Kawai CE220 Digital Piano Product Review

Kawai features the wooden-key action via the Kawai CE220 Digital Piano. Among digital pianos, the Kawai CE220 offers fine touch (maybe the finest one available). The cabinet is rugged yet beautiful. The Kawai CE220 is one of the best high-quality digital piano choices.

The Kawai CE220 meets the features, action, and sound quality needs of consumers. Kawai has produced a piano-like instrument that is satisfying both to the fingers and the ears.

This Kawai Digital Piano feels and sounds like a grand piano, but it is easy to use and affordable.

Kawai CE220 Digital Piano
  • "Keyboard: 88 Wooden-Key, Graded HammerAction: AWA PROII with...
  • Action: AWA PROII with counterbalancing
  • Sound source: Progressive Harmonic Imaging sound technology with...

Wooden Keys and Keyboard Action

The Kawai CE220 Digital Piano boasts of a graded hammer action. It features weighted keys that swing back faster, mimicking piano keys.

Since Kawai aims to replicate the sound and touch of acoustic pianos, the Kawai CE220 was built with wooden keys. This is innovation at its finest since most digital pianos do not have wooden keys.

Although composite keys can be expressive and responsive, nothing beats real wood. When the keys are struck, wood absorbs less kinetic energy. This means consistent touch among all the keys in the CE220 Digital Piano from Kawai.

Exceptional Grand Piano-like Sound

The Kawai CE220 comes with an exceptional sound, due to Kawai’s Progressive Harmonic Imaging™ technology. The Kawai CE220 comes with a piano sampling of 88keys.

Kawai’s Progressive Harmonic Imaging technology can produce the vibrant, rich sound of a concert grand piano. Because of the 88-key sampling, the unique characteristics of the tone are preserved.

Because of Kawai’s revolutionary Progressive Harmonic Imaging technology, thismodel recreates not just the sound of a grand piano, but of other instruments as well.

Powerful Features and Functions

Aside from the powerful concert piano-like sound, the Kawai CE220 Digital Piano also comes packed with powerful features.

To start, there is a split or layered keyboard mode. This allows any two sounds to be played together.

There is a built-in metronome in the Kawai CE220 that teaches a rhythm that has a steady sense. A dual headphone jack allows the pianist to practice silently and listen privately.

USB Functionality and Customizable Features

Kawai CE220 Digital Piano comes with a USB to device functionality. You can play and record audio (MIDI) files with the use of a USB memory stick.

A Brilliance and Virtual Voicing control allows you to customize the sound, depending on your preference. There is also a touch user interface that you can customize to suit your playing style.

There are built-in classical music selections that are prerecorded. You can listen and learn at the same time. It comes with a songbook that you can use to choose which piano music to listen to.

Main Features and Specifications

The Kawai CE220 Digital Piano comes with the following features and specifications:

  • Sound source: Progressive Harmonic Imaging™

88-key piano sampling

  • Action: wooden-key, graded hammer
  • Maximumpolyphony: 192
  • Number of sounds: 22
  • Effects: reverb (5 types), chorus, delay, tremolo, rotary (2 types)
  • Special modes: dual and split keyboard, 4-hands (duet)
  • Balance control: panel slider
  • Piano music: 29 songs with music book
  • Functions: transpose, tuning, virtual voicing, virtual technician, touch curve (6 plus users),temperaments (9), damper effect, string resonance, brilliance, layer dynamics, lower octave shift, layer octave shift,lowerdynamics, damper hold, user memory
  • Song recorder: 2 tracks, 3 songs
  • Metronome: 7-time signatures plus 100 rhythms
  • Display: 3-character LED
  • Speaker system: 12cm x 2cm
  • Power: 40 watts
  • Pedals: damper (withhalf pedal), sostenuto, soft
  • Key cover: yes, sliding
  • Connections: headphone (2), line in (L/R), line out(L/mono), MIDI (in/out/thru), USB device
  • Finish: premium satin black with matching bench
  • Dimensions: 54in x 20in x 35in
  • Weight: 126 pounds

Reviews From CE220 Users

Most users and owners of the Kawai CE220 Digital Piano are quite happy with their purchases.

Most say that the Kawai CE220 is the best digital piano for its price. The sound is very acoustic or grand piano-like. Although the sound does not resonate as naturally or as well as an acoustic or grand piano, the sound is still vibrant, especially if paired with headphones.

The piano has a magnificent feel. The keys can be adjusted once you get the feel of it, which is convenient.

Most users’ and owners’ expectations are met when they purchase Kawai’s CE220 Digital Piano. They usually do their research and were not disappointed.

Things to Improve

Since the Kawai CE220 Digital Piano is quite heavy (126 pounds), it might be a pain to set it up. It is recommended that you set it up with a friend to avoid any damage to the keyboard.

The instructions are very clear, though. Just make sure that you follow them properly. The instructions also state that you do not set it up alone.

Some say that the metronome is limited. It’s also not a portable keyboard since it’s heavy and hard to move around.

The keys might seem stiff for some players. However, you can customize it as soon you’ve gotten the feel for it. It is recommended that you do not change it right away.


Kawai CE220 Digital Piano is the perfect choice that combines great touch and tone, as well as powerful features. Aside from this, it comes with an elegantly designed cabinet in apremium satin black finish. All of Kawai CE220 Digital Piano packages come with a padded bench for the bench digital piano experience.

Purchase your Kawai CE220 for the best piano-like experience.

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