Ibanez RG450DX Electric Guitar Product Review

Ibanez is a popular brand name for guitars. It is among the most trustworthy brands of musical instruments. While it is true that Ibanez has some top tier guitars, the most popular ones in the Ibanez lineup are the affordable ones that are perfect for beginners. Among these is the Ibanez RG450DX Electric Guitar.

With the great set of features and specifications of this guitar, it is almost cannot be argued that this RG450DX electric guitar is one of the best guitars for beginners. It is effortless to use and carry. It will help every single aspiring guitar player to learn and master the art of playing guitar a lot easier.

Another great thing about this instrument is the very fact that it is a great option not just for beginners, but also for advanced users. This guitar usually falls between the categories of low, mid-range, and higher entry-level groups.

Ibanez RG450DXBWH Electric Guitar White w/ Gig Bag and...
  • Bundle Includes a Gig Bag and Tuner!
  • Wizard III 3pc Maple neck
  • Basswood body

Great Electronics

One of the many reasons why Ibanez RG450DX electric guitar is highly recommended to those who are just starting in the music industry is because of its great electronics. Ibanez installed a total of three Quantum pickups in it HSS configuration. These Quantum pickups are wired to a standard pickup select switch, a tone control knob, and a single volume control knob.

Yes, the Ibanez RG450DX is not a perfect musical instrument. However, it is undeniably one of the most reliable and consistent beginner’s guitar currently available in the market.

High-Quality Sound

Aside from great electronics, another great thing about the Ibanez RG450DX electric guitar is the fact that it produces high-quality sound. As every musician – beginner or expert – knows, quality sound is the most important thing to consider when buying any kind of musical instrument.

No matter how physically appealing the guitar is, as long as it does not create high-quality and stable tone, then you should definitely not buy it. Being musician is about being able to produce sounds that are pleasant to hear, and not about being able to look cool with a fancy instrument.

Aesthetic Look

While it is not as important as the high-quality sound, a guitar with a great appearance also appeals not just to the musician, but also to its audience. There is no harm to selecting a guitar that offers both great sound and great look.

Ibanez RG450DX electric guitar is popular for its astonishing body and neck. It sports the body form of Ibanez standard Super Strat. It is made from a high-quality mahogany. It also features its Stratocaster style pick guard.

On the other side of the coin, the neck of this guitar is inspired by the Ibanez Wizard III series. Its neck is made from maple and sports a rosewood fretboard.

Aside from all these, another edge of this guitar over the others is the fact that it comes in a variety of finishes. Most of the finishes available are of a solid color. You can now get a quality yet affordable guitar that has your preferred color. You no longer have to be stuck with black and brown.

Features and Specs

  • Guitar Dimension: 6 x 20 x 45 inches
  • Guitar Weight: 17 pounds
  • Has a total of 24 Jumbo Frets
  • Features a Basswood Body
  • Sports Wizard III Series threePC. Maple neck
  • Boasts Rosewood Fretboard that comes with Sharktooth inlay
  • Bundle includes a Tuner and a Gig Bag


The Ibanez RG450DX electric guitar received a total of 9 out of 10 editors’ rating. As a beginner guitar, this is definitely a great deal. It can easily be the best electric guitar for beginners out there on the market.

Previous and current users of this guitar recommend it to their acquaintance, family, and friends who are also interested in starting to learn how to play the guitar. They are confident in recommending it to fellow learner simply because they find this guitar to stay in tune well for a long period of time.

Considering its price, features, specs, and tone, this guitar is undeniably a great deal to all those new players. It is definitely worth its price! In fact, you will even get more than what you pay for with this guitar.

Things to Improve

The Ibanez Infinity Series Pickup has been a minor issue for some users because of its dry, mid-range, and lack of sustain. Nonetheless, this is just a small problem. Considering the affordability of Ibanez RG450DX electric guitar, it is definitely difficult to expect for perfection. However, weighing all its pros and cons, this guitar is actually a sweet deal.


If you are someone who is just learning to play the guitar or is just a beginner or an intermediate player, the Ibanez RG450DX electric guitar is the best for you. You do not even have to tune it from time to time as it stays intune for a long time.

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