Hofner Violin Bass Ignition LTD Review

The Hofner Violin Bass Ignition LTD is a limited-edition product that you can get your hands on. You will find this instrument in a lightweight construction, giving you more reasons to play it for a longer time.

It is an electric bass guitar that is infused with specifications that are inspired by the original model under the same brand. Apart from its well-studied sound generation, you will have the benefits of configuring the instrument’s performance based on your requirements.

Before purchasing, it is preferable to learn more about it. Given below is its detailed review for the benefit of your careful evaluation.

Hofner Igntion LTD Violin Electric Bass Guitar Silver...
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Marvelous Neck Construction


You will find the design of the electric bass guitar’s neck exceptional as it is round and narrow. Furthermore, it is paired with a short-scale scale body, giving you nothing but a carefully structured integrity of the instrument.

At first, you may find the neck minuscule. Nonetheless, after using it several times, you will realize that you may no longer go back to the use of standard neck sizes. Even the bass it produces is quite different to other instruments.

It generates a different type of bass that will make your performance distinctive. Besides, who would not want a construction that makes a particular guitar easier to play? This option gives you best of both worlds.

Capturing Vintage Sound Made Easy

By using the instrument, you will be able to achieve vintage sound the way you want it easier. It even has a control panel that will provide you a solo boost. As for the volume, there are also restrictions that will make configuration of your sounds more convenient.

The user-friendly switches of the electric bass guitar give you means of working with oldies, rock, and blues. However, you should not forget that it can also complement newer alternative styles. Although the tuners of the instrument are smaller, these are precise.

Even on the fly, you may tune the instrument as necessary. Regardless of switching from one setting to another, no noise will be generated.

Hofner Violin Bass Ignition LTD Features an Specifications

This instrument measures 15.25 inches by 45.6 inches by 4.25 inches. Apart from its slim neck made of maple, it has spruce back, sides, and top. As for its fretboard, you will get a rosewood construction. Though made of maple wood, it is made glossy in finish.

To know more about it, here are its other features:

Sturdy Electronics. The technology of the instrument is professionally constructed and durable enough for long-term use.

Real Volume Boost. This guitar comes with a solo switch that provides the useful boost in volume despite carrying out lead runs.

Hollow-Bodied Design. Since it is hollow-bodied, you can play it without body strain. Furthermore, it can also be used without an amplifier.

Hofner Violin Bass Ignition LTD Reviews

The Editor’s rating for the product is 8.6 out of 10. Most of the customers or existing owners of the instrument left positive feedback for the product. Among the commonly highlighted characteristic of the electric bass guitar is its user-friendly performance from its construction to sound configuration.

As for the sound and tone, there is no issue as well. Even the electronics are commended for being solid. The positive reviews also emphasized the fact that it is not only playable but affordable at the same time.

With its good looks, the customers claimed that Hofner had done a good job in considering the aesthetic requirements of its musician and live-performing clients.

Things to Improve

Aside from the positive reviews received by the product, there are also complaints which includes the fret buzz of the instrument. This issue is characterized by the strings strumming against the frets. This may be due to low string action.

Alternatively, this may be to not properly leveled frets. Not all existing owners of the electric bass guitar encountered this issue. This may have been overlooked during the quality control process.

Moreover, despite the fret buzz, the buyers still found it fun to play. According to them, it is suitable for rock concerts, jamming, practicing, school band performances, and recording. Also, they suggested changing the stock strings, which are preferably flats.


Given the reviews above of the product, you can conclude that Hofner Violin Bass Ignition LTD is a recommendable instrument. With its vintage style and construction, you could never go wrong in choosing it for your performances.

Additionally, its sound technology has never been complained by its existing owners, showing it has a consistent performance. As for the finish, there is nothing to worry about as well. From component to another, Hofner made it possible to use only the trusted type of wood for better projection.

Besides, it is not as expensive as other electric bass guitars. This gives you the reason not to compromise your limited budget.

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