Kawai ES110 88-key Digital Piano Product Review

Kawai ES110 88-key Digital Piano is an improved Kawai ES100 version which was already a good digital piano. There are a lot of features that have improved since the release of the previous model. Some of these are the weight, controls, Bluetooth, and more. The Kawai ES110 has retained the acoustic sound of the previous model.

Even though there are a lot of improvements that have been made since the last model, the Kawai ES110 is budget-friendly. Even though you cannot describe the Kawai ES110 as the perfect piano, its sound and efficiency are better than its cost.

Kawai ES110 88-key Digital Piano with Speakers
  • 88 Grade-Weighted Keys
  • Advanced Harmonic-Imaging Technology
  • Acoustic Piano Key Weighting

Different Sounds at the Same Time

The Kawai ES110 88-key Digital Piano has a layer mode wherein you can play two various sounds at the same time. You can play both string and organ simultaneously using only one key. This feature adds to the versatility of this piano to create wonderful music.

In addition to this, the Kawai ES110 also has a split mode. The piano’s 88 keys are functional in this mode. In this mode, you can play two different sounds of instruments at the same time. You can play the string on the 44 left keys, and you can play the piano on the 44 right keys.

This is especially useful when you’re in a band where you want to add an instrument sound to accompany the piano.

The Kawai ES110 also allows the user to play with another person. The other user can use the 44 keys either on the left or the right. Using the duet mode, the piano divides equally with the same scale. This piano is also a good option for taking piano lessons because you can play with the teacher or the student at the same time.

The Price is Cheap

The price is affordable for its value. This piano offers a lot of great features that can leave its users satisfied for its performance. The sound and the feel are like an acoustic piano. It’s like having a grand acoustic piano at home at a lowprice and smaller size.

Responsive Hammer Compact (RHC)

One of the improvements from the previous version is the hammer action. The Kawai ES110 88-key Digital Piano now incorporates a key action called the Responsive Hammer Compact. Because of this technology, the user can feel the huge improvement of this version from the previous one.

The user can feel as if he’s playing piano that’s made from ivory or ebony. You know that you cannot find a piano nowadays that’s made from ebony or ivory. If there is, you know that it’s expensive.

You don’t have to pay a huge price just to get the feel of an ebony- or ivory-made piano. In addition to that, the RHC makes the 88 keys responsive to the touch of the user.

Features and Specs

  • Incorporates harmonic imaging sound technology
  • 88 keys
  • Responsive Hammer Compact
  • 19instrument sounds
  • 8 different piano sounds
  • Four-hand mode with split and dual keyboard modes
  • Bluetooth MIDI
  • Damper pedal with half-damper
  • Polyphony with 192 notes
  • Built-in piano lessons by Alfred
  • Three-pedal system
  • Built-in stereo speaker


The Kawai ES110 88-key Digital Piano has received an editor’s rating of 10 out of 10. All the users are satisfied with the product even though it has some flaws. What the users love the most about the Kawai ES110 is the sound and the feel of it. They say that it’s comparable to a grand piano because it sounds and feels like it.

The levels of skills of the users of Kawai ES110 vary. Some are beginners, and some are professionals. No matter how experienced or amateur pianists they are, they still love what the Kawai ES110 can bring on the table. It is user-friendly, and the beginners don’t find this piano difficult to use. In fact, the duet mode has helped them play along with their instructors.

Things to Improve

This Kawai ES110 88-key Digital Piano is not perfect although it has received a perfect editor’s rating of 10. This rating only means that all of the users are satisfied with the product despite its minor flaws.

Oneof its minor flaws is its lack of USB connectivity. The Kawai ES110 has compensated to this minor flaw through its Bluetooth MIDI feature. Some users also say that some of the keys create a different sound than what they are intended to, but it’s tolerable.

The other minor flaws are the limited organ, synth sounds, and sound options.


The Kawai ES110 88-key Digital Piano has been improved through the Kawai’s ES110 version. The users who don’t have a budget to buy a grand piano or other more expensive digital piano can turn to this cheaper option.

Despite its price, the Kawai ES110 takes pride of its RHC technology that gives the piano a grand-like feel. A lot of users have proven that this piano can satisfy you even though there are still some missingfeatures. However, the value that it provides is more than the cost of its price.

The Kawai ES110 is highly recommended to beginners and professional pianists. If you’re tight on a budget and you want to experience the sound and feel of an acoustic piano, the Kawai ES110 88-key Digital Piano is the best that you can have.

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