Ibanez GSR205B 5-String Electric Bass Guitar Product Review

The Ibanez GSR205B is a 5-string electric bass guitar. It is one of the sub-series of GIO, which is based on the design of the SR series. Ibanez Soundgear is considered as a brand that offers everything from the beginner to the intermediate type of guitars. The GSR205B is one of the six new models released in 2014.

Rogue LX205B 5-String Series III Electric Bass Guitar...
  • Basswood dual cutaway body
  • Bolt-on maple neck with rosewood fingerboard
  • High-mass adjustable saddle bridge

Aesthetic and Intelligent Design

As previously mentioned, the Ibanez GSR205B 5-String Electric Bass Guitar was based on the design of the famous SR series. Because of this, you can play this instrument with pride in front of a huge crowd. However, unlike the SR series, the Ibanez GSR205B has a flat mahogany body with a lustrous finish.

The deep cutaway design allows the user to reach the higher frets. The mahogany material also adds to the richness of sound that this guitar produces. It has a five-saddled B15 bridge for sustainability. The DXH-5 pickups ensure sonic articulation for your guitar.

The body is paired with a maple neck that has a GSR contour located at the back. The neck houses therosewood fingerboard, five strings, and 22 medium-sized frets. For this reason, you can play various musical styles because of its attractive design and intelligent placement of its features.


The Ibanez GSR205B 5-String Electric Bass Guitar has a Phat II EQ feature that lets you control the sonic contour of sounds that your guitar produces. It allows you to manipulate the richness of your sound and shapes it for greater versatility.

This electric bass guitar has active electronics that allows your music to be more powerful and diverse. For this reason, this guitar is also perfect as an entry-level bass guitar.


The Ibanez GSR205B 5-String Electric Bass Guitar is one of the cheapest members of the SG series by Ibanez. Despite its low price, it is capable of producing punchy rich tones. You’ll never be ashamed to show it to people because of its lustrous looks and playability.


Commonly, it is difficult to play a 5-string electric bass guitar with more than 21 frets because of the wide size of the neck. However, the Ibanez GSR205B 5-String Electric Bass Guitar has a slimmer neck so you can reach the farther frets with comfort and at a faster rate without sacrificing the sound the instrument produces.

The rosewood fingerboard of this guitar is smooth. Because of this, you can put your fingers on the guitar with ease.

Features and Specs

  • Dual-cutaway mahogany body with a lustrous finish
  • Rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets
  • Maple DXH-5 neck
  • Five-saddled B15 bridge
  • Phat II Equalizer control
  • Bridge pickups


The Ibanez GSR205B 5-String Electric Bass Guitar has received an Editor’s Rating of 9.2 out of 10. What most users love about this product is its affordability. It is one of the cheapest 5-string electric bass guitar models from Ibanez, yet its price doesn’t sacrifice the features, playability, and the performance of the product.

It is great for an entry-level electric bass guitar, but it’s also not bad for a professional one. According to some users, the Ibanez GSR205B even sounds better compared to other electric bass guitars that are more expensive. This product beats some expensive electric bass guitars based on the overall sounds and playability.

Most users purchase the Ibanez GSR205B 5-String Electric Bass Guitar as a sub for their favorite brands. Some just prefer to buy it because they’re on a tight budget. Some are beginners who want to gain experience in preparation for a better and more expensive electric bass guitar.

Most users are happy with the product because they bought a quality guitar for a low price. In addition to the guitar’s affordability, the users like of the humbucker pickup because it’s quiet.

Things to Improve

Most of the users are satisfied with the product because of the huge value that they get compare to its low price. However, because of this electric bass guitar’s low price, there are some sacrifices to be made.

The sacrifices are just minor tolerable flaws that the majority of users don’t notice or don’t mind at all. Moreover, these flaws may be subjective to some users.

One of these is the guitar’s weight and appearance. Most users love the look of the Ibanez GSR205B, but there are some who are not satisfied with its appearance. According to some users, it weighs a little heavier compared to its competitors.

Another minor flaw is that there might be a need for you to make a little adjustment on the neck. This isn’t that big of a deal if you are knowledgeable about adjusting the neck’s concave. However, if you don’t know how to make an adjustment to the guitar, you might need to go to a music store and pay some extra bucks to have a professional adjust it for you.


The Ibanez GSR205B 5-String Electric Bass Guitar may not as efficient as the other guitars in the SR series, but it does its job well. In fact, most of the users are amazed at what this guitar can bring to the table. The Ibanez GSR205B is highly recommended especially if you’re on a budget.

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