Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top Guitar Review

The Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top Guitar is a part of the brand’s roots collection.  Players love it because it brings them back the memory lane of the 30s-50s, and ensures a reputable brand in guitar manufacturing.

The Jim Dandy Flat Top is a parlor-sized, or small, flat top guitar with an elongated upper bout and 12-fret design.  The guitar is made of agathis, also called ‘commercial mahogany’. It is a highly resonant wood that supplies mahogany’s mellow and warm sound and pine’s resonance.

So, if you’re looking for a great-looking and great-sounding flat top, the Gretsch G9500 is for you. Check out the following for a complete review.

Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top - Vintage Sunburst
  • Parlor-size agathis body
  • X-bracing
  • Screened white purfling and rosette

12-Fret Design

12-fret guitars have a long history. They can be traced back to the steel-string guitar models before they’re replaced by the 14-fret necks in the 30’s when guitars have evolved to longer neck (old-fashion) designs. The Gretsch G9500 12-fret design brings back the old times while incorporating a modern appeal to its construction.

What does a 12-fret design do with the feel and sound of the Gretsch G9500? With the hand feel made slinkier and softer, players can feel comfortable to bend strings and form chords. The sound produced is also robust, sustainable and warm.

This design is suitable for a broad range of players. For example, the responsiveness appeals to finger stylists. Individuals that have just learned how to play can also benefit from the condensed fret spacing as well as reduced string tension. This feature can help them form chords easier.

Additionally, those who want to reduce tension on their fretting hand will enjoy using the Gretsch G9500.

Overall, the unique sound and feel of this flat top guitar are what can inspire you to play whether on stage or in a guitar session with friends.

X Pattern Bracing

The bracing system has its long and rich history back when CF Martin invented it in the 1920s. Today, it is a commonly used pattern in many guitar models for benefits.

For example, the Jim Dandy Flat Top Guitar’s bracing system supplies a continuous strength flow from its upper to lower bout. With that, players can expect rigidity for that beautiful sound to emphasize bass frequencies.

With a throwback design and bracing system, anyone looking for the unique sounding guitar that’s easy to play can get that in the Jim Dandy flat top guitar.

Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top Guitar Features and Specifications

  • Agathis construction: It brings back the appeal of prewar guitars. The wood is a relative of pine. They have the same resonating properties. Agathis, however, ages better than pine for added durability.
  • C-shaped mahogany neck: It is made with steel and then reinforced with a truss rod. The neck has a semi-gloss finish, and it is designed with 18 style frets, with 12 of them clear of the body.
  • Truss rod wrench: It let users adjust the neck with ease, as it can also be accessed through the sound holes. Out of the box, you can use the G9500 because it’s factory strung with D’addario EJ16 strings (012-.053 gauges).
  • 12” (305mm) radius Rosewood fingerboard: It can warm and soften the sound of the guitar and supply rich tones. Rosewood as tonewood can also leave out any high-end harshness. Unlike other types of fingerboards, rosewood is chosen for its durability, making it ideal for the long haul.
  • Nickel-plated tuning machines: These are open-back tuners that come with plastic buttons. The strap button is on the guitar’s lower bout.
  • Technical Specifications: 457mm, body length; 330mm, lower bout; and 241mm, upper bout.


Gretsch G9500 Reviews

To date, there are 122 reviews of the flat top guitar, and they’re mostly positive feedback from happy musicians.  Based on the features and reviews of this product, we’re giving it a 9.6/10 rating.

Players love this parlor-sized guitar. Many of them find it amazing for its bass emphasis. They said that it was an awesome product that provides them the playing experience that they’ve been looking for.  One user even noted that he lost track of time once he turned and started playing it.

Other users said that the Gretsch G9500 was their go-to guitar for everyday playing. They appreciate its retro-like volume and tone, which is just perfect to learn something new daily.  At a high price, they were shocked at its quality and performance.

Others mentioned that they also loved its portability, which let them take and play it anywhere.

The rest reported that the guitar was an excellent gift for its construction and size. In that case, they’re giving it a 5 of 5 in reviews, revealing its quality is just like they’re high end flat top guitars.

Things to Improve

Just like other flat top guitars, the Gretsch G9500 isn’t perfect. One user said that its finish was less than spectacular. He added that the binding, rosette, and purfling was average. But in the end said, those were little sacrifices that didn’t matter. The rest of the guitar is just so good.

The neck profile felt like a full-sized guitar and spacing between frets were minuscule, according to one user. Even so, some users reported that its size was just right even for smaller and younger players.


Overall, the Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top Guitar is a promising model that supplies a high old-time sound and vibe. It also has that appeal of pine but is more durable than the latter. It’s also perfect for players who frequently travel for its small size and love fingerpicking.

So, if you’re considering getting a new flat top guitar, you cannot find any other that matches the value and performance of the Gretsch G9500.

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