft case for musicians on the go. The soft case comes with wheels that can make traveling easier.

Elegant Look for Your Home

Its compact design makes the Kawai ES8 a desirable choice. It comes with a designer stand (optional) that you can attach to the Kawai ES8 Digital Piano. The designer stand gives it an elegant look that can match your home. There’s also a pedal lyre assembly that is also optional, to complete the look. The pedal lyre adds three pedals that are functioning.

You can also purchase a keyboard bench separately to match the elegant design of the keyboard standard pedal assembly.

KeyFeatures and Specifications

The Kawai ES8 Digital Piano comes with the following features and specifications:

  • Item weight: 65.3 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 58.8 x 17.8 x 11.2 inches
  • Key size: full
  • After touch/velocity: velocity sensitive
  • Harmonic Imaging XL™ sound technology with 88-notepiano sampling
  • RHIII graded hammer action
  • 34 exceptional instrument sounds
  • USB digital audio –play/record WAV and MP3 files
  • Rhythm section with 100 accompaniment styles
  • 256-note maximumpolyphony
  • Powerful built-in speaker system
  • Elegant gloss black and ivory white finishes
  • Optional designer stand and pedal lyre
  • Optional soft road case with wheels

Reviews from ES8 Users

Most users and owners of the Kawai ES8 Digital Piano are delighted with their purchases.

Users commend the sturdy build of the keyboard. They also like the action which some think is superior to others.

Another feature of the Kawai ES8 that gets commendation is the traditional piano-like feel. The different piano sounds are praiseworthy.

The key surface and texture of the Kawai ES8 are also very similar to a traditional piano. It also comes with excellent sensors.

The Kawai ES8 allows you the ability to customize the sounds. There are eight built-in pianos. The virtual technician is also very helpful in enablingyou to tweak some functions.

The USB integration is beneficial and convenient. The built-in accompaniment feature is also commendable.

Things to Improve

Since the Kawai ES8 Digital Piano is a durable keyboard, it is also pretty hefty. If you are on the go, you need to purchase the case since it’s sold separately. Once you have made the decision to buythe case, though, it’s a goodbuy since it comes with wheels that allow mobility. This means shelling out an additional $270 on top of the Kawai ES8 price, though.


This digital piano is definitely a perfect investment. It has the look and feel of a traditional piano, but portable. It’s like carrying a classicalpiano with you all the time.

The best thing about the Kawai ES8 is that it’s packed with features you need in a keyboard, but the sound and the feel of the keys are similar to that of a traditional acoustic piano.

Grab your own Kawai ES8 Digital Piano, and enjoy its features infullpackage.

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