Ibanez IJXB150BRD Jumpstart Bass Package Review

The all-new Ibanez IJXB150BRD Jumpstart Bass Package is one of the most soughtafter bass guitar package in the market. This is the best guitar to use in learning the basics if ever you’re just be starting off as a bassist. This is considered as a value pack bundle because everything that you’ll need as a beginner is contained in the package.

Ibanez IJXB150BRD Jumpstart Bass Package in Red
  • GSR190 bass with IBZ1B 10-watt Bass Amp
  • Electronic Tuner
  • Gig Bag


The Ibanez IJXB150BRD Jumpstart Bass Package can produce warm tones with its configuration and the best thing about it is that you can choose from a variety of sound options. The chrome hardware can also have rounded out of the appointments. If you would like to amplify your bass guitar, it needs a 10-watt amp that’s recommended for practicing your skills.

Punchy-Sounding Electronics

The Ibanez IJXB150BRD is created with a resonant poplar. It is also very lightweight, so you won’t have a hard time in carrying it while you play or practice. One of the things that beginners should look for in a guitar is the ease of use. This bass guitar is created to be simple and free from complications.

Its maple neckis ensured to be ultra-strong to withstand the frequent use during practices and performances. It feels sleek when played and it produces a fat bass tone. You get to have a pair of passive pickups that let you play the classic bass sounds of your choice.

The electronic layout of this guitar is one of the most famous designsto find in the market. Aside from this, the middle-position split-coil can produce fat tones that are enhanced by the upper midrange growl. This is done by the single-coil at the bridge of the guitar.

The best thing about this Ibanez IJXB150BRD Jumpstart Bass Package is that you can set your preferred signature tone through its volume control built-in. Adjusting it is also made easy, and it caters the needs of beginners in bass playing.

Perfect Amp for the Bass

When using the Ibanez IJXB150BRD Jumpstart Bass Package, you also get to have a bass amp to accompany you on your bass practice. It includes 10-watt solid-state bass amp that can magnify the tones efficiently and harmoniously. It is the best choice for low-level practicing, especially if you don’t like to create disturbing noises in your neighborhood.

There is a built-in headphone that you can use for late night practice. The size of this guitar is also perfect for a musical collaboration because it can be easily transported from one place to another because of its compact size.

Accessories Included

Accessories are included to help you protect your bass guitar from damages. Upon purchase, you get to have a gig bag so you can bring it anywhere you go. It is durable enough to protect your bass guitar from scratches and to bump damage. The base stand is another accessory includedin the package so you can keep it safe and intact when you are not using it.Picks and cables are also included for beginners.

To make it interactive, the maker includes a card for online tutorials and lessons on bass guitar playing. Are you not convinced yet? Check out the Ibanez IJXB150BRD Jumpstart Bass Packagege, and you won’t forget it.

Features and Specifications

  • Resonant poplar bodies bass
  • Maple top neck and rosewood fretboard
  • P/J pickup configuration for producing big bass tones
  • 10-Watt bass amp and electric tuner for fast playing
  • Gig bag for travel purposes and a guitar stand for keeping it safe while not in use
  • Picks and cables are also included
  • Headphones for night time rehearsals
  • GIO body shape
  • 4-Strings
  • Urethane body finish
  • Standard J bass pickup
  • Dotted fingerboard inlay


The Ibanez IJXB150BRD Jumpstart Bass Package receives a rating of 8 out of 10 from the editor because it can be considered as one of the best bass guitars for beginners. Most of the users of this guitar experience no issues when they first use it straight out of the box.

As a beginner’s kit, people noted that they can save much time and money. They no longer need to buy the accessories since they are already included in the package. Aside from this, the Urethane body of this guitar makes it easy to carry around whenever and wherever.

Other users also find the card of online lessons to be another advantage. They can practice playing the bass guitar even when they’re at home.It is a fun-to-play guitar that can give you a nice feeling while playing it and it’s best to use for jamming, rehearsing, and band performances.

Things to Improve

If there is something to improve about this guitar,it’s going to be the hardware. This is not a major concern, however, and it will not hamper the guitar’s playability. Sometimes, there is a rattling sound that can be heard from the head. Some users also noticed it, but only for a few times.


If you are a beginner, then you should consider getting an Ibanez IJXB150BRD. This is one of the most recommended bass guitars for beginners because of its playability and ease of use.

You will surely like the inclusion of a bass amp in the package that you can use in amplifying your tunes. The good thing about this bass guitar is that you can use it even at night without disturbing your neighbor because of the built-in headphone socket.

What are you waiting for? Check out this amazing guitar, the Ibanez IJXB150BRD Jumpstart Bass Package and make yourself a part of the bassist’s world!