5 Smart Practice Tips for Guitar Players to Master

It is no secret that practice makes perfect especially when it comes to playing the guitar. Constant repetition usually comes to mind when the word “practice” is mentioned, but doing such may prove to be counterproductive instead of gaining the desired results.

Time and energy are of the essence in this fast-paced world. This is why we need to work smart rather than to work hard. The same goes for practicing the guitar where there is a vast sea of possibilities but with a need for smart planning and practice to try them all.

However, every guitar player has their very own unique style for learning. There is no fixed hard and fast rule to which style is the best and most correct because functionality differs from person to person.

These smart practice tips are here to help guide you in finding your own guitar playing techniques. Here are some efficient ways to boost your skill and make the most out of your guitar practices.

Do Warm-Ups

Whether you realize it or not, playing the guitar can be especially tense for the fingertips as they are the most overworked in creating chords, plucking, and strumming (unless you use a pick). However, the wrists, elbows, and arms can also get worked up while playing the guitar and can give the guitarist tendonitis.

Doing some warm-ups is a good way to relax and make these parts comfortable before starting. They also help improve finger stretching, accuracy, speed, and coordination. This way, you can be ready to play without straining your muscles

Use A Good Quality Guitar

How you do in practice will normally reflect how well you perform. It is good to practice using a good quality guitar with good sound quality so that you can familiarize yourself with the real thing during actual performances.

Make sure to invest in a great guitar because if you settle for a cheap one with compromised quality, it may ruin your momentum. Having a high-maintenance guitar is not a smart move as it may cause a lot of trouble in the long run.

Getting a quality guitar, despite how pricey, is a cheaper investment.

Consistency is Key

You can never go wrong with regular practice. However, the tendency for some is to practice repetitively, which may end up boring or frustrating for some. This makes them lose interest in the process.

To make the most out of your practice session, set goals and spice up things by researching and experimenting with smart practice tips. Discover your personal style while doing so and do not limit yourself to certain techniques. What matters is that you devote a regular amount of time to practice consistently.

Having a difficult time motivating yourself? Get a practice buddy for accountability. Not only will you have someone to constantly remind you to practice but you can also learn new tips and tricks from him/her, and you can critique each other as well.

Record Yourself

As awkward as it is, try recording yourself in front of a camera then watch it after. This is one of the best smart practicing tips.

It gives you a perspective from a spectator watching you perform. This set-up helps build up confidence as it is like you are performing in front of an audience.

From there, you can note points for improvement for yourself such as sound quality, performance quirks, and mannerisms.

It is good to critique your performance yourself; however, it is even better to hear feedback from family and friends who can give input on your performance as well. It is more comforting to hear criticism firsthand from those close to your heart rather than from total strangers.

Gain Inspiration from Others

A smart way of discovering unique styles and techniques is to observe others play their guitar and do their own thing.

For convenience purposes, most people stick to YouTube or any video tutorial or performance available on the Internet. However, watching others in real life is more insightful as we can observe them better in close up and in person and you can even ask them for advice and tips whenever possible.

You can try asking some family and friends who are good at guitar playing, or you may try going to public places and local gigs in the area for a fresher perspective. At the same time, this allows you to network with likeminded fellow guitar enthusiasts who can open up opportunities for exposure that can allow you to master your craft in the long haul.


Remember that the right way to practice is to keep your mind open for smart practice tips and integrate new things into your style.

When you practice smart, you should be able to spend less time and energy while still making the best out of each practice session with the way you feel most comfortable with.